Portal 2012: The Omega Grid

The Omega Grid
Tactical readiness of the Light forces on the surface of our planet to trigger the Event was reached on November 22nd at the opening of the eleventh gate of the 11:11.
The first crucial factor to achive this was a general decision of the critical mass of key people within positive surface groups that they will cooperate with Resistance surface operatives when the Event will be triggered. Therefore we now have enough consensus within top echelons of positive groups on the planet. Disharmony between lower echelons of positive groups can no longer delay the Event. 
Continuos testing of the software installed by the Resistance operatives into the Rothschild operated computer banking system has proven that we can crash the current banking system and create the Reset at the push of a button. In extensive Resistance operation in the beginning of this year, vast majority of physical gold, including Yamashita and Nazi gold,  gold from Philippines undergroud bunkers, gold from below Kloten airport, most gold from central banks and gold hidden below Rothschild villas, has been removed from the hands of the Cabal and is now waiting in the Resistance underground bases to be returned to humanity after the Event when it will form the backbone of the new financial system.
Without physical gold in hand, the Cabal was forced to manufacture gold-plated tungsten bars to ship them to central banks to maintain the impression that they still have control in their hands. Their banking system is now just a thoughtform that is maintained by the belief and trust of general population in the central bank operated slave working system. 
The only factor now preventing the Event is the Omega Grid.
The Omega Grid is a small group of physical Archons within the black nobility families in Italy that have access to biochemical weapons through Jesuits controllers (which include Hans Peter Kolvenbach) that handle people within negative military worldwide that have access to biochemical weapons, of which chemical weapons are the most dangerous:
They now hinder the progress of the Light forces by threatening to release chemical weapons in Syria. Chemical weapons in northern Syria add up to hundreds of tonnes, enough to kill hundreds of millions of people. Even with the direct intervention of the Galactic Confederation, casualities would be many. Northern Syria is the area of a very important energy vortex which triggered the rise of the Goddess conscious Halafian neolithic culture:
The Cabal is controllng this vortex for the last 5500 years and not willing to let go, since it is one of the most important Goddess vortexes on the planet.
The other vortex that the Cabal is controlling tightly is the Israel vortex, which holds the light key codes for Atlantis. This area was the first to be re-colonized after the fall of Atlantis and was the home of Natufian culture:
The top Archon on the physical plane, who belongs to the Pallavicini family according to some unconfirmed sources, holds contol of the situation through a special technology, called Black Box.
Black Box is called such because it physically looks like a small box, black in colour. It is actually a dimensional chamber that translates intel gathered from Archons’ etheric spy network into physical computer data which is stored into the hard disk attached to the Black Box dimensional chamber and can be connected to a large mainframe computer for data analysis and evaluation. 
Archons’ etheric spy network consists of a network of etheric electromagnetic standing wave generators which can immediatelly detect any increase of Light on the etheric plane. If that Light would increase above a certain limit, which would of course be crossed in the case of any direct physical intervention of the Galactic Confederation, the Black Box would send an alert to the top physcial Archon which would immediately trigger the biochemical weapons. 
The Black Box technology has been in use for a very long time, effectively preventing the Galactic Confederation to stop the pentagram of evil Jesuit concentration camp holocaust during World War II. If the Confederation would intervene at that time, the Cabal would call in negative ET races which would effectively wipe out humanity from the surface of the planet in retalliation. All those negative ET races have already been cleared or have crossed to the Light side so you do not have to worry about them. 
The same technology was used after the war to prevent the Galactic Confederation from stopping the Monarch mind programming activities of the Cabal. 
The non-physical part of the Omega Grid are the Archons who control the etheric spy network. They are the ones that maintain the quarantine. They are the ones that have ordered the dissemination of mind programs about non existance of extraterrestrial life and impossibility of travel beyond the confines of the quarantine Earth. They are the reason why the surface population has not yet discovered the way to reach the stars. They are the ones that have pushed many people into a corner, without having an option to lead a happy life. 
They use their non-phyiscal technology to keep the illuison that nothing will ever change. They are violently against love, especially against love between a man and a woman because the energy of that love effectively dissolves the quarantine. Through that love, a Goddess vortex is created and it creates a crack in the Matrix of their programming. 
The Omega Grid wants to prevent the opening of the Portal on December 21st. For that reason, they have initiated a series of attacks with their non-physical technology and with their non-physical reptilian minions on the key Light warriors on the surface of the planet. Those attacks started on November 25th and are ongoing. They also threaten with chemical weapons, fearing that December 21st may trigger the Event and they want to prevent that. 
When the Omega Grid is taken care of, the Event will happen. I do not know yet when that will be. I will report about the situation as it unfolds.
Anyway, timewave graph for December hints at very interesting times ahead:


37 thoughts on “Portal 2012: The Omega Grid

  1. I guess operation Stardust was a total failure then, huh Cobra? Remember when you told us that we would no longer have to worry about chemical weapons? Either that was BS or this is.

