Casper Responds To Poof

If you didn’t get to hear the interview, Poof took some jabs at Casper. This is Casper’s response to Poof. And the drama continues……. LOL! ~ e


Casper news and opinion…Poof
Posted By: igots2no
Date: Saturday, 1-Dec-2012 19:27:23 

It is amazing and appalling the levels of B.S. certain messengers will stoop to in order to keep their ‘cash flow’ flowing.

The audio/video put out by Poof last night and subsequently removed this morning was/is, according to all our sources,—-PURE UNADULTERATED BULLSHIT—and this includes Intel from ‘The Dragons’ to whom we speak.

He was paid $50.00 for this particular thanksgiving helping of bullshit.

Why do you suppose he was ordered to take it down? And his ‘add on’ comment this morning about integrity?

What a joke.

The joke is on you, those of you who have been paying him for his weekly helping of bullshit.

There is no integrity whatsoever to be found from this ‘source’. Have you not learned that by now?

How many weeks, months and years of lies must you be fed for a fee before you are able to observe the obvious?

$350T was NOTmoved into the U.S. as he states. All funds/accounts were then and are now—frozen.

The Cabal sometimes plays games by moving digits on the computers but nothing can be accessed, thank goodness, or it would have been stolen long ago.

Our sources continue to report that Obama continues to block deliveries just as he has been doing for the last four years just as WE have reported for four long years.

During this time you have been told ‘the time is now’ every week.

How has that worked out for you?

WE are dealing with a variety of personal and family health issues right now and therefore not writing as much as before.

Hopefully WE will get back to ‘normal’ soon and when that happens there will be no invoice attached to the updates.

Casper 11-30-12

PS: Please keep Casper and his family in your prayers, as they are dealing with a myriad of family and health issues.

Many people in our ‘group’ are also having financial issues. Let’s Lift each other in Spirit—if we all just take a moment to Give Thought and Prayer for each other…..imagine what that Positive Energy Wave will do!

So, take a minute..and Lift in prayer…each of us..One to the Next, with Love and Compassion.


36 thoughts on “Casper Responds To Poof

  1. What a waste to witness the equivalent of 2 school boys on the playground arguing over who's dad can beat up the other dad. NOBODY in the secret stuff world has given us reliable, provable, accurate data on anything of importance. The Cabal's 24/7 monitoring of everything electronic belies any truthful information 'sneaking' past them, indicating that the 'pulling' of the forgettable poof post was little more than grandstanding and soap opera drama. The interviewer giggling like a school girl on her first date was pretty much what you'd expect for a fifty dollar interview. I gave up on Casper last year, and Poof is only marginally better, primarily because he only alludes to events cryptically, assuring our inability to pin him down as wrong. This whole "Alternative Media" circus is becoming little more than phone numbers and rhyming phrases on the wall of the men's restroom. Will we ever see something good actually happen? "Here I sit, broken hearted…." frj

  2. My longest job at one place was twenty years, proving to me that tenure does not the expert make. Let's just say that if the aircraft I worked on resembled Poofs provable accuracy, I'd would still be working on old Ford Tri-motors. Being jaded comes with 15+ years of dealing with prognostications that never quite seem to happen. You're right, poof is the better choice. frj

  3. I emailed Poof and if allowed, I shall post his reply here. If him and his lightworker friends need our help, please do so! We are almost out of time!—————-Hello poof(ness),I read your post weekly and the hints of what's to come is very interesting. Hope it happens in days!1. You and a few others believe Obama to be a good guy. Also some channels claim Obama is of the light.Most awakened people don't trust Obama because there's so much evidence of the bad things he's done.I read that we will find out that some bad guys will turn out to actually be good. How can we trust themanyway? What if they are just pretending to be good or are only doing it to rat out on the elites and save themselves?2. Do you ever worry that "nothing" big/good will happen by 12/21/12? A lot of people are losing hope becausethey don't see any hard proof. The biggest concern is that the Mayan's and other ancient societies prophecieswill be unfulfilled. The awakened people have high expectations and if they are let down, they will simply stopbelieving anything will happen. The elites are trying very hard to keep the sheeple asleep past the 12/21/12 deadline.If they succeed, it will make the lightworker's jobs much harder as many will simply give up.3. I wanted to give you lightworkers the heads up that the propaganda and censorship of the mainstream media needs to be addressed. You probably already know this and all the comments I have read in various blogs reflectsthe fact the elites still control the news. It's top priority that as many sheeple be given the chance to awake, somethingthe elites are fighting very hard to prevent. I wish you guys all the luck in the world in getting the truth mainstream.If the awakened people could help you guys, please let us know how!4. There is so much disinfo out there that all we can do is keep an open mind to all possibilities. I have tried to wakemy parents, but they won't believe it till they see hard proof. Another big concern is that most sheeple are stillasleep and might miss their chance to awake in time to ascend(if that theory is true). I wish the sheeple had moretime to awaken, but the elites keep delaying things.5. Many insiders have hinted that mass arrests would happen. Others say mass arrests already happened. If so,why are the elites still in control of things, especially the mainstream media? If anything "interesting" does happen very soon and the elites still control the news, they will spread disinfo, lies, fearporn and propaganda far and wide.6. I have seen others contact you and post your reply on their forums and blogs. Do I have permission to shareyour reply with others who are awake? If not, I shall keep your reply private.7. Thanks for your time reading this, looking forward to your reply and your Sunday message.

