RTS Update On The RV & New Financial System

Thanks to D for this update.  Below is just part of the overall update she provides to the global community. Visit RTS to read the full article.


Removing The Shackles: Source Link

Speaking of being “made visible”….. I’ll give another update on what’s going on with the RV etc….. If you listened to the TCI radio show last Tuesday- you can listen the 2.5 hour show HERE, or read the transcription HERE– then you know that Heather spoke extensively about the RV and SwissIndo.

The Revaluation of currencies, ie: IQD RV, is very important and I’ve copied the RV info here:

Heather: Okay so as far as the re-evaluations that was the other clarification. Even in the RVs right now you have the guys up the top who are very confused because the RVs aren’t pushing through and now their energy it’s almost it feels like an internal harvesting within their own groups. 

Okay I’m sorry. So the guys at the top are starting to crash as far as energetic because this should have gone a long, long time ago. So what I would like to do is clarify the particular re-evaluations and not one particular currency because it’s all tied in together.
Okay, the RVs have nothing behind the RVs and you have Basel III right? Everyone has to you know use their own in-ground assets – don’t pull them out though. Well every time they pull in-ground assets out, they just sort of disappear. So if you keep them in-ground all of a sudden you can just point to them because every time they pull them out they disappear and them they don’t have them and they can’t actually show everyone you know when they come forward and say they want to see our gold. And the gold’s not there and they can’t show them.

So you have these re-evaluations and they’re supposedly based on physical assets, on tangible assets. Well, none of the titles are there. They have no ownership, there’s no underwriting to the re-evaluations. No underwriting at all, but here’s the thing, they can underwrite – any embodiment can underwrite the re-evaluations; any of them. 

However for the groups, the ‘divines’ or any other roles that we’ve (inaudible) powers that were, they don’t underwrite them because there’s a limited value that they see that they have and they want more and more and more but they don’t know how to generate it themselves. If they do know how to generate it themselves they still don’t want to use it because they want to use everyone else’s that’s just how the hierarchies and the structures have gone for eons, for the experiment; for this moment NOW. 

Okay, so any embodiment can go and underwrite it. And the more you give for the highest good of every embodiment, the more your abundance flows. So, you can have just one embodiment underwrite all other embodiments and RVs can go; however whoever underwrites that RV actually technically under legal systems that formerly existed owns everything and they can dictate how things go. 

Okay, so there was a post that D had done and she left one piece out. But it was a post essentially where I said something and then we lost our signal and I was laughing saying “I think everyone just fell out of their chairs and no one is manning the monitors.” So I understood that anyone, any embodiment could underwrite the RV so I had said the part that she left out. was I said “Okay, I’ll give them my signature, I’ll underwrite it.” So that it can go, cause I know it’s a tool. 

There are so many embodiments that are really have hung their hat on that RV, they hung their hat on the RV saying that once it happened they could then DO. They could then BE. So if that’s the tool that the people need, fine. I’ll underwrite it. And this is all about energy. The value systems and the part that you saw which was the monetary system, it is all energetic. I think even Keenan and those guys finally admitted they were so excited “Heather doesn’t want the Global Collateral Accounts” (laughing) it’s because it was already gone. It was already irrelevant. 

And then they sort of had this aha moment and then they got really mad again and said “Well what is money, it’s just energy – it’s a representation of energy”. So everyone is sort of getting it now. So I said I would give my signature that’s what I said and that’s when D and I lost all the stuff and I started laughing because I could really hear people falling out of their chairs and nobody was manning the monitors and phone calls were happening and here’s the thing. Yes I know that if I underwrite it, or any embodiment underwrites it, which everyone has the power to do, you then own the entire system and where it goes. But, then again in my case I have no interest in owning anything. I have no interest in doing anything other than IMpowering every embodiment so that’s where it all goes. And once you state something, this is absolute current, this is absolute transparency in this moment in this finale. 

Okay so what happens is, that if I underwrite it they already know where it’s gonna go. They know it’s gonna go to every embodiment and that the parts of the slavery systems, the former systems that you did not see, they know what’s going to happen there too because it’s the same thing; the energetics. And that’s what every moment of INnforcement has been that at least I’ve been consciously DO’ing., 

Going within their ranks and causing certain events so they start asking questions within their own ranks. And they start looking at data that was not visible before. So for the perceived galactics for instance it was hearing for the first time me swinging inter consciousness that the Akashic Records have been altered and manufactured, fabricated in some parts; and that there was a clean set. Once I swung in that there was a clean set that’s what they did, they went and compared. They went and started asking questions and then you could see in a lot of the purported channellings and messages and everything else there was sort of a moment of chaos, almost a feeling of conflict, a feeling of questioning. And then it evens out because you have a lot of people campaigning. And that’s okay because it was all a part of everyone moving to absolute truth but via their own tools of resonance. 

