Cobra Update – July 5, 2013

Victory of the Light in Egypt

As you probably know, a big victory of the Light has been achieved.  In the first large scale coordinated action of the Positive Military in the human history, the Archon-infested Muslim Brotherhood has been removed from power in Egypt. 


This action is a result of many months of careful preparation and joint cooperation between the Positive Military, Templars, Resistance Movement and even White Dragons, supported by the human masses. 

The action was triggered on July 3rd, which is the moment of Sun-Sirius conjunction, a very powerful Isis portal. It is interesting to note that the name of the Egyptian General Sisi is an anagram of Isis. Mass invocations of Goddess energy have supported the operation of the Light forces and ensured stability and peace throughout the process.


This was one of the main rehearsals for the Event. The experience at the Event will be similar in a way, although it will happen on a scale hundred times larger. The Resistance has gathered a lot of precious intel about the behavior of human population in situations like this, which will be very useful in fine-tuning the masterplan for the Event.   

Although a big victory has been achieved, the story is not over yet. Egypt still has Rothschild-controlled central bank. The Light forces suggest a creation of independent central bank of Egypt which will ensure true independence from the Cabal. The Cabal might try to destabilize the liberation process in Egypt by trying to bribe the military, by supporting the formation of Muslim Brotherhood militias, by manipulating the election process, creating false flag attacks and trying to ignite a civil war. 

All this will be in vain as the people of Egypt are awake, aware and strong enough to bring the liberation process to its final completion.

It is still very important to support this process with our daily Liberation Meditations for Egypt every day at 3 pm GMT, which is 5 pm Cairo time. 

You can find the time for your time zone here (it is the same every day):

The Youtube video for the meditation is here:

And instructions for the meditation here:

39 thoughts on “Cobra Update – July 5, 2013

  1. It seems the Egyptian protest crowd hijacked the fireworks truck headed to Baghdad, intended for Iraq's celebration of UN Chapter VII release. Otherwise, how could a "spontaneous" demonstration of 33 million – 33, as Masonic as cue as I ever noticed – acquire a sophisticated fireworks display on such short notice? The average fireworks display costs $10,000 in the US. Imagine what it may cost in the Middle East.My point? While I do not doubt that the installation of Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood was a cabal plant – seeing as it gave Hannity and Beck a cud to chew for months on end – perhaps this "coup d'etat" is itself another cabal installation.A Zambelli fireworks show, of which the Egyptian display is reminiscent, takes months to prepare. Contact anyone from the Zambelli company, and they will tell you.

  2. U talking about fireworks??? Who gives a fuck how they got fireworks??? I'm more interested how they got the muslim terrorhood from office cuz we have another one to get rid of in the USA.

  3. Cobra is cabal disinfo and a RAT who will be locked up with Heather and the rest of the OPPT RATS. I have said this many times, you shall see for yourself that I am right! Public briefings coming soon. It was supposed to happen on July 4th, but plans change all the time. Don't worry, it's very, very, very soon! Keep yourselves informed from Drake, Keenan, Tolec(, Tanaath(, etc.-Ducksoup

  4. anon 11:40 PLEASE! What is it, "my team is better than yours?" That is so childish. You have no idea who is spreading the truth, neither does anyone else. They all have a portion of it.

  5. I have always resonated with Tolec, and sometimes Tanaath. I think Drake has only passed along what he has been told. There was a show a few weeks back, and as soon as they (they being Drake, Tanaath, and I think she calls herself Sunshine – she sounds very young – Tolec does not officially associate himself with any of them) were talking about the law of one as mind control disinfo from Cobra, I totally lost interest. Anyone with an iota of spiritual awareness, recognizes that We Are All One. Harming One harms All, just as helping One, helps All, period paragraph end of story. It's the most simple Truth there is.

  6. Don't listen to this idiot, I am Egyptian and I am informing you that these fireworks are imported from China and available in toy stores. Other fireworks we make ourselves from simple gunpowder with colorful projectiles of phosphorus.

  7. Andy reporting from Egypt,I don't know frankly who the hell is Cobra. But in essence what they are saying is true. It IS a victory for the light. But most of the stuff they mention later seems arbitrary.For instance Egypt's central bank is not privately owned, it is a national organization. It is one of the main reasons America wanted Morsi to stay so bad, to dominate our banking system. Also you should know that there is no possible way of bribing the military. Our armed forces are noble and honorable. They did what they did to protect the will of the Egyptian people against all the pressure from the USA president war criminal Obama.Also the Muslim Brotherhood militias already exist, and false flag ops and attempts to create a civil war are already happening but they are totally under control.You see what most people don't know is that the armed forces' intelligence agency has been developing a plan since Morsi's regime started destroying the country politically and economically and commit terrorist acts. This plan was kept aside until the moment is right i.e. when the people declare their objection to Morsi's rule and demand his departure.When the massive protest of June 30th erupted the army knew there are threats to homeland security and to the lives of the protesters, so this safety plan was pulled out of its safe and executed flawlessly to guarantee that people's demands be met without bloodshed or sabotage by the Muslim brotherhood militias.But it is still true it's not over yet, The army and police forces are on the hunting down all conspirators, all who incited violence and bloodshed, all who smuggled weapons and all who are involved in terrorist acts against Egypt and her people, and ofc the USA fifth column agents (cabal agents).