  4. "what the hell people" im so disappointed. never believe whats on the big screen. they said this would never happen again, so they lied, do you have any clue what im talking about? well let me make a long story short. the 80's movie ghost busters went after casper, alienated it. decades later this stupid casper ghost figure appears on this planet again. houston we have a problem. PEOPLE WHEN WE HAVE A PROBLEM WITH GHOST, WHO DO YOU CALL? well thats a stupid question..we all know the answer………….we call ENERCHI

  5. Does that mean we are not going to have the best Christmas ever like Pood said in the interview? it was just more Thanksgiving Bullshit, not to be confused with Drakes Fourth of July Bullshit? Now we all have to give all this stocked up toilet paper as Christmas presents..

  6. Okay you don't see hard evidence YET but, you probably read that O was controlled by the Bush's & now he has new controller, the Dragons. You probably know that The Fed's & US Corp's charters are up at the end of the year. You have probably noticed that O seems alot different since the election & has cancelled BP's contracts. You have probably read alot more outings of ET & other classified CIA info lately. You have probably noticed that all info outlets have been silenced on the financial outings, like its suspended in air. Doesn't that give you a hint something huge is about to happen even if it is not on your time schedule, exactly? This is a global operation. Can you imagine how complicated it is and how many spokes their are in the wheel?

  7. i haves felt for years that Poof was snorting, sniffing, chewing, inhaling, drinking Something as his messages were so vague and disjointed–leaving nothing clear!Now on his interview w/ Brian, i heard Poof's hillbilly accent and could not follow any of his rambling dialect…i even have a Masters Degree in Education!He is always waving 'Goodbye'-saying he still has a few Consultation Openings left though—before The Deal is done — and the 'Packages' arrive at everyone's doorstep!He is given so much profitable airtime for his "Consultations"…laughing all the way to the bank, methinks.Just read the 'The'Sirian Message 2012' news on and eceti's Gilliland has quite a different troubling (Sirian) view of the next 4 weeks, to put it mildly!

  8. LMAO! Casper is just p.o.'d that Poof outed him as being none other than Dick Cheney! I have suspected that Casper was ol' Darth Cheney for a long time. Yeah.. so how's that new heart working out for ya there Tricky Dicky? I bet it was palpitating like crazy while you were turning 50 shades of red and purple during your apoplectic rage! ROFL! ❤ ❤ <3…… :o(Insert bitch slap here)

  9. The fact that Drake seems to put a higher priority on stocking up toilet paper then stocking up on food and water should be enough to tell you that the guy is insane.

  10. looks to me like the revolution will happen in Europe before it happens here in the states and when it does you will see the wanna be US freedom fighters start to get brave and then the house of cards will start to fall. the MSM will get very scared and some will start to crack and join with the people and the freedom movement for they fear what will happen to them when the revolution lands on their doorstep. They are in the line of fire if they refuse to feed us the truth and stay on the losing side too long they will get taken out roughly.

  11. POOF Update 12-2-2012 says he didn't know he was being recorded? According to AK they were in discussion on releasing the interview and POOF gave the go ahead then had it withdrawn. Credibility hit if you ask me!!

  12. Anon 11:09 AM – I have noticed that O has toned it down, thanks for pointing it out. As far as the FED charter expiring, I've heard it both ways, it will expire, it doesn't expire. Heard ya on the time schedule thing and the complication thing. I'm beyond impatient for this, but I will be open for it out of lack of alternatives until I'm dead. You seem a decent sort, thanks. frj

  13. Okay, my take is that he didn't know his "recording" was going to be presented to the public, hence… "I must apologize for the interview that folks heard on the net, I have turned down many interviews in the past, this time I did not know I was being recorded so, I was little 'blue' for some listeners." Sounds like he would have toned it down a bit for some listeners. But, as as was reported by AK, he did afterwards give permission for it to be presented many weeks later. So he may not have known "in advance," but he DID give permission, and a timeline, afterwards. As we see now, some remaining protocols are being completed soon [tomorrow?] so it makes sense that the interview was pulled.

  14. I agree frj. I began visiting this site for ascension sadly has turned into a soap opera of egos…I don't believe any of this PP "intel". I hope people aren't holding their breath. It just is not gonna happen. Sorry kidos

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