  2. Consider this story a rumor till we see proof. So he's basically saying the elites/archons want to start ww3 using chemical weapons to wipe out over 90% of humanity. As I heard elsewhere, the event might be timed to coincide with the end of the Mayan calendar. If nothing happens, it's unfortunate that the elites prevented this.Another note: the elites/archons are against heteroromantic love so they brainwashed women with the lies of feminism and misandry. Women were told in gender studies classes that men are oppressors, misogynists, potential rapists, etc. Women were also told that to be "empowered" they had to become independent from men. Google: "misandry bubble" and "men's rights" to get an idea how oppressed men are. I have tried to give women the heads up that it's not normal to hate on men and the fact that they have been brainwashed into hating men. Their response? "You must be a misogynist, what do you have against women" or "you are saying that because you are a loser who can't find a woman" Well, I have given up on women as have millions of men and we will wait for the suppressed robotic technology to be released. Those robots/robogirls will look/act 100% like human women, perfect in beauty(a ten!), (programmed)personality(profiles) and intelligence(advanced AI) and will give us men the perfect unconditionally loving relationship. If women wish to be "liberated" from men, we shall honor that wish, we demand nothing from you ladies. Good luck fending for yourselves and living your lives, we will live ours. We will have robogirls programmed to unconditionally love us men.

  3. Treat whatever Cobra says as a rumor. There is no proof(yet anyway) and it's possible some or all of what he says is disinfo. We will find out in two weeks whether anything happens. I really hope we see some sort of event and if not, it's the elites that are to blame.

  4. They have/had so much gold that some of their gold is real. They just don't have enough gold so they had to counterfeit alot of it to fill in the gaps of their shortages.

  5. So, that's the Big declassified intel promised to be released after Dec 5? Wikipedia links and some stuff that has been circulating on the internet for months. Gotcha. Oh wait, I see Ishtar has declassified and given a permission to add some parts from his book, too. That's exciting. Thank you Cobra and Ishtar, love and gratitude back to you, God bless you "guys.

  6. I find it interesting that recent messages from Cobra, James Gilliland and Tolec have each presented almost comical negative and/or fear-based content.Cobra = strange archonic booby trap. (Another one!)Gilliland = terrifying earth changes ahead!Tolec = false negative E.T. disclosure soon!I say…buyer beware. Maybe these self-styled giants of the alterna-set have been turned inside out by their own one-sided idealistic momentum.Maybe it is better to return to silence, thank God for our solitude, and touch earth at this time of uncertainty, mystery, and potential.

  7. That's an interesting observation. Even in5d.com, in contrast to its usual empowering and positive articles, posted an article entitled "Tibetan Monks Alarming Statement For December 21 2012", which is about an apocalyptic transition.

  8. I didn't see any fear-based content in Tolec's message, actually never have. He stated it basically matter-of-factly: hey, by the way, there is a possibilty of this, but it won't be successful, just FYI. He is always empowering. Cobra seems to be obsessed with archons. I mean, come on, how many more details about them do we need to know days before they become irrelevant because of a cosmic event? Never heard of the third guy.

  9. Another load of fresh, steamy baloney… served for dinner. Who's hungry? The Ishtar Antares/Cobra kitchen is open again…After the microdust, now the BlackBox ooooh… I think we are reading a script here…No offense, but we need to come up better stories. Are we watching old SciFi reruns in Slovenia old friend? Nobody is questioning the fact that the status quo is still unwilling to allow Shift to happen.All this horsehockey seems to fly in the face of events that already have transpired. Releasing weaponry has been stopped by benevolent entities in the past, right smack in the face of observing, dumbfounded witnesses. Flying missiles have been disarmed, nuclear silos and threats neutralized. All all of that in Live, 3D literally and figuratively. No need to intervene or affect the higher planes. Just good old 3D. The Watchers are Us and We are Them.This too shall pass. No more Pop-Corn Drama please. Now Breathe and Have a Good Laugh.

