RTS: NESARA & the "RV": The Grandest Contrast of All!

NESARA & the “RV”: The Grandest Contrast of All!

I’m posting this article below about the “Batman Call” because this guy gives probably one of the most succinct run downs of “How the New Financial System and major political changes”  are suppose to roll out.  We’re going to use this as a basis to look at the Grand Contrast that is about to play out in front of our eyes.

And oh what a grand contrast it is going to be!!!!

Take a moment and jump down and read the Batman article I’ve posted below…..

…. Done?  Good. Now let’s talk about the reality of the situation.

Anyone who has been following the NESARA news, RV news, New Financial System news, White knights/dragons/hats news, lightworker news, well, you are all well aware of the expectations of what is going to happen. Many of you have been reading and researching these topics for years and years- even decades.  Some of you are very new to all of this, but have packed in a whole lot of knowledge in a short amount of time.  Long timer or short timer doesn’t matter, what matters is what  you KNOW.

What you are about to see play out in front of you will be one of the grandest contrasts ever seen and you are all keenly capable of analyzing every aspect of this event(s) and SEEing every facet of the contrast with extreme clarity.

When “they” bring the new financial system online, make the “RV” live, and start “the announcements”, lets get together and ask the big questions:

 If there is a new financial system, one that works in complete fairness and equality, in complete transparency…..

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23 thoughts on “RTS: NESARA & the "RV": The Grandest Contrast of All!

  1. Patience can only last so long when we keep hearing "soon" for years. Also we know that if the light can't defeat the dark fast enough, the dark will eventually start WW3 and wipe out humanity.

  2. Anon 2:20Patience lasts forever if you really have it. Ask God. BTW God/Source is the LIGHT. You have doubts that the LIGHT can defeat the dark? Then you may need to 'Have a little talk with God'. I think He is waiting to hear from you, seriously.

  3. God does not exist and it is not a he. It is the infinite source or creator but to call it God is to put it on a pedestal and worship it above self. Our creator does not want us to worship it. It want us to remember that we are it and to worship ourselves and everything.

  4. face it guys if u're here you're a consciously limited being at this moment even if our souls are divine. still may be some time before shtf cuz i don't completely sense the dark is backed in a corner yet. when they are they will try to wipe out most of the population to start over. question is, how much control do they have of the higher technology, and how much has it been developed for 50 plus years that's what gets me…

  5. Well, we won't have to wait too much longer since the cabal seems to be desperate and acting fast. We see tons of proof of their crimes against humanity. If the light loses, it's only game over for earth, not the entire universe. Death is an illusion and we make our exit from earth and end up in heaven. If the light wins, heaven comes to earth.

  6. If you believe it's all BS and nothing happens, then the cabal will make things happen with WW3 and we will become victims of genocide and end up in heaven. People can say anything, only actual proof will show us what actually happened. I hope to see proof of the light's efforts and their victory.

  7. Alex Collier warned about these people posing as Saviour's when in fact they are the cabal just getting rid of the people that do not want to go along with their plans ….

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