Ascension With Earth Website Is Currently Being Attacked By Spam Bots

Hello World!

Over the past few weeks, this website has been hit hard by ‘spam bots’.  The last few days has been the worse this site has ever seen.

Hundreds of spam comments are entered every time a new article is published.  The spam you see published is actually only a small percentage of the overall amount.  My spam box is listed at over 3000 spam comments just in the past month alone.

It is getting ridiculous. So for now I will add a security feature to prevent robotic spam bots from submitting comments.

Sorry for the inconvenience. I am looking at switching over to a new commenting/blog platform which will allow anonymous posting and spam prevention without the need for the having a security deterrent.

Thank you for your understanding and I do realize that the security deterrent is really annoying.

Hopefully by next week or two I will have everything set up to make it easy for you to share your thoughts and opinions.

My Best,

~ enerchi

34 thoughts on “Ascension With Earth Website Is Currently Being Attacked By Spam Bots

  1. There are reasons why your site is being attacked, enerchi. You provide important information AND the scum are desperate. Keep up the good work.The extra step isn't that big of a deal. Just don't censor half the comments like MacHaffie does.

  2. They also have a sense of humor. They are using toilet humor to spam. At first it was funny to me but it is now out of control. It got to the point that I was spending more time reading and deleting spam comments instead of focusing on the different news stories coming out.BTW….This site will not be moderated.Your comment should always be posted immediately following your submission. If not let me know and I will check the comment log. Thanks

  3. That's their goal, enerchi. They want to provide major time-consuming distractions for you, while at the same time trying to take the energy and spirit out of the awakened masses (other trolls excluded) in the comment section. The best blogs will always have commenters who provide additional links and other helpful information to go along with topics. These criminals are OBVIOUSLY desperate.

  4. Those spammers can go to the same hell all the penis enlargement ad folks are going to! It is comical, but yes, there's a point where you need to put a stop to it. Keep up the good work e!

  5. Speaking of Captain McCensor (MacHaffie), here is his latest notice (as of 4/11/13):Dinar Rate still climbing —- above 8.Wells Fargo taking care of politicians first, Tier 2, cashing in there vouchers in Reno yesterday. Numerous Executive private jets on the tarmac in Reno. ALL FARM CLAIMS HAVE BEEN CASHED IN YESTERDAY.IRS TERMINATED 4/15/13. All communications to be returned after 4/14/13.CORP GOVT TERMINATED 4/15/13.Tier 1 & 2 Done Yesterday – Today Tier 3 PublicTier 3 exchanges start evening of 11th in RenoTHE BALL IS NOW IN WELLS FARGO COURT!

  6. I posted comments twice at MacHaffie and both were censored. Neither comment was rude. Censorship does not work, it just drives people away. Only spam, personal information and death threats can be censored. Trolls and shills are free to post, they need to be allowed to expose themselves for who they are so others can wake up. It's actually ironic that those trolls/shills are serving a useful purpose, lol.

  7. MacHaffie confuses the crap out of me. He'll post the information above, yet continue to post negative articles as if the cabal is still fully in charge. Which is it, John? What do you believe?

  8. Enerchi, you have the best site and by far the best attitude/approach to a web site and the information you post. I am sad to see this kind of crap happening to you, but I know you will " Endeavor to Persevere." Your calm approach often makes me wonder if you are from ' this neck of the woods.' frj

  9. Anon 2:16 PM. I found it interesting that you stated; "IRS TERMINATED 4/15/13. All communications to be returned after 4/14/13". Today is only Thurs 4/11/13. As of this moment, I'm not going to read to much into it, nor would I expect anyone else to either but, as I passed a usually very busy IRS office earlier today, I noticed their parking lot was completely empty and the building was closed. As this office is normally very busy year round, I thought this to be rather odd. I'll have to continue to pay attention and even to pay attention to the State Tax office as well. Won't bank to much on it but, it would be nice if your correct. ka

  10. Where do you live, anon 5:01?I'd also like to add that someone on RMN posted the following (referring to MacHaffie's notice):"we have been in the farm claims for 20 years this month and did not recieve any notice or packet yet so the info above has to false."

  11. hi enerchi, god bless you and your family, me my family are with you. sending good VIB your way. p.s. take 2 steps back and clear your head,we are all with you, much much love. (enerchi YOU make a difference)


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