Conversation Between D and Heather: New Financial System, Galactic Federation of Light, Ascended Masters

“D are we waiting for this to happen so that we can make an intelligent decision based on the content of the so called announcements as to whether it is Absolute  Data or not? Or are we waiting for them to make a move toward the announcements and plan B(what ever that is) takes affect? Is the best scenario that the announcements would be made first and then the changing of our financial system? Is it still a positive thing to have the Chinese involved?”

Love, the PTW will make their decision- they are down to only two decisions left:

1) push through their “new financial system” and hope that not too many people will notice that it’s a hollow shell with nothing behind it. (and they are terrified of this because they KNOW that we KNOW that it’s all a fraud and they have nothing behind it to support it.)

2) embrace their Eternal Essences and move forward.

regardless of whether they pick 1 or 2, the “Event” will take place and we will all KNOW absolute data.  The PTW know this as well.

let me be very very clear so that there can be no mistaking my meaning:

Their “New Financial System” is a crock of shit and is just another form of slavery- there is no assets left to back their system and it (if they move forward with it) WILL fail- because it is not absolutely Equal, Absolutely transparent, and absolutely free of all hierarchy. Any announcements they make- before, during or after- will NOT be fully transparent because they cannot allow the people to know the truth: that WE the PEOPLE, the BEings, ARE the VALUE!!!!!

Is it a positive thing that the Chinese are involved?  No.  they are just another faction of the Cabal, more “Powers that Were” who are playing a game for their own power and hierarchy.

“So, D, in short, if they announce a reset they know WE will kick their asses into outer space and beyond before their feet touch the ground?”

[2:33:37 PM] D breakingthesilence: pretty much

[2:36:32 PM] D breakingthesilence: Heather got a phone call this weekend from ….. someone she knows that speaks for the PTW, and they asked again for her to go along with them. and she said certainly…… if everything is completely transparent, absolute data given and absolute equality to all beings.

The biggest giggle is that they – the PTW- don’t even know WHO is controlling them and calling the shots, lol!! 😀

Regardless of whether they pick what’s behind door number 1 or door number two…… it still leads to the same thing: Absolute data, absolute knowing, absolute freedom and equality

the cabals off world handlers have been removed or have joined the light forces, cabals are running around like a chicken without a head.  No more leadership.
they are confused

Actually that’s not correct.  the PTW’s non-local bosses are still very much around and still very much calling all the shots.  the Cabal are running around like chickens with their heads cut off because they have NO Freakin’ idea what’s going on and they don’t understand why their orders are getting changed every time they turn around:

“make the new system live”,  “NO! don’t make it live yet!”  “Ok, turn it on”  “No no, not yet”…..

: D that is like driving full throttle with the handbrake engaged.


The Wizards behind the curtain, are the wannabe “Divines”- they are non-locals of a “higher dimension” (I hate that term, but you get the point).  They are pretending to be other beings- like St Germaine and Arch Angel Michael- but they are NOT.

@ D: Are these the non-physical “Archons”?

Personally I dont’ believe in the “Archons” as they are portrayed by most people

D what about Sheldan and the GFL?
do all of these other “non-local” sources know that these wizards behind the curtain are here?

The Galactic Federation that you hear about in the various channellings are working with the US/Chinese military and the so called “Divines” – the truth is that they- the Galactics- have been hoodwinked by these guys just like we have.  This is one of the things that Heather has spoken about a couple of times in the past week- the galactics have been convinced that these “divines” are real as well.  and convinced that they do not have the capabilities that we have, ie: manifesting.  yet we are all equal. we are all Eternal Essence.  What we can do, they can also do.

The Galactics have been following everything that is happening down here very closely and they are figuring out just how manipulated they have been.  Listen to Heather speak on various shows and recordings- you can tell when she’s talking directly to them, the listeners that are non-local 😉

and if a being is pretending to be St. Germaine and Archangel Michael, would’nt those True Beings put a stop to it?   St. Germaine and Archangel Michael I mean?