  8. appears that we are getting close to the announcement that Nelson Mandela is dead, and there is a long-held expectation that South Africa will explode into racial violence once he does. If you add that to the confrontation in Egypt between the Western-backed Muslim Brotherhood and the Western-backed Egyptian military (the banksters like to control both sides of a conflict, and it appears they will try to start the Middle East violence in a country they firmly control), it seems we are close to the possible eruption of chaos — not to mention any mischief they may have planned in the U.S. for the Fourth of July (we may have stopped the Kokesh plan, but they likely have contingency plans).——————————– Why is Adli with the brotherhood? —————————"The Muslim Brotherhood group is part of this people and are invited to participate in building the nation as nobody will be excluded, and if they respond to the invitation, they will be welcomed," Adli Mansour said, as cited by Reuters.—————————————————I hope you are right, Andy. Many insiders are saying this was all staged by the cabal. If you believe what we read is disinfo, we apologize. We are not being told the truth, but know something is up. When will your media brief the public in Egypt and the rest of the world?

  9. I cried when I saw the "Game Over" sign on the building. I hope and pray it is real and it happens NOW.I just wish you guys would stop all your bickering. Why can't you just pray-wish-hope for peace in your own peaceful quiet way. Pointing fingers and placing blame and shame is not peaceful and does not help the cause. Please go into your heart and look for answers. What the world needs now is love sweet love, not finger pointing, blame or comparisons. We can only have peace in the world when each person has peace in their hearts and you don't have peace in your hearts if you are being nasty to other people.

  10. Thanks for the update! There's a huge amount of disinfo going on around saying the cabal planned the protests. Many of us are worried about a civil war, glad to hear you believe they are under control. Still the danger exists till the world gets briefed with disclosure of the truth. If most people don't know the truth of what's going on, they can easily be manipulated with disinfo. We have asked you several times if you knew anything about disclosure and when? One more thing, there are those who insist Obama is of the light. Are they just disinfo agents? Could there be any chance in hell that Obama is able to pretend to be a bad guy to the point of fooling all the elites?

  11. Thank you for reporting Andreia Khalil.This is quite interesting to read.My experiences with COBRA point to him being a kind of scammer, who will try and take credit for sunshine and rain if he can and it fits his agenda…I don't trust him as far as I can spit.

  12. “If there is righteousness in the heart, there will be beauty in the character.If there is beauty in the character, there will be harmony in the home.If there is harmony in the home, there will be order in the nations.When there is order in the nations, there will peace in the world.”Sai Baba

  13. I just said Obama is a war criminal. He spies on his people, he spies on European people, he spies on Euro Parliament. He is arming the rebels in Syria who are just bloodthirsty cannibalistic mercs, he pressured the Egyptian Army with lots of unholy things to put Morsi in office even though he didn't really win the elections (You won't find that in the media, I learned this from a military source).Obama wanted to turn Egypt into a bloodbath.About the disclosure, there is no specific date but it should be in a matter of few months. The country was sabotaged to a great extent by the MB and the economy needs to be rebuilt. Not to mention that the MB are still trying to create a stir so it will take time until the police forces deal with them totally.But I gather it will be somewhere in the vicinity of october.Anyone interested in more info about Egypt can contqact me on my facebook profile, Andy

  14. We do, what we believe must be done.We express our opinions, ideas and information…That is as such no bad thing. Only the ones trying to hide the truth need censoring.Of course it seems to be the right thing to do to express ideas without attacking others,yet another aspect of that is that the liars prefer to feel attacked, when someone tries to express the truth and therefore would love to ban it, using pretenses like "hate speech"…Having said that, I would like to express, that I basically do not disagree with you.Real peace and love are good things, but nothing is real that is not based on truth…

  15. I gather there are a few things not to be found in the [main stream] media.I believe Obama basically is a puppet and a figurehead ((though that may be to some degree by choice)).He was also being spied on and some people very probably collected some stuff to blackmail him with…I'm not saying he could not be considered to be a war criminal, but deeper looks are probably more helpful…

  16. We have guys like Poof(faked his death?) and Ducksoup who insist Obama is good and just pretending to be evil. I think it has gotten to the point that Obama is going to spend the rest of his life in prison because of all the evil he has done. If Obama has done anything good(no proof) his evil has far outweighed his good. Too many people are extremely angry with Obama and there would be riots if Obama is allowed to remain free much longer.Is there no chance of disclosure before all the cabal is removed? I always thought briefing the public as to what the hell has been going on would speed things up considerably and render most of the disinfo useless. Right now, less than 10% of the population has any clue to what's going on outside the lies they are fed by the mainstream media. Why haven't the good guys dealt with the disinfo cabal in the media already?

