OPPT: Heather Tucci-Jarraf Answers Jay’s Questions

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Heather Tucci-Jarraf Answers Jay’s Questions 4/21/2013

AK note: The following is a recent Skype conversation between Heather and Jay.  I have edited the grammar and spelling, and format for readability.  Jay is Polish and not a native English speaker so I have corrected spelling and grammar for readability.  This conversation answers some questions that have been outstanding about OPPT logo design, and the Heather’s interactions with the Rothschilds.   

I will also add for the record, the OPPT Trustees have not accepted outside ANY sponsorship or donations from any group, their work has been accomplished solely through their own funds and efforts.

A conversation between Jay and Heather 4/21/13

Jay: ….I pay taxes and pay for my pension.  Can I serve them with a courtesy notice? Seeing how they belong to the government??

Do you have the courtesy notice in Polish?

Heather:  Regarding courtesy notice…other folks have produced those and put them on websites for all to get … Chris Hales is probably the person you want to connect with regarding that.

Jay: “when you talk about the Creator who you really talking about?”

Heather: Eternal Essence, First Source, Creator of all that IS

Jay:  We are all human beings and have a purpose to fulfill on this planet

Heather:  within this eternal essence universe, inclusive of this planet

Jay: love, respect and helping each other is our natural instinct.

Heather: love IS … you respect because you love…you help others because you love….all that IS, BE love … absolute frequency … love IS a measurable frequency.

Jay: I still had to go through it and check it was not a counter attack from the cabal to have control of the global collateral accounts as some people know about.

Heather:  those playing the roles of the purported cabal have had to go check OPPT. 

OPPT was just a tool… an exercise to experience the power within and then DO that power.   The collateral accounts and all other forms of representation of the absolute value that IS … BE’ing

…those representations no longer are there…they have been recalled back into eternal essence for all embodiments of eternal essence to use absent condition, exception, and limit…that is why certain folks trying to take control over those old paradigm tools are upset … they will not have control over any other…just their BE’ing and DO’ing  

Jay: What I would like to know is you use the 1776 on your logo together with a pyramid, a crown, and three other objects that might represent the three sixes what do these numbers mean and why use them like this PEOPLES TRUST 1776?

Heather: The circle of absolute truth around the purported logo IS what was used to neutralize symbols of others that have traditionally been used to harvest and control … all of that junk, the tools of harvest and control i.e. crowns, pyramids, the Gregorian calendar, i.e. 1776,  was put in the circle of absolute truth … transparency, liability, responsibility, accountability … so that all would know the Absolute Truth.  To unbind what was deceptively and untransparently bound.

Jay: It was also said in an interview that called The End of Financial Tyranny where you said every one thinks you guys are with the cabal?

Heather: Those playing the roles of the cabal would like for all others to believe we were created [by them], or are working for them. Meanwhile they are in secret meetings since beginning of 2012, trying to figure out who we are and why we have their “superiors” so nervous 

… and they are investigating their own “houses”, “departments” because they now know that SOME ONE knew what was going to happen eons ago, and they didn’t tell the others but rather they quietly tried to change the end result that is already done before the “experiment” even began 

… those who claimed to have Absolute Knowledge are being revealed to have had lots of knowledge, but not Absolute … their world of control and harvesting and [their] benefiting at the expense of a few are over and that scares them … I send love and peace to them during this moment of Absolute.

Jay: You also said you had meetings with the Rothschilds. Wow that’s a big fish! Knowing they control the planet some 500 trillion big [?], are they backing you with this OPPT?

There are times you answer peoples questions with the sayings of Busy BEing. Why don’t you Busy BEing and answer our questions in full so we know you not with the cabal? Because like I said people can lie and even believe their own lies.

Heather:  I am eternal essence embodied … same as you and all the others … I DO NOT play a role, “cabal” or other.  This is about energy and consciously DO’ing with energy … Caleb and I went to the Rothschilds (London City and Zurich) in 2011 to meet with Anthony Alt and the others in those houses … it made those houses and every one else playing [the] roles of “cabal”, “divines”, “galactics”, “families” all very nervous because we consciously altered energetic patterns within their own houses and then their systems … the events of DO’ing during those moments were fun, exciting, and IMPOWER’ing … and they were definitely not what any one expected … not even Caleb and I.  