  10. Poof takes $50, Cobra $1000, Global/Universal Voice s got various merchandising, John Kettler turned his stuff into a 'business' he said some months ago… the self-proclaimed arrogant incarnation of Edgar Casey, David Wilcock wow, he made it… even Alex Jones makes lotta dough with his shop by now… not to speak of David Icke, the boy is rich… just check out George Green on Project Camelot and his website nohoax.com… he shows you exactly how the business works and he makes a fortune with his bookshop and all while his speeches are full of nonsense although the people buy it anyway… even Lambremont could be a very very rich guy if he wouldnt suffer from a coronary thrombosis on the intellectual level all the time. You are customers, folks. And these people need your attention and fear. They own you.This is how it works: You take some of the truth and give your own spin to it, you tell people you can do something special they cant and that you can solve their problems, so they will be dependent on your information in their despair, and then you make them pay one way or another.In other words: Claim your mind and sovereignty back and choose wisely whom to believe/spend your time and money on… you dont need anyone who tells you what to think and what to feel. The truth resides inside you. If you claim to be awake it doesnt mean to stick to someone elses words until things change, no, change it yourself step by step, starting with yourself and your surroundings. Do what YOU think is the right thing to do. The media always tell us only heros could change the world but if only everyone would do his/her job we together could change the planet without any of those self-proclaimed insiders, experts and professionals. It takes courage, yes, but if you want to be sovereign you need it in order to be free. We are all heros if we do our job and recreate our lives, our relationships and our day-to-day patterns. And we can do this together. We dont need any prophets or grand leaders for that.

  11. Tolec has just said more things that turned out true then the other 2. Like all of the seismic activity and shit that he said long before it happened. Guy has never had a site full of false predictions with no backing. And there is a huge possibility that sometime shortly our galactic cousins out there may be paying us many visits. Not to mention all the agruement about whether they are benevolent or not.

  12. I just want to say one thing on this. David Wilcock is cocky yes but he has good videos about some good stuff and David Icke is a great speaker and has some truly empowering lectures.

  13. Well, Tolec has not gotten a dime out of it, at least yet.But you can't blame everyone for trying to survive, as long as they are honest about it. Especially when they make so much incredibly researched material available for free to everyone, like Wilcock. He deserves what he makes. The only entity from your list who is being blatantly dishonest is Cobra.

  14. Anon 9:31- Those were not Tolec's words, they were Andromedan Council's. Anon 9:10 merely points out the fact that in that particular message (and all other Tolec's messages) there was no fear at all. Which is true. So Tolec was a bad example.

  15. HAHA! Exactly! The good thing about Cobra is that you can have an easy laugh while in the waiting club. We've had the Stardust, didn't do too well. Now we have the Black Box! Muahahahahahaha!

  16. We are the ones making the change and we do it by filling our hearts with Joy! Get outside and enjoy Nature. Connect with Gaia every day. Be the Love that lights the world. Gaia is ascending and we are ascending with her if we focus on being the Love. We have to do the work or ascension could pass us by.

  17. anon@ 10:58 I think your point was lost on some. I hear you! Add to your list Jalaila Starr, Aishaya(sp?) Deane, Gregg Braden, Owen Waters, that Drunvalo guy, Ac Tah, etcetera all making a living off (and then some) of us if we are asleep enough to let them. What are these people gonna do with themselves after 21:12? I hope their sheep cut themselves free. Sad they can't see they're replacing one leader for another of a different shade. We don't need another hero!

  18. All this feminist lies and misandry is a (Google)search away. Millions of men have woken up and are tired of being hated on for just being male. We won't hate women back, we have just given up and moved on. Robogirls will be a fresh start. I have talked to lots of men and all who are open minded are interested in a companion that will love him and robogirls will be up to the task. We want a traditional, loving relationship and robogirls will do that job perfectly.

  19. If one stands back and watches, it looks like a modern day fantasy novel unraveling. Tolec and Cobra have quite diametrical views on the issue. Someone has to be lying or being lied to. Will we ever know what really happened? Is the Cabal really that powerful? Are we really that helpless?Or, maybe the Cabal are just powerful people with some esoteric knowledge and technology but not as powerful as may seem. The used the knowledge left behind after Atlantis to gain control. But can they really have such total control? I think the biggest trap is believing that they can. Remember, distraction is the major tool of mind manipulation. It's not that we don't have power, it's that we believe we don't. And instead of going out there and doing something constructive, we are sitting here and looking for more "proof" that we can't do anything about it. We need to wait for this event and that signal and on and on it goes. That's the real control! By distraction and well pure BS on certain peoples part. The truth is that all it takes for us to change things is first believing that we can. Then understanding clearly how we want things to be. And then taking constructive action on all levels we can. And the elite will not be able to resist. So, people, it is we who are keeping them in power! It is we who are collectively responsible for what is going on. A thief may come to your house to steal, but if you see him and don't raise the alarm believing you got no power (when you do) you are responsible for the situation. And that's all there is to it. Years from now the humanity will look back and see the irony of our time. Isn't this interesting that we would rather wait for any other force from the outside to come and save us, but our own selves? And this is just typical to our current state of consciousness. And that what the waking up process is all about. Knowing that there is no "out there" and "in here". That they are all the same and nothing changes until we swing it the way we want to with our own attitudes, intentions and positive action.

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