Man With 200 IQ On The Takeover Of The World: Video Documents The Dangerous Secrets They Don’t Want You To Know

David Wynn Miller shares in the outstanding video below that he is a supporter of the U.S. Constitution. He shares much more, including information that caused 2 US Secret Service agents to confront him over his release of that information to ‘world bodies’. According to David Wynn Millers website, when he was only 25 years old, he had a kidney disorder that required surgery; however the doctor scheduled to operate on the day of surgery was unavailable, and at the last minute was replaced by a Korean doctor who had never operated on any human before, a complete novice. To cut a long story short, the Korean doctor read David’s chart incorrectly and surgically removed both kidney’s including the adrenal glands – David died on the operating table.

In the Morgue the nurse assisting the autopsy noticed David’s heart, which at this stage was lying on the outside of his body on his chest unsevered, incredulously the heart began to beat! He came back from the dead? Well, yes he did with an IQ of 200 …….go figure.

Truth language” … David Wynn Miller teaches courses and disrupts courts.

Is David Wynn Miller, the man with a 200 IQ who claims to be a 92nd degree Freemason, the most dangerous man in the world? Upon going to the US Supreme Court to prosecute US Supreme Court Justice William Rehnquist in 1988, David Wynn Miller was immediately arrested for threatening a US judge and taken into a closed room, surrounded by 6 U.S. marshalls. Justice Rehnquist came down from his chambers and told David he had his signed confession for treason against the United States people. David gave his brief response to Judge Rehnquist and within seconds, the Justice requested that everyone else leave the room so that he could have a private conversation with the man who moments before had come to arrest him, a conversation that lasted for 2 1/2 hours. Anyone who wants to understand the takeover of our country and our world a little bit better will learn a lot from this 20 minutes; this is certainly one of the most fascinating speeches that I have ever heard from a man whom, I would argue, may be one of the most dangerous men in the world. For more on David Wynn Miller and his death experience, please read Man Doesn’t Age, Goes Sleepless For 8 Years!

15 thoughts on “Man With 200 IQ On The Takeover Of The World: Video Documents The Dangerous Secrets They Don’t Want You To Know

  1. MSM pushing back against the TRUTH coming out about the Sandy hook killing HOAX.COCK loving FAGGOT, CIA asset and blue blood royalty, Anderson Cooper ( son of Gloria Vanderbilt), takes the direct route to pat down the obvious suspicion to the Sandy Hook HOAX. Joined in this COVER UP, is long time CNN employee and Lawrence Welk show reject, John Zarrella, who attempts to help said, "cock sucking degenerate" Anderson Cooper, brainwash the viewing audience that NO conspiracy exists!

  2. Is this the disclosure? Sounded like the closest thing to one that I've ever heard. This man has got to be one of the most intelligent men I've ever heard. BRAVO! It's about time! Can't wait to check out the rest of this seminar. WOO HOO!!

  3. Not a troll or a "nutter". WTh, Cooper is a degenerate COCK SUCKER and Zarella, his propaganda partner, has the appearance of a reject from the Lawrence Welk show. What's so hard to understand?

  4. I think what the first commenter (who may need anger mgt counseling :/) was trying to say here is that this Miller guy has obviously been sent in by the PTW to muddy up the waters and obfuscate the truth in the same way they use false flags to distract us from what is really going on. I hope nobody spends too many hours trying to check his facts in the next 24 videos. This one video seems to have enough "easter eggs" to last a life time.

  5. I'm willing to give this guy a chance, but someone who uses "I sez this, I sez that," and otherwise adds the plural verb in a singular sentence, seems sort of suspect to me, especially since he's saying that we all read at a second grade level and he's a grammar expert. But I like this overall political message.

  6. Drake's promoting this guy. That should tell us a lot. And who calculated his iq? lol! And where's he been while now? 2012 is over and now we get this? Coincidence? I think not.

  7. David wynn miller is a huge cheat to people. He has allthese laws suits around the country in many court. So him and fake leyton ward o i forgot there are facts. Everything they do are facts. That is what they tell everyone it is a fact the fraud people out of their money and the fake judgments never get paid that is facts now. Stay away from theofs such as them.

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