Every moment since, was conscious and focused DO’ing to bring Absolute Truth of what IS … visible for all to know and experience … transparently and absent condition, judgment, and in love and peace.

Heather: With absolute love, peace and gratitude to you, Jay. H  

25 thoughts on “OPPT: Heather Tucci-Jarraf Answers Jay’s Questions

  1. I don't buy all the New age gibberish. I don't buy the explanation of the logo used by OPPT. The could have come up with a million different logos to represent good ect. but instead we look at a logo steeped in cabal symbolism!All gibberish aside, just show some results! So those that follow you that the cabal are finished. Show them that them positive results of your OPPT movement taking over and decapitating the cabal, its entities, its orgs…anything! …but after all this time, NOTHING but New age people chatting over a bad internet radio broadcast….and before that troll Duck Shit comes in and spams this thread to death, Keenan is a huckster of the highest order that can't be trusted either!

  2. I highly suggest you re-read this exchange with Heather again, read it slowly, and read it without judgment or analyzing it piece-by-piece. Heather clearly explains and answers many of the questions people keep saying she refuses to address. The problem is people don't like her answers so they attack her. If you don't like what the OPPT stands for or it doesn't resonate with you, why spend so much time creating negative energy by opposing it? Why not focus your attention and energy toward another outlet and try to create something positive? The OPPT, trustees, and supporters do not need to "show" or prove anything. The framework has been created for YOU to do and live as you choose. No one is stopping you from living life and if you still feel like you are trapped as a slave to the cabal, find another avenue with which you believe you can find freedom. Cynicism and negativity toward the OPPT isn't going to help you live a happier life. And as for not "buy(ing) all the New Age gibberish", no one is forcing you to believe anything. Agreeing with the ideologies or belief systems of the OPPT members isn't a prerequisite to you living free or as you choose. It's simply what they and many others believe. I don't agree with everything they talk about in the radio shows yet I still recognize the gift that they have given me and everyone else: The space to BE and DO as you choose. As long as you are no threat to any person or their property (Common Law), life your happiness.

  3. Haha this is too funny. I think she's already married with children. Is that picture even of her? Anyway all of us single, lonely nerds will have all the women we want when suppressed technology gets released. Imagine virtual reality that is indistinguishable from reality and robogirls that look and act 100% human.

  4. Quack! Quack! Quack! How dare you insult me and Keenan! Yes, OPPT is cabal but so are you!Me and my guys are going to mass arrest cabal scum like you!Once we are done with all of you lowlifes, we will force the media to plaster your ugly mug for the whole world to see. Hehehe!-Ducksoup

  5. Allow me to clear this up for you duped OPPT'ers tricked by fiction language packaged together with new age sounding terms for a tactic to suck the ever loving life right out of your souls essence. And you don't understand it.DOing commercial contracting schemes in commerce with fiction corporations is Fiction. Sentient BEings cannot DO fiction things dealing with false, fake artificial ideas and objects that have no real substance for any real value for any real meaning for any true bonding for unity of consciousness, whatsoever. Human DOings cannot answer to something IT cannot relate to, in order to respond correctly and properly to a Sovereign Creator. You cannot BE a Human Being and a Human Doing at the same time, it is impossible.The OPPT filings do not end the Admiralty Maritime fiction UCC law of the Sea. Involving yourself with fiction concepts by filing fiction documents trying to talk to a ghost corporation, who cannot answer a rebuttal with a mouth it does not have, does not destroy fiction. The Truth destroys fiction. The same way a Vampire cannot Stand to BE in Sunlight!Fiction can only mate with fiction. Dogs can only mate with dogs, cats with cats, birds with birds, humans can only have intercourse with real living human BEings. If you think there is a government then your thinking is in vain. Filing UCC documents does not give anyone their sovereignty and does not help anyone in the instant matter in a court case, unless they actually know how to apply and use the system BEhaving as the Creditor and Beneficiary of a trust in order to gain any benefit..Otherwise, if you do not know who the secured party IS, the system will still continue to monetize your corporate fiction name listed on your birth certificate and you don't get paid and the system will leave you in the dust administering the punishment you have DOne to yourself. Making you once again, complicit in the crimes against humanity DOing fiction things participating in commercial contracting schemes with fiction ghost corporations who do not exist. But, you continue to DO IT. Whatever IT IS, is fiction and not real to your true inherent nature as a human BEing.A fiction system cannot rebut anything, because it does not have a mouth to speak to real living people. So the OPPT idea is only living in the mind of Heather, who does not understand how to help anyone with the jurisdiction issue in order to empower the people to be responsible to solve their own problems in harmony themselves with a fiction corporation, who cannot actually speak words out of a mouth it does not have. But the people keep answering thinking a fiction corporation is really talking to them personally, when it really isn't. The corporation is speaking to the name listed on your birth certificate, but everyone keeps answering as if that ghost corporation was talking to them personally, while your Being is made to take everything very personal, a fiction commercial contract for the purpose of only DOING business. You are not Being anything human whatsoever, while Doing anything with fiction things. Period. Anyone cannot know what sovereignty is about, if all of their time is spent playing around with fiction things and objects for abstract values with artificial concepts and ideas, it is your entire life of Doing fiction things.. Everything you are Doing. It would require drastic measures with a change in the way you Do things, to Be Able to see the other side of Midnight in order to Be a human Being..This life is not conducive for that opportunity right now, unless you take drastic measures in the way you live in a matrix that operates completely out of harmony. And not otherwise.

