OPPT’s New Website: WWW.I-UV.COM

Reported By Removing The Shackles Blog

Introducing I-UV.com!

The web creative team is proud to announce the launch of the new ONE PEOPLE’S website….

The look has changed but not the energy behind our efforts as we’ve worked hard to make the site valuable with tools and information in a user-friendly design. Expanding our international reach, you can now view the site in multiple languages with one click of the “Translate” button found on every page. Or use the many Courtesy Notices conveniently translated for download from the OPPT Tools page.

Like all BEings, the site will continue to evolve as we develop more interactivity such as an upload feature for video, audio and images to compliment your own Freedom Story submissions or encounters with Friends in High Places. And stay tuned to the site for the many coordinated Flash Mobs we’re preparing.

As you poke around the site, know that much love and care went into the design and content. And feel free to submit your comments to Thoughts@i-uv.com

The BEings listed below are proud to represent you in this fun and creative endeavor building a portal of knowledge that belongs to THE ONE PEOPLE.

Much love from…
BZ Riger
Holly Tucker
Helen Vita
Ivan Schoultz
Kimarie Teter
Keimpe de Jong
Rachel Jones
Beatrice Weir
Kevin Miller

Sean LeMay
Sue Rhodes
Sarah Beckman
Peter Lysohirka


106 thoughts on “OPPT’s New Website: WWW.I-UV.COM

  1. Anon 11:59… I am disappointed. You made a claim "Heather says she was raised a Jesuit", and I asked for proof – the radio show itself, the transcript, you know, evidence? I don't want to take you at your word, nor should I be the one to back up your own argument. I gave a source to my claim above. Why can't you understand this concept?"Where is the red herring in that? What you or anyone chose to make of that is up to you or them. If people are not familiar with Jesuits I provided a link with information. You are the one implying Heather was evil not me."Oh wow. You state "Heather was raised a Jesuit", along with a link outlining that Jesuits are evil. Of course you were insinuating Heather was evil. And I called you out on that. How manipulative of you to (poorly) try to twist that into your favor."google is a cabal tool and stores info on you so best not to use it or any of the other popular search engines."I agree with you there. Same with Facebook. DuckDuckGo or Startpage are better alternatives."Is your life on hold waiting for UCC filing rebuttals? If so it will be a very long wait and shows you do not comprehend how the filings work, the evidence is clear by the number of times you keep posting the same thing week in week out."I am only holding up a mirror to you detractors. Your primary arguments against the OPPT are rooted in ad hominem (attacking the character of the people behind it) or strawmanning (misrepresentation of the position). That doesn't change the efficacy of the filings, however. I briefly addressed the closest thing to a proper argument a few comments above (Paul Short's claims about the courtesy notices) and all I got was DuckSoup completely dodging my rebuttal in response. The only argument with actual substance I've seen was from Winston Shrout, who addressed the fact that UCC liens would be ineffective, which is correct. But the OPPT filings AREN'T liens. (http://americankabuki.blogspot.com.au/2013/03/oppt-to-all-people-of-planet.html). So go ahead, continue avoiding the big question. It's evidently clear that, once put on the defensive, you can only dodge and obfuscate.Welcome Anon 12:27/4:35 to the circlejerk too!

  2. Mirrors don't reflect anything real. Check our mirror image. One last time I said 'H Tucci Jarraf said herself she was raised a Jesuit'. I didn't claim she was a Jesuit. I claimed 'SHE SAID HERSELF'. I told you where to find the evidence so you could go look for it if you are that interested. So now you attack me because you can't be bothered to look for yourself to rebut my post? Bit pot and kettle don't you think? I do my own research and don't expect others to do it for me. I check and cross check. It appears you have a problem with the name of the site http://one-evil.org/content/entities_organizations_jesuits.html and have made some sort of link with that either consciously or unconsciously that Heather is evil. I've already explained my reasons for providing that link in an earlier post. (The sister site is one-heaven btw.) If you can't handle the fact that Heather said she was raised a Jesuit then maybe you should address reason why this seems to be a big deal for you? Idk, but could it be you are in denial for some reason? Winston Shrout isn't the only expert on UCC lol. As I posted earlier, there's a lot more to UCC's than that. It is still evident that you do not truly comprehend UCC's. I would politely suggest that you broaden your search further than the one you mentioned. Stop listening and start reading the law books.Avoiding the 'big question'? ROFL! I have dealt with the points you raised and explained what I posted and the reasons for the link. You got any issues with that then that's down to you to deal with yourself.I have nothing to defend so am not on the defensive. I tried to spell out to you real clearly. I stand by what I wrote – even taking the piss out of you – sorry was feeling mischievous yesterday! lol! Doesn't matter to me one jot whether you believe what I wrote or not. Seems to matter to you though. May be you should stop and ask yourself why?The floors all yours to say what you like now but I won't be reading you again or replying to you. Not playing in your circle-jerk sister!

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