So with this RV, here’s how it goes. I, if anyone underwrites it and then sends it out, because it’s already delivered, that’s a part of the Absolute Plan; it was already delivered before the experiment began and it’s just swinging it into focus and everybody being aware of it. 

Okay and I’ll give you what you guys would call a 3D example, Chris and Lisa and Bob is that for instance you have the purported IRS, the alleged IRS or any purported tax authority body. If they can’t show their authority they can’t show their standing and they demand that you pay something and now we have these reports that supposedly some members of the IRS are actually admitting that taxes, at least for the IRS are voluntary. Right! 

So if everyone stopped paying these ‘voluntary’ payments, all of a sudden they wouldn’t have the ability, they wouldn’t have anyone paying energy into them for them to be able to do any kind of unlawful or illegal ENforcement. Right, it’s kind of the same thing with the financial system, the banks and everything else. My goal was always been, nothing, no manifestation of energy is ever wasted, there’s always purpose and everything has the opportunity to repurpose itself in this moment because it is all absolutely eternal essence embodied. And if I can’t recognise an embodiment as being eternal essence then I do negate and null and void and cancel out my own eternal essence. I’m not prepared to do that. I’m not willing to do that. 

So, the RV absolutely. I would underwrite it and I’ve no problem, even if my value I find out later is limited in some way, I still would do it and I’ve already put out there that I would and any embodiment can do that – any embodiment. And you actually draw behind you anything you spend energy-wise or any representation of your energy, anything you spend when it is for the highest good of all, it magnetically draws behind it all abundance, exponentially, and perpetually. That’s all there is, is abundance – absent limits. 

So that’s with the RV. I know that there are a lot of the upper-ups within the RV that are very confused, very upset, very drained and tired. So with absolute love there’s the data and everyone can go and review the data, dissect the data, see what resonates within and see what other data points there are to verify what is, because absolute truth verifies and vets, the same from every point on the sphere of absolute truth

…. and let me tell you, that little announcement over the airwaves caused quite a stir in the realms and offices of the PTW!!!  Suddenly there was a huge pregnant pause as everything seemed to screech to a halt as they frantically analysed the info and tried to figure away around it.  That’s fine, because everything “they” do, they DO for the absolute plan- regardless of whether they know it or not, lol!

 At this stage in the game, there is nothing “they” can do that ISN’T part of the absolute plan.  Everything is speeding forward again now.  So called “Important people” are signing important documents, and making visits to  cities of note and meeting with other “important people” and toasting their success. The US received what should be their final slap down from China when they tried to renege (yet again) on their promises, but after Lew finished kissing all their asses and grovelling on the floor, apparently China has agreed to moved forward with the RV….  but with their appointed watchdog in charge.  We’ll see how that plays out.  As for timing… well we’ve been sitting at the 23:59:59 moment for the past few weeks.  All it takes is someone to have the balls to stand up and take responsibility- it has to be done in full transparency and for the highest good of EVERYONE or whomever is standing in that place of  liability is toast.  Considering the fact that we’ve been sitting at one second to the midnight hour for weeks now, I think that should tell you something about just how ‘transparent” and “humanitarian” all these idiots actually are, as they stand around like a bunch of juveniles pushing each other and saying “no you put your finger in the light socket first”.

But all is good my friends.  Regardless of what people are yammering about, the “RV” is about to be public knowledge- along with announcements of Basal III globally.  With the release of the new currency exchange rates that will reflect their so called worth, will come other announcements.  Oh none of them will actually be transparent or truthful, but you’ll all see right through the lies and posturing very very quickly.  The Greatest Contrast- Just like I’ve been saying for months.

So, get your popcorn ready, because their show is about to begin.  And THEN… once they are boo’ed off the stage in a barrage of rotten eggs and vegetables, … the REAL Show will begin.

….. Have I mentioned that I’m having the best time of my life in this moment of NOW?!?  Oh Darlins, life is about to get sooooooooooooo much more fun!!!

