More Rumors: New Financial System & NESARA







[Redwolf] We have 13 currencies making major moves today. They aren’t basket currencies but strong indicators
[Redwolf] We have been told for months that this would occur when the re-set was ready.
[Redwolf] Some of these country currencies are not Basel 3 compliant and others are. This move starts the countries into alignment.
[Redwolf] Here are the countries currency codes: PYG, RSD, AMD, ILS, ERN, SYP, RWF, SCR, CHF, ISK, SEK, NIO, & MMK.
[Redwolf] This is the start of the re-set. Basket currencies are next and coming this week.
[Redwolf] Currencies normally move only .05% in a day. These guys made 1% or more in one day. This is huge for us today. We will keep you updated in the AM.


The global RV for the USD and all currencies will be later tonight or tomorrow.

The global RV for the USD and all currencies will be later tonight or tomorrow.

This is based on the USD being in the last basket to RV…we were all told weeks ago about how there were going to be multiple baskets and the USD was in the last basket and would go on May 15…here it is and all of the other currencies have RVed throughout the world and this will bring them all to the front.




This is from an inside intel agent of several decades of actual field experience who wants the truth to come out.

 These are NOT rumors but actual operations intel never revealed before for fear of his death. .


“hotel California” the detain: At DIA headquarters Anacostia, Va there is a DPMO office and that office has a fake wall on the other side of that fake wall is an entire other secret office, and that is the “hotel California” irrefutable documented evidence of the war crimees activity is held there evidence includes a master computer disc in modified promis software. Now the people like the Provost Marshal who can bring justice to this serial and continuing war crime activity can see all this and do something about it, documented evidence includes names dates locations and nazi type “medical” experiments imposed upon live American POWs, many but not all have died, and Obama has allowed this to continue for more than 4 full years. 

Related know this ross Milosivec, and Australian, contray to his self promotion on the internet is no intelligeence expert, he is a paid contractor of CIA station Bangkok , he is a proven liar and fraud and everybody in Laos knows it, the Chinese General dutry station Phongsaly until this month, now duty station plain of jars, he definitely knows that Milosivec is a liar and a fraud, and now the right people will know, the Chinese General also knows my name address phone number and E mail address, I have been working with him for a few years and he has been tested by a real intelligence professional not a fake like Milosevic. Provost Marshal please bring justice to this matter there is still time to save some lives, thank you 

Admiral Dennis Blair. In 2009 Admiral Dennis Blair obained the bribery checks payable to Obama Geithner, panetta and others, note who was issuning those bribery checks, that should enoght evidence to fully expose and remove the witless money grubbing Obama and the others, he cannot explain thos bribery checka not can he explain why he failed to report the funds on his tax return, nor can he explain why he was holding the bribery funds in multiple off shore accounts, collapse this entire cabal house of cards, get more D C shaking up, and the Jack Lew NESARA announcements, and do it all before the Preakness, the take down of the Bush family crime syndicate also takes f=down world class drug dealer Richard Armitage, and lard butt Hillary Clinton, along with Bill Clinto and many others 

Remember, without the bribery cash flow stream, MSNBC is no longer a viable business operation it goes away, boycot all businesses that advertise on MSNBC as a public service, it is not a legitimate organization in any event. Pleasse post more information on the DC shake up part and advance that posting from rumor status to fully confirmed status, ten the people will know that NESARA progress is happening, thank you

Please post more info on the DC shake up part and please advance the shae up part from rumored status to fully confirmed status, thank you. a long suffering nation and its good people wait for a swift NESARA completion, ASAP


Global Reset News 5/15/13

[hopeinwyo] Jester Welcome back!!

Jester] i don’t have anything in particular to post about…. the process is doing it’s thing… good things happening… things we’d hoped to see… some we haven’t seen yet but are hoping to soon… people moving into place… it’s all good….

[sananddan24] Jester any word from Redwolf? He need to come on one last time before we RV

 [Jester] sananddan24 just talked to him a minute ago… he is scart of you guys… lol

[texan1] Jester did redwolf have any info

Jester] texan1 matter of fact he did… lots of currency movements today… major movements of 1% to 39% in at least 13 currencies…

[Robertprofessor] Jester Are those currency changes part of the first basket or independent?

