Benjamin Fulford: After Pope falls, British Monarchy under severe attack, global turbulence increases

Posted by benjamin fulford

The resignations of Pope Malevolent and Queen Beatrix have now put the British Monarchy under severe attack with allegations of incest, human sacrifice and cuckoo bird like substitutions of genuine monarchs with non-genetically linked intruders. It is not clear yet if these allegations are true or are merely part of a psychological warfare campaign aimed at forcing the resignation of Queen Elizabeth along with Princes Charles and William.

The detailed allegations can be seen at the following two links:

An MI5 source says the articles above are disinformation related to ongoing attempts to seize massive wealth controlled by the UK royal family. What is clear is that heavy infighting is going on at the top.
There are many seemingly unrelated events, notably meteorite falls and disease outbreaks, that may in fact be signs of cabal infighting. During the last week meteorites (rocks that actually land) and meteors (ones that explode in the sky) were reported in Russia, Japan, Cuba and Florida (were Obama was staying for a top secret “golf game”). Perhaps unrelatedly, a SARS like disease and or bird flu were reported in the UK, Mexico and Germany last week. Not to mention a major dam burst in China.

In the midst of all this Russia has dispatched nuclear bombers to threaten US bases while North Korea, acting as a proxy for Japan,revealed to the world it had intercontinental nuclear missile capability. This was a message by the Japanese to the Chinese, Russians and Americans that it was not some stuffed turkey ready to be carved up.

With the Pope, Queen Beatrix, the Bushes and the Rockefellers out of the picture, the struggle now seems to be between backers of President Barak “Thunder of Satan” Obama, the British Monarchy, the gnostic illuminati and the Asian secret societies.

Obama was taken to Florida over the weekend for some secret mission and apparently happened to be there just in time for a meteor shower.

Is this a coincidence? Remember the Russian “meteorite” fall came after homosexually bonded Skull and Bones slave and opium secret society US Secretary of State John Kerry was repeatedly ignored by Russia’s foreign minister. It also came after two Russian nuclear bombers entered US airspace near the Guam military base in the Pacific. It could all be a coincidence but then again it could be big boys waving their toys at each other.

The Gnostic illuminati say that without the Pope behind him, Obama is “like a three legged stool that just lost a leg.” The Gnostic illuminati say they are descended from the survivors of Atlantis and Carthage and they believe the evil entity responsible for that destruction resides in Rome. In their view, the destruction of Rome would be justified by the historical actions of Rome against other great ancient cities and civilizations.

We can only hope that if the next pope is named Peter the Roman, that he will merely be the last Roman pope before the Roman Catholic Church merges with the Orthodox Christian and Protestant Churches and it ceases to be “Roman.” We must all pray that Rome and its priceless artistic, architectural and cultural heritage survive.

The photograph in the link above of the Pope making a masonic handshake with the Queen in front of a blonde boy in a kilt does raise a lot of questions.

It is true that most members of the British Commonwealth have been brought up with the Queen as a benevolent symbol with little real power. During my childhood she was presented as a symbol of all that was good and great about the British people and the British Empire (the bad stuff they did was not the Queen’s fault).

However, the Queen as a symbol may not be the same thing as the queen as a human being. A first cousin of the Queen has told me in the past about human sacrifices presided over by the Queen at Balmoral castle. This is what an MI5 source had to say about that: “Yes I have also been told the same by a credible source.” There is also plenty of evidence that Princess Diana was killed to protect the honour of the British royal family because she was pregnant with the child of her Muslim fiancée Dodi Fayed.

Then again there was the recent confirmed finding of the body of an Eastern European male (suspected of being linked to the heroin trade) at Sandhingham castle.

What the Queen needs to do, if she is to survive the ongoing onslaught, is to come clean about any skeletons in her closet and ask for the forgiveness of her people.

The MI5 source says that both the Queen and the Pope were symbolic figureheads of ancient bureaucratic organizations that were hostile towards them and chasing after the great wealth controlled by the British Monarchy and the Papacy. The CIA retorts that the Queen has been repeatedly caught trying to get her hands on assets that belong to the Global Collateral Accounts and not her.

Apart from Obama, the Queen and the Pope, there were other signs of high level action against the cabal last week.

In particular, there are signs of what may be an organized global boycott against cabal controlled corporations. Recently India has cancelled a $750 million Anglo-Italian helicopter deal over allegations of bribery. A French military aircraft sale to India is also on hold. Then there are the mysterious battery problems that have virtually stopped all Boeing aircraft sales since the beginning of this year. Then again there is the Russian ban on all Beef imports from the US. Are we seeing a pattern here?

