RTS: The Tidal Wave is Coming!

The Tidal Wave is coming!  

Fasten your seat belts everyone, because the ride is about to get really REALLY fun!

It’s time to move forward and take the bull by the horns, put him in a head lock and give him a really funky hair cut.

…. the “Bull” being the financial system and the banks.

This is your official heads up, get your gear on, pull together the clans and organize your plan of action.   Stoke up the fires in your hearts, and get caffeinated because it’s full steam ahead as of this moment.

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88 thoughts on “RTS: The Tidal Wave is Coming!

  1. 8:55Nailnead CAMERAS.Nailhead Microphones.(and similar technology)Cabal rats will soon find that *hard* evidence is a *tough*nut to crack.In fact, it is IMPOSSIBLE to overcome!It currently matters not a tiny bit what dinars they hold.Any they DO hold will become CONFISCATED to pay backdamage they did (EVIDENCE).AND they will get reports on this as they ROT in prison.Not to worry. It's all been considered long ago and plansadjusted to handle that aspect of the Cabal Takedown.OPPT will be taken down as well — at the right time.They're simply another scam.

  2. "The Plan" (to free Earth)Started decades ago.Financial part: – De-fund Rats. – RE-fund good people. – Establish sane GLOBAL finance/oversight.~~RE-fund good people: – Various GLOBAL masses of wealth, so longmanipulated and controlled by Cabal, now FREEto return to the WORLD. (Keenan working on *one* ofthese). – Dinar and Dong revalue to WAY higher ratemade available for PEOPLE as investment.Basic idea is simple – DOING it was another DRAMAentirely. But it is moving and WILL complete.So BUY some Dinar and Dong. It's FOR YOU.Note: Dinar and Dong WOULD have RVd (revalued)alone as currencies often do.BUT they were recruited as part of the global cleanupmonster project and will help widely.

  3. OOOPS!OPPT/SWISSINDO Offices *DON'T* Exist in Jakartaas CLAIMED.http://americannationalmilitia.com/neil-keenan-update-swissindooppt-dont-have-offices-in-jakarta-like-their-documentation-would-have-us-believe/WAIT, I know, they have Eternal Essence Officeswaiting in the UNDER-REALM reality and not visible to us mere mortals.Or maybe Heather's Eternal Gas has dissolvedthem — natural downside to dealing with suchethereal and high-frequency matters.Well, Heather's Eternal Construction Gas Essenceshould soon certainly re-emerge them.Thanks To You Heather ! !

  4. 6:29"I would also assume he has no sources and…"YOU would assume this because you are STUPID.OR you are BLIND and cannot SEE the **LINKS.**(IF I were eyes in YOUR hollow skull, I would NOTwork either)NOW you know why people laugh behind your backin an effort to remain polite.Or you could always be lying.

  5. OPPT GRUBBING for Money:(I thought they were giving everyone $10 Billion? ? ?)http://removingtheshackles.blogspot.be/2013/06/the-one-people-lets-pull-together-tour.htmlhttp://removingtheshackles.blogspot.be/2013/06/urgent-exchange-of-value-required.htmlWell, hey, SCAMS are Scams after all.

  6. Why did OPPT recruit RTS to speak for them?Probably because HEATHER sounds like adrunken whore on crack when she tries to explain anything.Go to RTS and read the radio transcriptsof Heather talking and, well, try not to detonate your abdomen as you rollon the floor attempting to make ANY sense of what she says.

  7. Dear OPPT.I like you.Even if I'm a pervert I get my 10 billion?Sort of doesn't make sense.Or what if I'm a murderer. Do I also get 10 billion?Oh I'm SURE MY value is the same as everyone else on Earth.I'm kinda sure you aren't really making much sense. Because I'd really like to stopbeing a murdering pervert.I think that if I were not rewarded, it mighthelp me to stop being so insane.But then if you have somehow figured outsome twisted logic where even scum of theEarth all get their 10 Billion, well, I guess I'll go along with the plan.I'm going to go drink some iodine and seeif I can make sense of your funding model.I used to be in finance, but I strangled myboss with his braided nose hairs, and I feela real resonance with you all.Bloookie Blookie (cute huh)

  8. OPPT cleverly rigged the CONtracts so that the potential sucker has to sign their LIFE over to OPPTin order to take advantage of the filing of the variousforms.Clever.

