Cobra Update – May 28, 2013

Opening of the Portal Report

We have opened the Portal! For the first time in human history, the energy of divine grace has entered the surface of the planet directly from the Galactic Central Sun. 

This has drastic and long lasting consequences on the etheric and astral grid around our planet. All etheric and astral matrix, all Archons and reptilians and their technologies have been squeezed into a very thin layer which extends around 100 feet ( 30 meters ) upwards and downwards from the surface profile of the planet. All areas further up and further down from the surface profile have been completely cleared and liberated. This is a huge victory of the Light and one of the main necessary steps needed before the final victory and the Event.

You might being to feel that there are less attacks and less influence from the negative non-physical entities.

The activation of the ALMA vortex has insured that humanity will finally begin to connect with its Soul.

19 thoughts on “Cobra Update – May 28, 2013

  1. I want with all of my heart & soul to believe that this is true but I'm not sure if I trust cobra. I feel that he is just playing some kind of role playing game & the whole scenario he is playing out is just one big joke!If someone cares to elaborate for those of us stuck in 3d mode please do so.And please dicksoup keep your comments to yourself for once. Really tired of you spewing your negativity with stuff you don't agree with!

  2. I think cobra has some interesting info, is it true idk…one thing for sure is if your at this site you are on the right track and well into your personal awakening. We are evolving and the pace is quickening every day!!

  3. Correct me if I am wrong but isn't it that this 'thin' layer of 100ft above and below the earth's surface where 99% of all human and other terran activities are still happening? All craziness and all negativity squeezed in that space with us?And how is that supposed to make us feel better about it?That is, *IF* we believe the the pile of horse hockey Cobra/Ishtar Antares whatever he is and his GFL buddies has been feeding us all this time. Riiiight….

  4. Cobra has done some amazing things. Saturday's World Meditation was powerful and I believe it had the desired effect. The proof is on its way. Let's see if we feel better. Let's see if we have better thoughts. I know that the past six weeks or so have been traumatic for many people. If we really have entered this powerful portal, life will get better very quickly now.

  5. And who's to say if that 'portal' he wanted open is going to be used just by the good guys?I am sorry, calling our lights and energies that are 'our ascended masters' may not be what they seem.There is always that wonderful Aesop's fable talking about wolfs in sheep's clothing. Tread carefully, the more portals open, the more it gets easier for all sorts of things to get in.4D and 5D are still in duality from what we know – extreme discernment is to be practiced.Euphoric states of being can be elucidated and conjured up – the con artists will now be even greater in the higher dimensions.

  6. More bullshit hopium, victory of the light is near blah blah blah. Been hearing that for many years and the world is still a hellish cesspit where war and violence reigns supreme and will continue to do so for many years to come. Don't delude yourself with false hope.

  7. If ascension is true and happens in our lifetimes, 5d is supposed to be above duality and into unity consciousness. Evil simply can't survive vibrations above the lower 4d.


  9. you have to prove it to yourself. theres no way to prove it to you. like in the matrix, morpheus can show you the door, but you have to walk through else youll think its a trick somehow. on most other 4d planets i coukd just show you a transporter or something, though its still not proof but at least its evidence, but here we have special people called banksters who hide that kind of stuff. you just have to figure ut out for yourself though, sorry no proof

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