There is also now whistle blowing taking place in France concerning the ongoing French theft of Tunisian, Libyan and Malian gold. Here is a French language article with the details:
The unrest in Europe, meanwhile, has spread East. Last week there were riots in Bulgaria following a recent drastic hike in energy prices, according to a source there. There will be more price hikes followed by more riots in Europe and the US.

In Asia, meanwhile, now that the Chinese New Lunar Year’s holidays are ending, the new regime of Xi Jinping will formally take over the reins of government. There will be lots of secret negotiations during the last part of February and, following that, the new government is expected to come out with an aggressive domestic and international agenda.

If the Chinese play their cards right and coordinate with the 180 nation BRICS group, they should be able to force an end to the cabal dominated post-war international system of governance. If they play their cards badly, for example by falling into the baited Senkaku/Diaoyu Islands trap, they could lose all their valuable soft power.

36 thoughts on “Benjamin Fulford: After Pope falls, British Monarchy under severe attack, global turbulence increases

  1. "If the Chinese play their cards right and coordinate with the 180 nation BRICS group, they should be able to force an end to the cabal dominated post-war international system of governance. If they play their cards badly, for example by falling into the baited Senkaku/Diaoyu Islands trap, they could lose all their valuable soft power."Seriously, Ben?? This is all you have to offer for intel after all this time. I thought the demise of the bad guys was a formality at this point.People, just pay attention to what's going on with OPPT and continue to spread the word on it. Fulford's commentary is either rehashed info or comic book material.

  2. really anon 12:49 you criticize Ben for giving up tangible things going on behind the scenes of a global operation and call it comic book. Then you go on to tell us to watch what is going on with the OPPT. Well, if anything is comic book that is. Give us something tangible there other than DO and BE.

  3. You sound like a certain percentage of those clowns who post on Fulford's blog. They fawn over everything he says. It's quite amusing. He's offering little that isn't discussed elsewhere. And, yes, his writing style at times comes off as something from a high school science fiction class. Your ignorance about OPPT is quite amusing, also. Get out of the fog.

  4. Anon 1:00 PM,Thanks for the link. Heather had a great radio interview with Max Igan a few days ago. It was the clearest explanation of TOPPT to date. It's on You Tube now.

  5. To answer your question, 2:45 PM, watching you pretend to be omniscient lord of comments. You ought to team up with Sigmund Sage Advice, he could do the shrinking and your condescending attitude would keep the " sheep " in line. TYE

  6. 1:18 PM, why don't you wave your Scepter and make the fog go away ? There is no more proof that OPPT is true than Fulfords is true, proof we, the little guys can see. You defend OPPT clowns and ' fawn ' over what they say. Don't pull your finger out of your arse and tell us it smells any different than ours would. You CIA/NSA/NRO goons are getting easier to spot every day. TYE

  7. Love how mad and upset a lot of you guys are here, means Ben is doing something right. You guys claim to be so intelligent, then why are you here degrading people and Ben? Wouldn't your intellect be too busy coming up with ideas on how to save the world, or make your family some more money?!? I guess you have a great answer for this, but in the end, you're on a website that you don't believe is true, wasting your time reading what Ben says, remember, according to you guys, he's been wrong every week…but yet, HERE YOU ARE!!! Let me guess, you're trying to save us from Ben but not until after you tell me/us how stupid we are. TY!

  8. I have an idea. Why don't we leave the Kindergarten comments to the 5 yr. olds & bring some ADULT comments to the table so those waking up can follow them & make sense of what's happening.

  9. If anything, the resignation of the Pope with the lightning striking not long after suggests that something is preparing to happen. I can definitely feel something in the air; hold on tight folks.

