NESARA Rumors – April 15, 2013


Informed by Intel Sources — from multiple sources that:

ANNOUNCEMENT PENDING AND RV FOR TIER 3 PLANNED FOR MONDAY APRIL 15. PUBLIC CAN EXCHANGE IN BANKS/CURRENCY DEALERS THROUGHOUT THE COUNTRY. Christine Lagarde awaiting IRS closure on Monday evening before release. Tuesday appears to be day 1 of exchange.


GLOBAL SETTLEMENTS & DISTRIBUTIONS — green button has been pushed. Sign offs completed in Hong Kong and Singapore.

GERMAINE Trust GRANTS rumored to be mailed out after Global Settlements approval is received.

OPC “BUG ME” distributions of 10K going out within several days of the RV.

OPC “DIRE STRAITS” follows the “Bug Me” distributions.

American Indian Reparations rumored to being distributed.

72 thoughts on “NESARA Rumors – April 15, 2013

  1. —->DuckSoupPropaganda comes from both sides of anybattle. And being on the receiving end of it all can bury almost anyone.Do the generals invite the potato peelers into their planning sessions?Many of these intel guys are brilliant forwringing ANY truth out of the mess.Some people are just eternally negativejerks — maybe always will be. Others are just damn tired of the crazy good/evil war.We have BRIEFINGS coming up soon. Andit's gonna be WILD.Earth, coming out of quarantine, has a REALLY different future waiting than it previously thought it had. – DuckSoup

  2. ———->DuckSoupYou are being a negative jerk. You refuseto list any of the truth or good news which has emerged along with the bad stuff.You'll bury yourself doing that.Drake REPLACED his earlier intel sourcesand made that known loudly.He FULLY explained the WILD nature ofactions that were ready to happen, suddenlySCRAPPED for some valid emergency whichthen significantly changed things.HEY, if your enemy suddenly changes direction,do you just stupidly blunder on in the samedirection you were previously going? NO.Further, do you have any idea what it REALLYtakes — WHAT is going on — to free a PLANET?PLENTY of great stuff is happening, much of itNEED TO KNOW only, and this out of dire necessity, to ENSURE we DO in fact go free. – DuckSoup

  3. ——-> Y'allDuckSoupLotsa NOISE.I figure NesaraNews will do, in a lazy weekend,more hard research than y'all will do in thislifetime.THEN, attempt to wring some accurate outlineregarding what is really going on and why.Everybody here wants to get free of the Cabaldegenerates.Start your own reporting blog maybe. – DuckSoup

  4. ———-> 7:40DuckSoupYep.Dig out of a DEEP hole and you getbeyond dirty, you get messed up.Dig out of 26,000 years of **evil** controland you feel a bit insane along the way.Really, most here are at least *trying.*We're going to make it — There is NOdoubt about that. Just WILD is all.DuckSoup

  5. Well, I wish the good guys luck in quickly mass arresting the rest of the cabal before they can create a huge false flag that triggers ww3. They just did a Boston bomb false flag. You are correct in that we are sick and tired of all the delays of crazy evil cabal wars. We are also tired of hearing "soon" for years with no proof/disclosure/briefing. Are those expecting a golden age or utopia or ascension realistic?

  6. Some people think Keenan is cabal. I admit I don't know who's good and who's bad, but I just want the light to win and hope the lightworkers aren't too confused by all the disinfo that they know who's cabal to arrest.

  7. A great idea that's been floating around is for the lightworkers to arrest the disinfo agents in the media and start briefing the public. It does not have to be anything "far fetched" just start with stuff like chemtrails, gmos, toxic vaccines, the crimes of the banksters. Once enough sheeple wake up, then start disclosing UFOs and even ascension if that can be proven. I have read rumors of a 10 day briefing that will appear on every channel.

  8. Why can't we get any briefings or disclosure, not even a hint? Something like "great things are happening, we will let you know very soon. Exciting times are just ahead" this will be a great sign, even the sheeple will perk up and go "hmmm, a change from all the doom and gloom"

  9. Well, Duck Soup, for whatever reason, I'm impressed that you admit you " . . . was a bit of an idiot previously, " a frank admission that you were wrong in your approach, if I may extrapolate that far. You did arrive here fairly recently under that name, and you were fairly militant by my observation. Kudos to your admission, and thank you for saying so. Your very early reference to this ' silly little galaxy ' and your ' attack ' mode nearly made me leave here for good. I comment here a lot, and previous experience elsewhere tells me it's time to leave when that starts. For now, I can stay here, whatever good that will do anyone. Thanks. frj

  10. When will the secret stuff ever end ? It's much harder to be positive when virtually all relevant information is busy playing cloak and dagger with our minds. I expect a good outcome, but I am up to my neck tired of all the secrecy. It's like being James Bond without all the nifty gadgets or the Aston Martin. frj

  11. ——–>DuckSoupThe higher up we are, the more in the loopwe are.Personally, I'm down here with freakingcheeseburgers and doorknobs like most of us.A CRITICAL target: Ensure the scumbagsare *totally* de-funded, and **never** againbecome re-funded from ANY source. DONEforever.Requires *200* countries becomealigned at least to a workable degree.Certain data released can get peopleinstantly killed, and get plans derailed."Need to know."Briefings COMING.IRS DEAD, FED DEAD, ETC DEAD.I've bought some Dinar/Dong, andhanging in there. – DuckSoup

  12. Anon 1:23 – where've you been? Folk are always saying great things are happening very soon and that's what pisses people off because they don't see in-your-face earth-shattering stuff happening. Time to join up a few dots my friend. BRICS, China' gas pipeline which goes through Pakistan – both BIG threats to USA and the oily barons – they are spooked big time. See what's happening under your nose! For everything we see on the surface there's a whole heap of other stuff going on behind the scenes. Most of it good 😉

  13. Drake said, "Do the generals invite the potato peelers into their planning sessions?"It would appear that for the past couple of years the the Generals did just that. They used and duped the potato peelers into spreading disinfo BS that never amounted to anything but bad feelings.

  14. Get bent, frj. This loser Duck has been nothing but an infantile troll who offers nothing factually important other than regurgitating what others say. You make yourself look really stupid.

  15. and you anon 11:31 are an unforgiving troll more annoying than anything Duck Soup ever did because nothing in your post is constructive. Duck Soup listened to advice and reeled it in. Are you gonna do the same and quit your personal attacks?

  16. The point is, 11:31 AM, Duck Soup made a PUBLIC ADMISSION that he was wrong, an event rarer than an honest politician. I did not say he was next in line for sainthood. As to the ' facts,' what are they really ? I'm happy you can sort out the ' facts ' so completely, as per your sweeping generalization " . . . who offers nothing factually important . . .", in effect condemning EVERYTHING he said. By the way, I am ' really stupid ' or I wouldn't be here answering you. And I'm ugly, too. Duck Soup came on strong, admitted, relented. What will it cost you to give him a break ? Not a damn thing. Give it a rest, or maybe CONSTRUCTIVELY bring some " facts ' in here. Spasibo. frj

  17. Anon 1:00, I shouldn't be responding to a dimwit like you, but you obviously are one. More annoying than anything DuckSoup ever did? You mean like the troll saying "Fuck You" to anyone who came down on him. Something like that, you fool? Take your sissy liberal dress off and put some man-pants on, instead of coddling these infantile, worthless trolls. Do you live in a fog 24/7?

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