Jester] Robertprofessor not sure… but an inidcation that things are moving…

[rustyc] Jester jester Based on okies post and the baskets numbers , do you remember what was in the first basket etc…

Jester] rustyc if i knew that i would be the most sought after intel in the world… lol

[sektor] someone posted a good point in OOM – 10:43 PM [beckyishome] Remember the options Okie mentioned a bit ago? Two have passed and the one left was this thing happening on or before the 15th. ???? Looks like sunshine coming on the 15th!!!!!!

Robertprofessor] OOM Ghost: Okie will only come back to chat if he gets that one special call that he is expecting. (My paraphrase. Sure like that expecting word though.)



Redwolf] YO YO

 [Redwolf] We have 13 currencies making major moves today. They aren’t basket currencies but strong indicators.

Redwolf] We have been told for months that this would occur when the re-set was ready.

 [zorro] Redwolf Increase, decrease or a mixture in value?

 [Redwolf] Some of these country currencies are not Basel 3 compliant and others are. This move starts the countries into alignment.

kelbellsmom] Redwolf someone said a while back that all Countries were Basel 3 Complient I am confused ??

[Jester] kelbellsmom not all are… some are lagging… syria for example… other countries not on the grid….

[Redwolf] Here are the countries currency codes: PYG, RSD, AMD, ILS, ERN, SYP, RWF, SCR, CHF, ISK, SEK, NIO, & MMK.

Jester] syria (SYP) was the biggest mover today at 39% because they are not basil iii compliant…

OILGENRL7] Redwolf im looking for IQD & VND LOL

[candy] Jester devalue?

Redwolf] The Syrian Pound dropped 39% againsy the USD today because they are not Basel 3 compliant.

Jester] candy dollar went up compared to syria…

[BocaLinda] wow that sounds huge

[okrocks] Jester ohhh ty makes sense

[kelbellsmom] wow Redwolf 39%?

 [Redwolf] This is the start of the re-set. Basket currencies are next and coming this week.

[Robertprofessor] Syria has a few more issues than compliance to B3.

TNGirl] This is the process we keep hearing about? After the reset of all countries then the basket currencies are next? Am I understanding this correctly?

[Redwolf] Currencies normally move only .05% in a day. These guys made 1% or more in one day. This is huge for us today. We will keep you updated in the AM.

[TNGirl] Redwolf So this is good news for us? Ty

 [goldman] Redwolf if these currencies are not basket currencies how do we know this is the movement we are looking for?

[sandytob] goldman I think RW said that this movement was predicted to happen just before the reset.

[ [Jester] reset involves all the world currencies even the ones the ones not in the baskets… the basket currencies are the major ones that we’re concerned with….

[TNGirl] Jester and this is great news correct? this is what we have been waiting for?

[Jester] TNGirl it is the start of the reset… it has to start somewhere…

 [pedrobob] Jester so the non basket currencies will reset however will not hold back the basket currencies from rving

okrocks] Jester Jester can you explain this please? USD/SYP (SYP=X) -CCY 97.63 Up 13.8650(16.5500%) 11:58PM EDT

[firefixer] Jester how can you say 39% down when it’s showing up 16%???

[Jester] okrocks firefixer he was looking at forex screens… what site are you looking at?

[Jester] an exchange site is not the same as forex….

[firefixer] Jester, it just don’t sound correct,,,,,,,,

 [Jester] firefixer well it is what it is..

candy] firefixer what you are looking at is an exchange site. that is different from an actual forex screen

goldman] why would certain currencies be in baskets and others not?

[TNGirl] goldman maybe the baskets are all Basil III compliant? I wonder if that’s why.

[johnnyjunk] goldman “others not” are just either normal movement in trades, or where pressure is applied by massive trades to manipulate some to respond in a certain way … “baskets” are more controlled

Jester] basket currencies are the ones pegged for major changes because they are important to the world currency market… they are traded all the time…

Jester] not that they are not important but they are just not traded that much in real life… like Rwanda or Seychellioes…. who ever even heard of them? lol

bayougirl] Are IQD and VND on the same basket?