THAT…… is one of their biggest worries.  The guardians are waking up 😉

@ D: So is part of the delay caused by these beings impersonating St. Germain and others then?

the so called “St germaine” and “AA Michael” are the wizards calling the shots- and they’re freaking out because they know that we KNOW that their system of hierarchy is now over and there is nothing they can do about it because everyone  of their plans has failed so far.

And if that’s the case, are St. Germain and Arch. Michael part of the Heavenly “signal/announcement” that Sheldan Nidle talks about?

that’s what the GLF thought…… but they’re starting to realize that their “heavenly ” friends are not so “heavenly” after all 😀

 hmmm interesting D- i thought Germaine was here to help….

help…. you mean like setting up a new financial system that still leaves the hierarchy in place and is share unequally, and that will cause all the money to end up right back in the hands of the cabal and their banker lackeys just like it is now? 😉

Well Heather said in a show (don’t rememeber which) that there was an S:t Germaine but that some other folks had started a trust in his name without his consent trying to steal money..

Yes, the real St Germain is not letting them have the money in the trust….. hence the reason that the wannabe and his cabal brokers are absolutely screwed- they thought they could get their hands on the St. Germaine trust fund….. but they can’t.  because it’s not “here” any more.

And if Sir “St.Germaine” or even my name-bro *AA*Michael were to materialize and appear in my 3D-reality-Motel-room right *Here* and *NOW* – – – – how would I know the “real” one from the great pretender?! 

(chuckle) the real ones wouldn’t ask to be called “lord” 😉

that’s a good one D… my thinking also.. cause how can one be lord if we all are equal eternal essence?


The thing is this, so many lightworkers have put all their faith and hopes and dreams on these so called “higher” BEings, these “divine” wannabees coming to save them, that they will call them ‘Lord” and bow to them….. not realizing that these BEings – who are trying to keep themselves on a pedestal in their self proclaimed hierarchy- are EQUAL to us!!!!  They are no better, no higher, no more , or less, wonderful than we are!!

33 thoughts on “Conversation Between D and Heather: New Financial System, Galactic Federation of Light, Ascended Masters

  1. Just to be fair, I posted a comment on the April 1st post titled ''Dr. Phil, Glenn Beck, Joe Rogan, Astronauts To Attend Project Camelot Conference''And I got some feed back some polite some note particularly the post by Brandon Cook was quite revealing to how he feels about a certain group of people with his marginalyzing response to what I said. I didn't have time to respond yesterday so I just thought I clear things up. Note: I am not spamming I just thought a fresh post would give more room for for new comments to post there 2 cents on my repsonse.Brandon Cook: Ariel that is the dumbest shit I have ever hear lmao! DISCLOSURE ISNT HAPPENING CUZ DA WHITE MENS STOLE IT CLEATUS! Trust me the ET's are not sitting up in their crafts saying "Fuck dat shit dawg I aint disclosin shit til we got some real brothers up in dis shit!"Here was my response to that.Ariel Toliver: To Brandon Cook: Wait a second last time I checked, they were Asians, Mexicans, Indians, Latinos etc, who are also importand in the unfoldment of this UFO dibacle. And given your stereotypical mocking reaction to what I said involving black media driven stereotypes about African Americans says more about you than it does about me since that the first thing you reached for in terms of marginalizing me as some street thug that accidentally found this site by stealing a laptop I pretended to trip over from a lightworker who was actually logged in as a ardent member of this site. You say it's the dumbest shit you ever heard, but everytime I look around when pertaining to documentaries, interviews, expose's etc, there is not multi cultural conveyance of this UFO situation. I said nothing about where the brothas or sistas at in this UFO unfoldment; you did! so who is really prejudice? I give two shits about how you feel about what I said, because Caucasians are not the only one experiencing these UFO's. Ever since you guys have been abducted the so called victims have been all Caucasian, everytime someone came out to disclose info about aliens they have been all Caucasian. Everytime there is a documentary about UFO's the participants have been all say it with me, Caucasian. What I'm am saying is pertaining to the elephant in the room people pretend is not there because they can't figure out a way to get it out! Too bad because I am pulling the trunk not to bring outside but to bring it right to the masterbedroom. I'm tired of people ignoring the obvious, because it's convenient to make this look like aliens are interested in a certain group of people.But you know what really surprised me Brandon, how did you know I was black? I don't remember disclosing that. That goes to show you how bigoted or racist you maybe sense you said what you said so easily as if you wanted me to be that person you paint me to be to suit your perception on African Americans as a whole. I don't now what race you are or anybodyelse that comments on this site, so how can I stereotype anyone like you did me to suit my agenda about people?Continued…