  10. We still don't know why the Pope REALLY resigned and who benefited from it. We don't know who is "putting pressure" on the Queen. If the Rockefellers and the Bushes and the Pope are gone, then I only see one group standing – the International banking cartel aka the Rothchilds (although there are many families in the clan). These are the guys that have moved their gold to China and practically set up the next "City of London" there in Hong Kong. When I look at the big picture I see this: The Rockefellers and the Rothchilds have opposing views on how the world should be governed. The Rockefellers along with the Bushes were pushing the NWO and one world governmentt agenda spearheaded by the US, which is obviously failing and along with the current economic system. The Rothchilds on the other hand are pushing the multi-polar system with several regional currencies (meaning the dollar as it is now has to go). So the Rothchilds have building up China and negotiating heavily with other power broakers. The Russian oil company RosNeft has recently purchased a part of BP (a Rothchild asset). So I assume that the so-called 180 nation BRIC alliance is presided by the Rothchilds. Remember the scandal, when Jay Rockefeller was kicked out of their meeting in Aug. 2011? No the Rothchilds are cleaning up the table. Whatever common interests they might have had with the Bushes, the Vatican and maybe even the Queen are now irrelevant, precisely because they have the consensus of the 180 something nations and numerous power groups, among which I am may very well be the good old White Dragon Society. Furthermore, it is exactly in their (the Rothchild's) interests to have all this dirt come out about the Vatican and the Bushes and such. Remember when the incriminating data is coming out, one should always ask: qui bono? When this kind of materials are coming out and people like Ben get fed info heavily we need to ask, who is winning the information war by using this info and who is going to stay standing when the mist of war dissipates? Right? 🙂

  11. Thank yiou for this great account of information .. These events playing out concerning the Pope, the British Monarch … Queen Elizabeth, Prince Charles and Prince Williams … even events where celestial objects falling from the skies reported in Russia, Japan, Cuba, and Florida … and so many other disturbing and astonishing events taking place all over the world now-a-day …All these occurrences are like the changeable day to day script taking place in the final grand finale of a long running TV series …But all changeable script and events taking place of this generation …. will now follow a time line schedule based on the last of the series’ grand finale … Those in the lime light are the events which are playing out based on personal decisions of choices people have made …. These events are as changeable surface occurrences taking place on top of a rock-solid foundation …And that foundation holds the written word of prophecy … No mater what changes on the surface … the rock controls the final outcome …A foundation that will not be altered, slowed down or stopped, this time around …And it is upon this rock … that an alliance of Positive star Light colonies have been established … An alliance linked through time and space to such a solid rock foundation .. is said that the bordering frequency barriers holing in the last days of stifling rising temperature, massive eruption of volcanoes spewing heated gases, rock and molted lava eruption, and the choking radon gasses from failing nuclear reactors …. shall not prevail against this Divine time line barrier of this alliance  …   I thank the Living Source of Positive Light and Power … I put my trust in the Love that the CREATOR has for the Mother Earth of this rock, and for Her species of people …

  12. Knyaz, although I do not completely agree with your analysis, it was intelligently thought out and caused me to do some thinking. Those are the kind of comments that are constructive because they cause you to consider another alternative that just might be the real deal. I really appreciate intelligence and those who are capable of original thought, instead of attacking the messenger sort of comments, which are really juvenile and unproductive.

  13. What you say is interesting and gave me a few hmm's. The Rothschilds seem to be left out of any 'intel' recently and I don't believe it is accidental!Bottom line is ~ who knows? Certainly not me!

  14. Has anyone read the disclaimer on ben's site? He states he can't guarntee most things as true, including facts….. that's the only thingthtt bugs me, I like the stories but can't help to think its just for money.

  15. Is it just for money? Well, what exactly does BF do for a living, how does he pay his bills? Either he is of independent means, or someone is paying him for his services-[to whom and for what?] or is he surviving on the income from his website?

  16. For money or not, it is not that enlightening. Nothing against Ben. He might have had a good start but he is not very discerning and, what's more important, is probably being fed disinfo left and right, so that he himself admits that he is not certain about any of the intel anymore. Nothing like a year ago…Also this gnostic illuminati group seem to be some cheap out-of-witts illuminati wannabes, rather than a serious group. I don't know how someone with a sound mind can take them for a real deal. Another fact in the favor of Rothchild vs. Rockefeller war is of course the ousting of HSBC in the US. I mean what about the local Wall Street scammers? No one is in a rush to expose them. I mean all one needs to do is just do the homework on the background of these groups and then observe the event like the one with HSBC and the conclusions are not hard to make. These secret guys maybe super secret, but when something is done it brings a positive result to one side and a negative for the other. Just like in the business world. It is pretty simple. What I see from Ben though is a haze of intel with no coherence. Maybe there is just too much coming at him at the same time. And to me he is a perfect "spies like us" type of guy, just a great decoy.

  17. Interesting you mention HSBC – I've been thinking that they have been used for a 'look over there' ploy to take the heat off the bad guys in our own backyard. Not saying HSBC are the good guys but are they any worse than the rest of the banksters?

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