  6. #Heather: I am eternal essence embodied … same as you and all the others … I DO NOT play a role,# This is in contradiction to what she said in a previous interview when she said we were all playing a role.Anon 9.39 The stance of OPPT was according to their own documents 'you are either with us or against us' and if you are against them they will assume you are supporting the old paradigm and will face the consequences. Neither I nor anyone else need to recognize any 'gift' from them to be and do as I/we chose because we have ALWAYS had that gift.Thanks for your propaganda, but I and others have seen through the OPPT charade.

  7. In other words the mind-controller @9:39 would have us switch off our critical thinking and not analyse this interview. The very fact that some one is trying to tell us upfront how we should be reading this is a control mechanism. That speaks volumes in and of itself.The reason people attack OPPT is because it is a fraud set up by convicted con-men. Would their agenda stand up in court of Common Law 'harm no-one'? No it wouldn't because misleading people by withholding facts causes harm!This was allegedly a Skype interview so unless we were all present at the interview it is merely hearsay. It's been tweaked by AK's own admission so we can't tell what the original intent of the questions where because now we have another person's interference.It's not only the cabal that is looking desperate.

  8. For Anon9;39 You might want to read this and take it to your leader and get her to comment. The full article can be found at PaulShort.com 'The OPPT code has been cracked.' To those who fall under the umbrella of newage belief systems: You choose not to take part in organized religion because you assert your individual spiritual beliefs that an entity communicating through your soul is your guide, not an organized religion. Your light from within guides your living soul and individual path through life, not governance or leaders whose aim it is to steer you down their path. You walk your own path.Every document that OPPT has filed and/or published essentially attempts to define what our essence, aka our soul, is. By using the language in those documents and filing them with various levels of government, our souls become defined within legal jurisdiction. Once anything is defined within legal jurisdiction, whoever the authors of that jurisdiction (the authorities) are can then write into law rules and language to govern it. The courtesy notices further solidify those definitions by having individuals define their individual souls. Cont'd….

  9. @Anon 8:15, 8:20, 8:28You sound so gaaaaay… are you Dick Soup writing your own fan letters to appear is if someone actually cared about you? That's pathetic

  10. 'I will also add for the record, the OPPT Trustees have not accepted outside ANY sponsorship or donations from any group, their work has been accomplished solely through their own funds and efforts.' Quote from AK NOT from the trustees (or former trustees)It may be true that the OPPT former trustees haven't accepted any sponsorship or donations but as a third party is saying it (AK) that makes it HEARSAY.However, American Kabuki, Lisa M Harrison, Kauilapele, Removing-the-Shackles ALL have donate buttons and ALL are still promoting OPPT and its works. There are other minor players who also have websites and the ubiquitous donate buttons. Therefore people ARE making money from a fraud. 😡

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