Poofness Update – February 17, 2013

Greetings and Salutations:
Jumped the gun last week but this past week produced some things that tell you there is nothing ‘normal’ afoot. The last time the phenom in russia happened was in 1908.
So this week I will review what’s coming at the world with these global settlements. First my legs have Not been cut off to the folks getting this done, and never set yourself up as the only knower of what’s up. Even DC has to wait on the button to get pushed and in many instances they know less than I do. When you get sent to the bank to access, you will be accessing directly into a 5 star trust, built by the dragons so the banker will have all the details for you, just ask what ever questions you wish. One group has the power to release the accounts, not any politicians, kings or queens…not even the Pope. Contrary to another talking head, the gold has already been moved to the 6 new trading zones around the world. The world’s debt and assets have been absorbed by the ‘Harmonious World’ action group, setting up the situation where the fed reserve system, the BIS, IMF, etc will cease running the global banking world. If you want further distance between what you wish to fund and are concerned about being targeted like a lottery winner, you may want to take a look at these folks 
This is not about politics, ladies and gentlemen. This is about world justice for humanity and the world marshals will be enforcing the new global accords. Don’t ask me who they are, could be, they put Interpol on steroids, don’t know but I saw their mission statement. The St. Germaine Trust folks joined the dragons a few years ago to reduce redundancy and they are the ones who came and got me in the late 80′s. I do get a little annoyed when folks rattle on about being in control of it, it tells me they aren’t and have no idea what it’s purpose is. The attorneys keep that full so it can manifest it’s destiny. ‘Shift the wealth of the world’. We’re in good shape and our freedom will come like that lightning bolt that hit the Vatican. Sudden, little to no warning. Just make sure your surf board is waxed and ready to catch that first curl, ‘hang ten’ folks. lol I can see some of the more elderly rolling their eyes…. I don’t know about that Poofy.
Don’t try any creative ventures to get around the new stuff, you will fail. They will shut you down. The RVs, drops, and announcements will come almost at the same time, which come in concert with the Chinese. The banks will be open, even in China, but China goes first. Best listen first and understand. Lawyers and the like have a little upgrading to do and having never been in this world before, it’ll take a minute to find out if they can even continue. But, hey, what do I know? I got dropped off the back of a wagon on the way to market. So I can tell how the cows ate the cabbage. Have fun and don’t let let these ‘smart guys’ mislead you.
God Bless!
Oh yea, Rumor Mill news has quite the article on the Queen of England.
Consultations available until the doorbell rings.
Love and Kisses,

25 thoughts on “Poofness Update – February 17, 2013

  1. This was a very intriguing week. The pope stepping down is very significant indeed. It was fitting for him to go first. Next the reptile queen and then our corrupt Washington DC (den of corruption).

  2. I agree Anon 10:24To have the Pope step down is one thing but to have him even ASK for immunity spellsTHE TRUTH AND NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH coming down the pipe NOW.THEN HAVE THE VATICAN STRUCK BY LIGHTNING! H-E-A-V-E-N S-E-N-T A M-E-S-S-A-G-E!!!Things are Imminent!

  3. more than even the RV I want to see the Bush's go to the guillotine or the central sun along with Judge Roberts. I also want to see all the attorney's squirm and give up their BAR Association or be deported.

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