  9. No rebuttals, just play ground behavior.Regurgitated items of news that we can all get from the net and pretend it is our exclusive.(Regurgitation is apt because that's how birds feed their young).

  10. DS 6:27 There's a flaw in your assumption if you think someone is calling you out as a fraud they must be supporters of the oppt. I am calling you out and I know oppt is a scam.

  11. "Warning: Data Harvesting: Both the Removing the Shackles blog and Brian Kelly's blog are running scripts to harvest data. Both are running Quantcast which measures and organizes audiences in real-time so advertisers can buy, sell and connect with targeted audiences. D's blog is also running Lijit, which provides targeted search and advertising benefits to niche publishers. I run a browser extension that shows what scripts are running on a domain and allows you to block them. There are a total of 10 scripts running on Removing The Shackles." posted in chat box by 6915 June 18

  12. DuckSoup is no better than any of the other folks out there trying to manipulate us to follow their mentors, in DS's case, Drake, Tolec and Tanaath. Looks no different than the other PR agents like AK promoting Cobra, RTS promoting whatever Tucci Jaraf's latest con-artists are calling themselves today, Nidle and Dratzo. None of them have any tangible proof or evidence – they just want us all to suspend disbelief and buy what they are selling, figuratively speaking. All of them are internet distractions.Those that KNOW don't talk.Those that TALK don't know.

  13. I wish one of you Dinar scammers would answer this question. If someone actually thought the Dinar you were holding was going to increase in value tomorrow, why would you sell it today? The answer is because currencies have never increased in value. Never. It always goes down.

  14. Hello PervertMurdererI'm Heather. (aren't you GLAD now)OH we're ALLLLLLLLLL equal.My grand delusions tell me so.Plus it sounds cool.And the suckers believe it easily –they also believe that 45 = 37.3.Oobie Goobie to you.You want to smell my ESSENCE ? ?My ESSENCE wants to smell YOU.I'm going to go vibrate with resonanceof interluding fullfillers now.bweeoopie YIP!

  15. Hi GENIUS.The Dinar sellers have had to do that strange thingcalled "make a living" since 03. I guess they noticedthat starving kinda sucks. I mean it doesn't ALWAYSsuck, but often enough enough to apparently avoid it.Your finance history you found on a gas stationbathroom wall?Enjoy remaining poor despite the plan to get *youfunding* as the RATS are DE-funded and taken down.Some people can NOT handle good news.

  16. 4:40Call all you want dumbo. No one is listening to you.You don't matter. Bummer huh? Back to the fishbowlrocks with you.5:06Different destinations always lead to their own uniquefurther destinations and further different data and thewebs grow.They further demonstrate the bad news for OPPTScam is not only one place.You want to help go dig up other links and post them.

  17. Their GRUBBING for MONEY is immoral.SO is making money from the SUFFERING of others.Ducksoup is a hypocrite. No more, no less.And the number of times he tell us to go buy some dinar make it look as though either he sells dinar or he's on commission.

  18. 4:34So rather than help expose the evil OPPT scamto new followers of this site you'd rather playwith *your* stupid delusions of link-referral.Whatever, thanks for helping so much.

  19. You'd be surprised what people pick up from blogs and use it later ;>) :DDifferent destinations????? Same words posted in different locations made to look like multiple posters coming to the same conclusion don't add anything.4 different links showing DIFFERENT information is useful.

  20. Ducksoup and others, it's obvious that most people are either too poor(especially in developing nations) or have made their minds up that dinars is a scam and are "sticking" it to the gurus(who have always been wrong) by shunning the dinars. My parents want nothing to do with dinars and say I wasted over $100 buying 4x 25,000 dinar notes. I did the math and the downside is I lose a little over $100 or I can make a huge amount of money if by miracle the gurus are finally right. But I keep saying that if the light wins, money soon will become irrelevant. Poverty(sorry ducksoup, people won't stay poor), which is because of the cabal will be history. The RATS who make up the 1% will be removed and the 99% will become the 100%. I highly doubt it will take 25 years for money to become obsolete and even that doesn't matter as I plan to buy rural farmland and all kinds of technology that should be released, including free energy and become self sufficient.

  21. Wont happen, stop freaking people out.If something bad happens and they run out of money they'll print more money…there is no limit to how much money they can print (national debt)As long as nobody asks the government the money back they can keep this up, all day all night for many years to come.

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