  17. Idiot? No, Andreia. Fireworks of the size and brilliance we witnessed this past week in Egypt were PROFESSIONAL fireworks, not the kind imported from China and available in toy stores. You're talking about consumer fireworks, and yes, there probably were some of those too. But consumer fireworks fly only between 50 and 150 feet in the air. PROFESSIONAL fireworks outperform consumer fireworks with altitudes of up to 1000 feet. For each inch in shell diameter, one may expect to see about 100 feet of altitude. However, PROFESSIONAL fireworks require certification for use. It requires months of preparation and testing. We definitely witnessed the use of professional fireworks in Egypt this past week.

  18. Drake is a lying bitch dude…. He jumps on the band wagon of anything that people are interested in. He was all mass arrests and positive military and it was all happening July 4th last year. When this didnt happen Drake all of a sudden does a 180 and is all spiritual guru and shit lol. Now hes pro ascension and apparently works with aliens. This guy clearly makes his story up as he goes along….

  19. ~HOW THE CIA MADE COBRA~Found a street bum.FED him tons of food.Waited.Street bum went to the bathroom #2.CIA poured DNA liquid on the result.VOILA' — a long COBRA.What DID happen: – ET showed up and helped take out Reptilians,etc. – ET STABILIZED Earth via technology, biospheres, etc. – Earth people woke UP along the way. – "THE PLAN" (to free us) pushed to complete by Military.(assisted by Militia, other global good guys) – Guys like Alex Jones, though fear porn at times, helped wake up stupid, dumb, apathetic, sleepy SHEEPLE. – Here we ARE. – DE-fund RATS. – RE-FUND good people. – AI to monitor global finance system, this to be monitored by humans. – FREAKING H U G E.

  20. I still do not understand the notion, how one person would – much less should -be able to determine the destiny of something like a "nation"…yet it seems, a large majority of people subscribe to just that kind of idea.Why, why, why???Btw. the traditional name for such a thing is called monarchy!It does not matter that much, what (fake) extra layers have been added to the picture,it is still monarchy.The larger the scope of such an empire, the more damage can be done by its arbitrary applications (misuses) of power.Also it could not be more convenient for those wanting to usurp the power, bring corruption…,than having such a monarchic power structure.

  21. Did ETs use "happy yum yum butterfly thoughts to remove Reptilians, etc?NO!They used SONIC CANNONS and other WEAPONS of WAR.The good ETs HATE bio-weapons and nukes.Reptilian fate to be decided by ETs.GRAYs, etc, (degraded puppets) under EXTINCTION ORDER.

  22. A spontaneous public demonstration generally does not have access to professional fireworks. Besides, a fireworks display of any kind should be the last thing on the minds of demonstrators.

  23. This is Andy reporting from Egypt,I just wanted to post a photo showing everyone how our honorable and beloved army is dealing with the Egyptian citizens. The commander of this war machine is giving some people a ride on it to help ease the stress of the protests, and to solidify the cooperation and trust between the army and the people :)

  24. All of this is a gigantic distraction. You can do everything to be positive and change your immediate reality but instead you sit and be fooled by all of these invisible internet characters. There's no sides, there's no right, there's no wrong, it's just distractions. Your lives are being controlled and you are allowing it to happen. All that is negative can be turned positive if you choose to make it so, inspire others around you to do the same, and be persistent in this undertaking. Giving any of these dopey egotistical shitbirds your attention is as evil as all that you see as evil, because you are spending your time soaking in imaginary competition porn. It's like playing video games. Everyone should be ashamed of themselves, including me for taking even 15 minutes to revisit these absurd posts.

  25. drakes so called inside sources are before it's news and rumor mill news what a joke you people are so gullible cant wait for drakes vital weekend regurgitation(puke) for all you fluoridated sheep-tards roflmao very funny to watch though

  26. Thank you for the link. On MSM last night it showed people lighting and throwing fireworks up in the air but the voice over was saying they were molotov cocktails! It was them trying to say our eyes were deceiving us! What liars MSM are!!!

  27. Your points are being considered as well.I'd like to add my ideas, that anything can be overdone, so that it does become harmful instead of helpful.And "knowing what should be done" does not always enable you to do so… f.e. when essential aspects are missing or suppressed…

  28. Other (nice) aspects are, that1) there is discussion going on -> no pure consumption of "news"2) The discussion seems to be moving away from COBRA… and more towards how or brothers and sisters in Egypt are doing…:-)

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