  2. And I did address one more person who was anonymous in his inquiry who said…Anonymous 11:41:the race factor is interesting indeed.. but caucasians are pivotal too. think if there were no caucasians how much credibility the truth movement would hold. Here is my response to that.Anonymous 11:41PM, mentioned something that I didn't have time to get to because my session ran out at the library which is why I couldn't get into what I said a little bit deeper but he does have a point, but in the same vain them giving validity to this issue has run it's course and it's time to get other races in on the party because as long as it's just whites dominating this field the longer it is going to take. Luckily the UFO hearing April 29th can hopefully fix this since it will be a five day international discussion. But brandon just showed everyone how small minded he really is just based on his reaction to what I and how he said what he said.But get this, I don't know if any of you are familiar with Wes Annac, but he is a Caucasian male who channles info from the Pliedians and when I read one of his channels it struck me a little bit about what the Pleidians said because they usually leave to the channelers imagination about certain sensitive topics, but not this time!Pliedians: Pleidian excerpt channled by Wes Annac: Quote: (Much will be asked about and wondered about in relation to who we, the Pleiadians are as a race and this is why we have sent multitudes of our own down to your world to begin the explanations of who we are as a race and how we relate to Earth, for we are one race that is closer to you and your world than you could ever imagine. Of course you have heard before that many of us up here are the ascended forms of many of you down there, and this admission is an understatement in relation to the truth for we the Pleiadians are the ascended form of you, Earth humanity [ascended from a different timeline structure].We are the fifth dimensional ascended collective consciousness that is Earth humanity, and we know that this admission may boggle your minds a bit and require much explanation and we will give what we can in relation to this.Of course, the majority of souls who are on your world at this point are themselves incarnate starseeds from various places throughout your world, and when we say that we are the ascended forms of humanity we mean of the original native population of humanity.) End quote. Now I ask you reader who or the original Native population of humanity?Because if you have trouble answering that here's what a scientist named Novosti Derivianco director of Siberian department's Institute of Archaeology and Ethnography and the head of an expedition who said the scientific world has come to the realization that all humanity has the same roots of one common place of origin, which is Africa. All archeological, anthropological and paleogenetical data clearly point to this fact, he is convinced.Ariel: Now do you see how important it really is to get the truth out? I am all for it regardless of the outcome I just know that this truth movement is more vast then what seems to be isolated interest of a particular group of people suspicion about why the so called aliens are here.Oh and one more thing, I do have a favorite Project Camelot interview where Kerry spoke to Dr. Norman Bergrun when he described what the aliens looked liked, lets just say I wasn't surprised but you will be, especially you Brandon Cook. ( Let me ask you this people are you still ready for the truth to come out? I doubt after you watch the video.

  3. "Note: I am not spamming I just…."YES, you ARE spamming a pile of OFF TOPIC crapno one want to hear.You're filling THIS post with a bunch of garbageabout ANOTHER post.SO, in addition to lying, your judgement sucks.

