Cobra Update April 8, 2013

Short Situation Update

Clearing of the etheric Archon grid is progressing slowly, but effectively. This clearing must be completed before the Event can happen.

Due to certain security related issues in the beginning of 2013 the clearance to publish detailed intel from the Resistance was withdrawn in January. Probably some of you have noticed that not much substantial intel was published in my blog since then. This situation is now finally being resolved and I will be again able to slowly publish more, especially after the activation of the portal on May 25th.

Galactic energies preparing us for the activation of the portal on May 25th are beginning to accelerate. Venus-Mars conjunction this weekend was the initial trigger point of that process, bringing some much needed balance in relationships between male and female polarity. Partial lunar eclipse on April 25th will bring much of the remaining anomaly of the implant hemispheres into the awareness of the surface based Lightworkers so that it can be processed and transmuted through conscious awareness. Annular solar eclipse on May 10th will bring a strong pulse of Light from the Galactic Central Sun towards the surface of this planet and make the final push for the opening of the portal. And finally, a penumbral lunar eclipse on May 25th will open the portal itself.

There will be no drastic changes in the global financial system before the portal opens. I am not yet allowed to speak about what will happen after.

But one thing is certain. After the portal opens, I will be allowed to release a great part of the Ascension Plan to the surface population, after so many months of delays.

45 thoughts on “Cobra Update April 8, 2013

  1. "Probably some of you have noticed that not much substantial intel was published in my blog"I noticed that over a year ago when you were still claiming that you were not Ishtar Antares but asking for money.

  2. Hahaha, it was enough to read the first line to burst out into the biggest laughter….good luck dear ishtar, I think most of us already see through your BS. Thank you for the laugh ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Horse SHIT.. its been all crap.. just plan BS.. Beware of false profits. this is really screwing peoples heads up. I am sure that there is something in store for cobra for this miss direction. go forward people the truth dwells inside all of you.

  4. I got nothing against cobra except his info. It is the usual propaganda with no teeth…just a bunch of promises about such and such date and this and that grid. I got one for ya cobra. I predict in a week a grid is going to open up, but i cant tell you anything about it because its a secret and if I tell you before it happens my handlers will be fussy. Because they dont want you to know truth because if you knew who they were and what the REAL agenda was you would not listen to me anymore and you would tell me to shove off. But once "the grid" opens you will have lots of money and you will ascend (with our help of course) because you are a lowly dumb shit who cant be told anything or do anything without our help…so here, smoke some of this hope-ium and dont do anything yourself so we can keep sucking your life-juice forevermore.shove off cobra

  5. You will see in time. When things start to happen it will be a snowball effect. There is MUCH dis-info out there but Cobra is not one of those dis-info sources.

  6. One thing I can agree is when he speaks of delays. Dates come and go and now he's saying not to expect anything before end of May. My own prediction was the event won't happen before end of 2013. For all of you who say this is all BS and nothing(good) will ever happen, hope you are wrong or it's game over for humanity as the elites must be stopped before they wipe us out. I believe in life after death and if the light wins, heaven comes to us and if the light loses, we "die" and go to heaven.

  7. No, I think Slaade is his son , though.Raise your hand if you're susceptible to being led around by your nose, 'cuz that's what's going on here with Cobra.

  8. Right on 7:09 AM, you went straight to the heart of the matter. The focus is not whether " substantial intel " was blogged lately by Cobra, it's whether ANY useful intel has EVER been blogged by Cobra. His circus act is predictably similar to the other touchy – feely channelers and soothsayers, including begging and whining for money. Look on the bright side, Salusa went bye bye ( Hooray ! ) and DRATZO will continue yammering his inanities, providing endless opportunities to make fun of his used car salesman picture and his silly ' Galactic ' date system. frj

  9. who is ishtar? what portal is he talking about? i am so interested in this post i cant wait for the date that he posted! the portals will open and jesus will comb out of his tomb and spit fire balls from his hands at the unbelievers. he will then proceed to tell everyone that aliens are not real and that there is nothing to worry about because he will dive down to the bottom of the ocean and then wait 2000 years to come back up into america and take all of his sheep up to heaven to chill with god and ishtar and obamas wife. who is real foxy by the way ; ) im pretty sure that shes got a thing for jesus but jesus is really into god but god doesnt swing that way hes more into obamas foxy wife. oh look at me im just rambling im sorry i love cobra and ishtard and jesus and pope these are my homies!!!! i love my homies!

  10. Funny that date system Crapzo uses considering we are told ad nauseam that time is not measured by the space cadets its only us that measure it. Nothing has ever nor will ever be blogged that is useful by the likes of Cobnuts, Drake, Lady Dragon (what happened to her? lol) Wilcock, Fulfraud, P(r)oof-less, Salooser, Hatonnnnnn, KryonKyron, Recycling The DO BE Bullshit, Kauliloopily, American KaBEbullDOO , Gaia Portaloo or (fill in the blanks——————————————–)All of them should carry a disclaimer NOT FOR THE GULLIBLE and for Entertainment purposes only!!!!!!

  11. I asked yesterday to cobra site clarification and today there Was this post. For this I say "Thank you"I ask you just respect for otherelse . Im not parents of nobody. Look to what i wrote yesterday before to write stupid thinghs.

  12. I asked yesterday to cobra site clarification and today there Was this post. For this I say "Thank you"I ask you just respect for otherelse . Im not parents of nobody. Look to what i wrote yesterday before to write stupid thinghs

  13. Or better yesteray i wrote asking clarification on cobra's blog .. As probably many otherelse .. They deleted my post and then pubblished this kind of answer.. Anyway put your name and surname if you are proud about what you want say.

  14. If you have connections with Cobra, ask him why he hasn't mentioned OPPT yet. Heather and D of RTS love BEing and DOing. Also ask Cobra if he agrees with them that the elite may try to launch a fake nesara.

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