 [sailman] bayougirl YES

[okrocks] Jester hey I am just very happy to know there is this going on and we are that much closer to pronto

 [olderkinky] So does this mean delay or acceleration in process of our c/e

[okrocks] olderkinky he said it was the pre rv movement

[olesailor] I hope we are up because someone is ready to push the button

Robertprofessor] Jester Is one of the ideas behind placing a group of currencies into a basket to protect those that are somewhat more volatile by pegging them to more stable currencies? A way to keep the volatile ones from changing rapidly?

Jester] Robertprofessor i think it more to protect the currencies in the basket from each other…

okrocks] Definition of Currency Basket: A portfolio of several currencies with different weightings. For example, one may construct a currency basket with 40% euros, 35% U.S. dollars, and 25% British pounds; the percentages determine the basket’s value. Using a currency basket is a common way to peg a currency without overexposing it to the fluctuations of a single currency. For example, Kuwait shifted the peg of the Kuwaiti dinar to a currency basket from the U.S. dollar in 2007 because the dollar was weak at the time, resulting in high inflation.


 [sananddan24] Jester are you on the same line with Okie?

[Jester] sananddan24 welll we were trying to help explain some of it… that is why Redwolf came in…

[sananddan24] Guys I think we should be be very excited that process has started and there is no turning back untill all is finished

 [okrocks] sananddan24 yep I know I am

[candy] do you guys realize what was just shared? this is HUGE!!!

okrocks] candy yes I am excited yahooooooooooooooo

[kelbellsmom] sananddan24 we have been hearing for weeks that all was done, obviously not

[okrocks] kelbellsmom what was done was the all the preset for this final change of currencies… all the other had to be done and it was for this… imo

[Robertprofessor] Jester These 13 today plus about 25 a couple of months ago … that’s about 20% of the world’s currencies getting into alignment beforehand. That does seem a strong indicator … for those that think not much has changed this year vs. same time a year ago.

[Jester] Robertprofessor this is true… thank you for pointing that out…

[Jester] Redwolf is still talking to me on the phone…. i am trying to help answer the questions…

 [candy] okrocks it doesn’t get much better… until we get our email!

weathernut] Jester Thanks my friend for coming in and bringing RW with you!!! I am so excited about the developments and don’t understand why anyone would be Down right now!!! This is Happening right before our eyes and Fast now!!!

kids] Jester is the process continuing as we speak?

[Jester] kids of course! this is just an indicator of things going on… things that we look at…

[sng4him] Jester Can you explain why Okie said there would be 3 baskets and not ?

Jester] sng4him they just decided to do less at this time and stretch others out over time….

ester] sng4him it means that things are underway…

[paradisegirl] Jester and Redwolf, this is incredible information that helps understand the process. Thanks so much

BocaLinda] We are watching history unfold — it really is amazing to learn all this. I never would have known…

bigworm] we are at a time where any positive informaiton indicating that this train is moving forward is a BIG PLUS.

triple777] Jester is IQD and VND in the first basket or do we know at this time

[Jester] triple777 we are pretty sure that they are… along with USD, INR, IDR, CNY, HKD, AUD, CND, GPD and Briics nations… and maybe a couple others… doing this by memory…

bcrt1] Jester I don’t mean to be negative, but what, if anything could stop the process?

Jester] bcrt1 imo? nothing… it is moving along and it will continue to it’s logical conclusion…

 [Robertprofessor] Jester Kuwait is not in the basket? Seems logical then that the international rate for the IQD will be within 50 cents of the KWD … between $3.50 and $4.50. Just guessing.


 [candy] Jester now that is really good news!!

[Robertprofessor] Jester Oh, okay. Then we could see the KWD move as well.

[okrocks] Robertprofessor I have heard that as well and it makes sense

[deb2blessed] This is soo informative and exciting..,first time I have felt I had a small window to what is going on… tyvm

[barb] Redwolf I do like your posts thank you….appreciated


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  1. Anonymous no brain at 11:12 3:32 the 25 year old unwashed friendless virgin potty mouth living in his mother's basement glued to his keyboard. Hope she loves you! Does she know what you do down there? She must be sooooooo proud!

  2. happy to help, ducky…"of the interventions it has waged to defend the cap of 1.20 per euro, set in September 2011 to prevent a recession." you want more: the other guy was right… any movement in CHF is related to the MASSIVE interventions by the SNB.

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