Portal 2012: Etheric Archon Grid

Etheric Archon Grid

After the successful opening of the Portal on December 21st, the etheric Archon grid is the main factor delaying the Event. If the Event was triggered, the etheric Archons would influence everyone involved: the surface Light forces carrying out the Event, the general population as well as the Cabal and all this would turn the Event into a disaster.

Etheric Archon grid must be removed to a great extent for the Event to happen. For the Light forces to be more successful in removing the etheric Archon grid, more awareness of its existence is needed among the general population.

Etheric  Archon grid is present in a thin layer that extends 8.6 miles upwards into the sky from the surface profile of our planet and also 8.6 miles downwards from the surface profile into the Earth’s crust. The backbone of the etheric  Archon grid is a network of etheric hyperdimensional black hole wormholes which contain billions upon billions of reptilian and amoeba-like entities. When the Light from the Galactic central sun hits the wormholes, they cough up those entities who in turn begin to attack any Light beings they can find, those in incarnation and those on the non-physical planes. This is the reason of energy attacks that many lightworkers and light warriors are experiencing. The non-physical Light forces can remove the released negative entities after some time and teleport them into the Galactic central sun, but until then usually some damage is done already. Again, if more awareness is present about what is really going on, the Light forces will be more effective in protecting us and removing those negative entities.

The etheric  Archon grid is controlled by a very small group of etheric Archons who give their orders to millions of etheric Draconians (sector commanders), those to billions of reptilians (warriors) and those to amoebas (semi-conscious elemental beings that just obey orders without questioning). 

The Archons control the grid with advanced etheric technology. The whole etheric plane within the 17.2 mile layer controlled by the Archons is permeated with strong electromagnetic field chambers that can distort space-time structure according to the program of the etheric mainframe computer program which directs the flow of etheric energies worldwide in a way that controls humanity the most. These chambers detect all positive thoughts and emotions and if these are too powerful, the chambers  send a signal to the etheric mainframe computer which then tightens the grid of distorted electromagnetic field around the person experiencing positivity, effectively shutting it down. If this is not enough, it activates additional ELF chambers with a low frequency infrasound hum that suppresses the person, with additional electric pulses sent into the solar plexus chakra to shortcircuit the kundalini energy, shutting it down. This is sometimes combined with strong electromagnetic fields around the third eye chakra, disorienting the mind and making the person sleepy or almost drugged. Along with that, strong negative thoughtforms are projected, constantly bombarding  the mind of the person. 

24 thoughts on “Portal 2012: Etheric Archon Grid

  1. It's the most scary thing that I ever heard,it's worse than ghosts and demons . If more consciousness will help , then the etheric Archons will use their high technologies to attack that person and that person will be projected strong negative thoughtforms , does this make sense? so now the situation that we are having is worse than before 12/21/12 ? my impression seems the Light is useless and hopeless on those so called etheric Achons, should it be true ?Light is Love , love is Light , shouldn't the Love and Light sufficient to conquer ? Isn't this a kind of message works like strong negative thouhgtforms for us to ponder on? -V

  2. I love GAIAPORTAL's short positive message , it's the most encouraging message that I know . I'll read it out loud as my affirmation and declaration . and I feel the energy and power .

  3. Cobra had a little sense of integrity when everything was hush hush, but now he is blabbing way too much and as always using my own discernment, my BS meter is going through the roof. The wolf in sheep's clothing has been revealed.

  4. Beyond the everlasting naysaying – I wonder if I was depressed one of the billions amoebas sucked my energy out like in the Matrix movies …A short time ago this was an absolutely horrifying imagination, but now I sense only growing anger towards these bastards.

  5. Beyond the apparently everlasting 3D-naysaying – everytime I got depressed I wonder if one of the billion amoebias sucked my energy out. Since a short time ago this archonic early warning system as per the Matrix movies horrified me, but now I'm feeling only a growing disgust against those bastards. We also could compare them with the brain slugs in the animation film Futurama: http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_iLfMg-8LoFM/S6shQFT4qpI/AAAAAAAAAY4/3oGOUzUIoy8/s320/brainslug.jpghttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p28e2Y4uJFg

  6. Every time you get depressed, you have all the power you need to bring yourself back to joy. Think about your pet, or a child's smile and you will feel joy immidiately. The more you victimize yourself by blaming something else for your state, the more power you give away. You are always in control. Archons have power over you only if you give them your attention.

  7. The Archon Grid is the first explanation I've heard that gives an alternate view to what I've observed. My previous theory involved alcoholics and demons, and had their energy system being messed up-to the point they were obsessed with stealing your energy, and making sure you weren't happy. I had narrowed it down to alcoholics, as the people who won't leave me alone. Perhaps alcohol allows these parasites to take them over.

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