Cobra Update – June 23, 2013

Short Situation Update

Significant progress has been made after the opening the Portal on May 25th.

On the non-physical planes, the final offensive of the Light forces to clear all remaining negative entities has commenced. This offensive will continue until the final and complete liberation of the non-physical planes and the Light forces will not retreat under any circumstances. This offensive is one of the key elements for the planetary liberation and we can compare it with Operation Overlord offensive in 1944 which decided the victory of the Allied forces in World War 2. Although it will still take some time for the liberation to be completed, our victory is assured. 

In the subterranean network below the surface of the planet, a process of integration of the Resistance Movement into the Galactic Confederation is taking place. Many different positive cosmic races are building their bases in the deeper portions of the underground network as part of spiritual, cultural and sociological integration process. You need to understand that only about 70 percent of Galactic races are humanoid and there are many exotic forms of life out there. Nevertheless, cosmic Love is the deeper bond which connects all these races, no matter how strange or exotic their physical body or psychological makeup might be. This integration process will strengthen cosmic Love and brotherhood between different cosmic races and the Resistance as part of preparations for the First Contact for the surface population which will happen after the Event. The other part of this process will include the appearance of certain members of some of those races on the surface of the planet within this year of 2013. Those appearances may or may not be public. Details about this project must remain classified for now. 

Needless to say, there are many projects and operations taking place behind the scenes and hopefully soon there will be results and I will have interesting news.

9 thoughts on “Cobra Update – June 23, 2013

  1. It's interesting that the star cluster at the top of Cobra's graphic is the Pleiades, the same star cluster represented on the new Pope's coat of arms as grapes. But I'm sure that Cobra, the Vatican, and the "Galactic Confederation" have nothing to do with each other.

  2. also funny is the similarity between the description of inner earth and the one of the Andromeda biospheres. Sounds like we are given two choices and both of them are for those of us who dont wnat to ascend with earth and want to remain in 3d. The GC wants to cure us of all physical, mental and spiritual ailments underground and the GFP want to do the same in the Andromeda biospheres. The first is affiliated with the Galactic Confederation(old name for GFL), and the latter with the Galactic Federation of Planets. Can anyone in the know comment on this?

  3. Ignore Cobra the snake. He will hisssssssss at you so better keep your distance or you will get bitten by this snake. He's a disinfo agent that throws in a little truth to make all those lies easier to swallow whole like the rat he is.~Ducksoup(not about to fall prey to any snake)

  4. Tough to discern cobra based on evidence, as there ain't much for or against. Quite a bit of the info makes sense to me which is why I still read.anon 5:36, I think its impossible to judge these E.T groups based on these broad galactic federation names, as it seems like there are plenty of different races from around the galaxy that may have benevolent or malevolent intentions with our transition/ascension process. Here is a list of supposed positive E.T's that are currently helping. Its sourced from a recent channel, can't remember which one, sorry.·        The Pleiadian Emissaries of the Light·        The Sirian Emissaries of the Light and the Sirian Angel Kingdom·        The Altherians·        The Andromedans·        The Arcturian Council of the Light·        The Agarthans, the Telons and all civilizations of the Inner Earth·        The Mondrians and their civilization called Mondrianon.  They bring the spiritual enrichment of light, they come from another Universe but do have a connection with the Pleiades.·       Luminianon, a civilization of the high Light originating from the Andromedan Galaxy (Luminians) They bring high technology into force on your planet.·        The civilization of the high Light of Orion; the Orion council of Light.  There are few civilizations that are not of the Light, but this one is.·        The galaxy of Ontheon. Located near the Rorst Universe. They bring in assets through portals which include “Sason”: a high-tech equipment that is incredibly valuable energy. This equipment provides a better environment, for example to remove Chemtrails.·        The Suprianons, a civilization of the Galaxy of Nebadon (our Universe) They want to connect with us, they are from the light and highly developed (9D), they wish to make contact soon.·        The Litheans, a civilization of a very distant star system called Lithiamos.  They provide better conditions for the Earth, like always feeling good.·        The Ascended Masters of the Earth Kingdom, well known to all of you·        The Archangelic Realm·        The Vega civilization·        The Ascended Beings of the Light Kingdom of Angels·        The All transcendent Source of All That Is, our beloved Mother/Father God force, the unconditional Love

  5. I find it fascinating that 'Ishtar Antares/Cobra/Whatever he'll call himself later' posts all sorts of full paragraphs full of verbiage and jargon that in the end, have no real meaning whatsoever. Concepts taken from all over the place, mixed in with a generous dose of BS (anyone remembering last year's nanoparticle dust, targeting only the 'archons' horseockey?) that are not entertaining in even a science fiction sort of a way. Yes lots of beings are all over the place. And charlatans will make the most of what they can, until they run out of snake oil and their jig is up.Go sell stupid elsewhere, cause we ain't buying…

  6. Right on, Ducksoup and 1:34 AM. Cobra and Dratzo are in the same category, full of crap. Lot's of touchy – feely, lovey, positive sounding generalities, like 1:34 AM said, with no meaning at all. Thanks, DS, for holding back, you just gotta want to tear Cobra a new one. frj

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