I have lots more to add to this, but I’m out of coffee now and will have to wander down to Heather’s house and beg some from her, before I can continue. …. I think that Lisa and I will record something later this afternoon.

 My Soul Family is HERE and life totally ROCKS!!


83 thoughts on “RTS Update On The RV & New Financial System

  1. Anon 12:23 How is Duck Soup bizarre if all he is doing is exposing the OPPT scam? I don't know what to think about Neil Keenan but the fact that crooks like OPPT, RTS, Cobra and Kabuki are attacking him tells me that the truth is on his side!

  2. You see hate – I see a scam being outed. You see trash talking – I see information being shared and appreciated. Rather see through my eyes than yours. Sending you a hug and some love ❤

  3. Hey 8:19 CIA Trained Idiot Plant:Here's a little HELP — additional content — for your:"The DuckSoup Field Guide" — Grab a shotgun and birdshot — SHOOT the damn thing.Better, more complete now.

  4. I'm just interested to see what comes out of Morocco next week. We could have a whole new financial system and a lot to get excited about. If everyone in the world has access to their own intrinsic self worth, they can all afford to pay a minimal $1.00 fee to access that value. The main thing is that change is here. Abundance is the name of the game and the world as we know it is a thing of the past. With everyone DOing what they really want to do and everyone BEing Who they really are, together we will create a beautiful new world. I think we are so fortunate that Heather is on our side. I am so grateful for the sacrifices she has made for Humanity. Let's all think Higher thoughts. Let's all do what really makes us happy. Anything that truly makes us happy is good for everyone.

  5. Have you got your head so deep in the sand or are you just plain insensitive to the fact that for some people on Earth $1.00 is a week's wages. Can you not see that these people are taking advantage of others who have very little already? Heather has sacrificed bugger all. You obviously haven't done enough research otherwise you would know that someone close to Heather has assumed the identity of a dead person and had already foreclosed on all the organizations the 3 trustees claimed they had foreclosed on. How can anything built on a scam be good for anyone? Your post is just insincere clap-trap and people like you proclaiming love and light while supporting all these scammers making merry shows you have zero integrity and no clue what's happening outside in the real world. Yes we need change and we need to re-educate idiots like you.

  6. Anon 2:57 As I said in my comment, "If everyone in the world has access to their own intrinsic self worth, they can all afford to pay a minimal $1.00 fee to access that value." Your comments were very judgmental and negative. I don't have time to see everything that is on the internet but I have followed Heather and her group as much as I have time to. You seem to have information that I am not aware of. I don't believe it. But I do know that there is a lot of disinfo out there and from what I can tell you are promoting more disinfo. I have followed the Love and Light movement and I know that the people of the world have so much to be grateful for. The dark has lost. They are desperate to do anything that will keep them in power. But the more they do, the more they reveal who they really are. I am so happy for the Moroccan Crew to finally get to be together and help create financial freedom for humanity. Making merry in Morocco is a great way to spend time. I wish I was there with them.And don't worry about re-educating me. The Education is coming. It is coming quickly. I hope you will be able to keep up. I wish you God's speed. In Love and Light!

  7. Anon 2:57 Also, please keep in mind: "As a man thinketh so is he." This to me means we create our reality. So go ahead and do what you will. I will be sending you Light and Love.

  8. That's what is beautiful about the coming changes. We are waking up to infinite possibilities! If someone wishes to keep their head in the sand, they may. But, the changes will be so BIG even the most reluctant will get caught up in it. These are very excited times. It's time to get excited!

  9. because the guy is an obvious over the top, PR person for Keenan , Drake and crew. If you don't see that, maybe that's why the question.When is someone creating 65% of posts within a thread not bizarre or meant to disrupt or otherwise sway the direction of a conversation?Duck Soup IS part of the Keenan, Drake machine……………Keenan, Drake = no credibility—– Duck Soup preaching the gospel according to Keenan, Drake = ?

  10. Isn't that just what you are doing 4:15? Trying to persuade others? Maybe not with 15 posts lol but nevertheless you are trying to influence us! It takes all sorts to make a world – if we all behaved the same way we'd be robots.