  4. To Anonymous 5:28PM and 5:47PM: You can't unread what I wrote, so whatever cord I struck was definitely intentional. So please spare everyone the anonymous screen names and actually live up to it by not posting at all, sense this is as far as your mental jargin goes. What are you twelve? I typed all of that and all you saw was spam? How do you guys even finds sites like these to post your two cents from a dollar worth of a brain that's counterfeit anyway? So I don't expect you to expect much in return when you try to cash in non-cents (nonsense).

  5. Jeff Berwick: In his press release detailing Bitcoin ATM, Berwick explains, "I am convinced bitcoin will be the currency of the future… and all the attacks on it by governments and central banks shows they know it." Berwick says his ATMs will offer regular transactions: Deposits of fiat currencies in exchange to bitcoin, and withdrawals of fiat currency in exchange from bitcoin. Ariel Toliver: Now why would he say his ATM's pertaining to fiat currency which isthe FRN's (Federal Reserve Notes) we use now, will except deposits of fiat currency in exchange for Bitcoins? Because the Central Banks are no longer in operation and just like the report says. The Federal Reserve is gone for good. Heather and D from Removing The Shackles have no clue what they are talkin about when it comes to this new finacial system. Because D is still recovering from the January 21st blunder of us not having a interim president. Now she against the new finacial system because it didn't go the way she thought her advisors told her it would go. Jeff knows exactly whats going on, I no longer take D or Heather seriously anymore though I do agree about the UCC and how it works but how Heather is portraying how things are to unfold because we are no longer under the US Coporation is not true.The UCC is not new to me at all because I know of people who have been doing that since the late 90's for personal use; Heather just used it on a bigger scale and succeeded. But that doesn't mean the over plan has changed because the Corporation is no longer valid in the eyes of the informed public. The RV is Bitcoin and that what we are going to be using very very soon. Especially those of us who signed up for the PP's (Prosperity Packages)

  6. Heather and D have no control over what is transpiring right now, what they fail to realized is that the new financial system is birthing itself right now In Cyprus ans will soon spread to the rest of the world once bitcoin goes up in it's desired value to begin international trading independent of central bank oversight. D is just to all over the place with me, she is not confident about anything anymore now that her bread and butter has been taken from underneath her pertaining to her intel who have no clue on how the new financial will function. Thos of you who are curious about Bitcoin here are two videos explaining it ( this one is 30 mintues and is extremely informative on how bit coin works in more detail than the first video. ( is the tranparency Obama was talking about since this system can be viewed by an lame joe in the world to make sure no one is tampering with your funds especially sense it's peer-to-peer transactions.

  7. It remains to be seen if Bitcoins will be the new temporary currency before money becomes obsolete. All of us have been fed disinfo, including D and Heather. As for Obama, he's a proven cabal puppet and anyone who has done their research knows this.

  8. Obama is as bad as they come Ariel he dosent want transparency all he cares about is that he comes out of this presidency rich beyond belief after Obamacare I don't see how anybody can support him

  9. hey aerial you probably wasted every Sunday of 2012 doing cobras stupid meditation to didn't you ha ha ha love and light oh yeah can I get a dollar too ha ha ha

  10. OPPT – all upper case is a fiction.And now dissolved.So who's got the gold now?The dumb-ass GFL got it for safe keeping and will channel the encryption codes via Salusa?Sheilded Noodles put it in Dratzo's light chamber?Ben Fulford sitting on it in Poof the Magic Dragon society's family crypt?The ascended masters making frisbees out of it with their superior metal-bending minds?And lastly,Are Arch Angels and Saints germane?

  11. Just need to see the name Ariel Tolliver and ya know it will be self – aggrandizement ego-driven diatribe. I just scroll past it now and ignore. I see from other commenters that this latest batch is no different.

  12. Mr. 4:44: Credo Mutwa, a Zulu shaman, says he has had sex with an Annunaki female. I haven't heard or read about any whites stating they have had a similar experience. I don't see that as racist and I don't see any elephant in the room. Take a deep breath. It will get better.

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