Tanaath, Sunfire, Drake – Update for July 3, 2013

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67 thoughts on “Tanaath, Sunfire, Drake – Update for July 3, 2013

  1. Whole TON of people jealous of Drake.Whole ton of people look UP and can't see the bottom of his shoes.I DO know one thing. He loves helping others.Whatever.

  2. Andromeda council website claims ascension to 4d/5d is January 2014 and that those who don't want to ascend need to be relocated to another 3d world this summer. Unless the event happens this month, Tolec will have been wrong. We can see how all those calling for an event on 12/21/12 were wrong. Where do people get those dates anyway, is it based on any facts or just a wild guess?

  3. Anon 2:50 They key to picking dates is to make it far enough into the future so you can make enough money in the meantime to get the hell out of the way when the sheep wake up to your scam.

  4. http://blog.redefininggod.com/2013/07/03/alert-event-sparks-close-to-manifesting.aspxIt appears that we are getting close to the announcement that Nelson Mandela is dead, and there is a long-held expectation that South Africa will explode into racial violence once he does. If you add that to the confrontation in Egypt between the Western-backed Muslim Brotherhood and the Western-backed Egyptian military (the banksters like to control both sides of a conflict, and it appears they will try to start the Middle East violence in a country they firmly control), it seems we are close to the possible eruption of chaos — not to mention any mischief they may have planned in the U.S. for the Fourth of July (we may have stopped the Kokesh plan, but they likely have contingency plans).Should a chaotic situation suddenly erupt, be on guard for the swift intervention of false-light forces. Cobra has said that if the Cabal tries to trigger a big event, the "liberation forces" will trigger their big Event. Now would be a good time for meditation and prayer for a continued peaceful transition to whatever is to come.

  5. I am not DS you idiot. There are other people besides DS who cannt stand your guts. Responding to me 5 mins after my comment? You are just staring at this screen scratching your balls, aren't you?

  6. "Year ago Drake said bad guys going DOWN."Yeah, the bad guys were meant to go down a YEAR ago.So he's been DEAD WRONG for a whole year, but you STILL slobber over him and scream out against anything contrary to his word. Exactly like the brainwashed, conditioned "sheeple".Go fuck yourself Ducksoup. You represent the very worst of the "truth movement" – a mentally unhealthy, pigheaded fanatic over a false savior.

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