  11. Anon 3:30 I get annoyed when I see others taking advantage of people less fortunate than themselves and make no apologies for that. I've had enough of the OPPT/OP or what ever else the are calling themselves now so was short on patience when I read your post. Sorry if I went too far. I was there when they first launched themselves onto the public and I read and researched to the nth degree. Its difficult when someone says something to challenge our long-held beliefs. Often our first reaction is to disbelieve it, then attack the person bringing the information as you have done. I have probably done it myself. I have information because I have a background in research and old habits die hard as they say. I stand by everything I wrote but I don't expect you or anyone else to take my word for it, quite the opposite. People should look for themselves. As for me keeping up with education thank you for your concern. I'm waiting for the rest to catch up!lol! Love to you also.

  12. 4:15Hey stupid, did you SEE, above, what's IN the SWISSINDO Docsover which the OPPT morons DROOL? – Commitee Of 300 – New World Order – World President – Heather's NAMEWHAT about THOSE, dummy?What about the OTHER simple points listed which demonstrate the evil nature of OPPT, DUMMY.WHY do you IGNORE them dummy.Easy — You're a DUMMY.

  13. Absolutely! We do create our reality by setting intentions. Its the first thing I think of when I awake every morning. I intend all those working against the best interests of this planet and its inhabitants be exposed and stopped. Its already happening….. 😉

  14. 4:15 Dummy:"When is someone creating 65% of posts within a threadnot bizarre or meant to disrupt or otherwise sway thedirection of a conversation?"Hey stupid, so POST an equal number of VALID countersto the strong points I made, dummy. GO AHEAD.IF you have any.You're *free* to post too.But you don't have any.So shut your pie hole.

  15. Wow Michael Henry dicksoup Dunn! I see you've added 3 more personalities to your arsenal hahaha!! That's about 15 personalities already there guy. IP addresses should be posted with each comment. It would reveal that Dicksoup Dunn is the author of 90% of the comments on this thread.Is it also a coincidence that when there is a post on OPPT, there are a shitload of negative comments?It's obvious it's you michael Henry "dicksoup" Dunn! You are not fooling anybody

  16. Anon 5:04 I guess we'll see what happens soon enough. I hope you are wrong. But I am very glad to hear there are people like you out there doing research and figuring things out. Being open-minded is the only way to learn and clearly you are doing that. Thanks for your kind words.

  17. 10:42 IP addresses would tell us exactly where you are so we could come a-knocking at your door. Be careful what you wish for you ickle shill you! 😀 Negative comments? You mean people sharing information so naive and gullible folks don't get taken for a ride. You are showing your true colors here buddy.

  18. Be open minded but remember to keep the BS monitor turned on ;)Don't rely on others to do the research for you.Learn how to do it for yourself cos the only person you can really trust is YOU.<3

  19. If OPPT and Heather are cabal, then either Diane is cabal and has fled the country or is a useful idiot who has put herself and her family in danger. I do feel bad for both of them since they believe it's over for the cabal, why keep up the charade? I have posted comments on RTS before she disabled comments and have gotten positive responses from her. She may either need therapy in prison(if she's cabal) or in a hospital(if she's been played) I wish her luck. Also anyone know how much of her rumors are disinfo? Some of what she posted is in agreement with what Susan/Poof posted.

  20. I posted on RTS too and took some of her answers at face value. The info turned out to be OK up until people started nagging her for more news which she couldn't provide. Whether she had genuine sources remains to be seen. Her intel may have dried up? The impression I got was that she was desperate for some scoop to put RTS on the map. idk if that's true as its just my feelings. She tried to get on board with HopeGirl and Deb Pietsch (sp?) but you could tell in her voice and by the excuses she made she was not comfortable with what they were doing when she joined them in their radio shows. I think Diane knows exactly what she's doing now though and I don't think its a coincidence that she's left Canada. She may be stupid but she's not THAT stupid! She posted she was making a big move which doesn't sound like she was just planning a vacation. It may or may not be a coincidence that extradition from Morocco is very difficult ;-)idk if she and H are cabal but I do think they know darned well they are conning people. Some have speculated here that RTS could all have been a set up from the start to launch TOPPT. Not sure about that, though if its true that could suggest they ARE cabal as the cabal are known to be patient when making their plans. Common sense says it is most unlikely that a mother of 4/5 kids blogging on the web is hardly a credible intelligence source though anything is possible. Susan from Poof's office is another conundrum. Something isn't sitting right with me with the whole sudden illness/demise of Poof/obituary/change of delivery scenario.

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