Project Camelot: The Last Time We Had a Coup in America

With everything that is going on behind the scenes it is interesting to reflect back on history.  

Victor Martinez is a writer/editor who runs a newsgroup and sometimes collects info on a topic and aggregates it.  He has done this recently with regard to the Kennedy assassination.  In a recent release he cites this quote, from Madeleine Duncan Brown’s book, “Texas in the Morning” which highlights Kennedy’s view on a future running mate just prior to his death:

Kennedy’s secretary, Evelyn Lincoln wrote that the day President Kennedy left for Dallas, they discussed the Bobby Baker scandal, LBJ’s deep involvement in it, and the effects of the scandal on the campaign. Kennedy told her: “I will need a running mate in ’64, a man who believes as I do.” 

Lincoln wrote: “President Kennedy had talked and I had just listened, but I did venture one question. Now I asked, “Who is your choice as a running mate?”

He looked straight ahead, and without hesitating, he replied: ‘At this time, I am thinking about Governor Terry Sanford of N Carolina. BUT IT WILL NOT BE LYNDON.’ “

Besides being an interesting side point supporting the widely known fact that  LBJ was one of the men behind the assassination, this particular quote is revealing in another way pertinent to the current state of affairs surrounding the Patraeus matter.  It has long been my view that the Kennedy assassination was a coup that took place on American soil and that since then, we have had the emergence of a group running this country who are bent on an agenda which has not changed since that time.  They were, in place and in positions of power prior to the Kennedy assassination, it’s true, but the killing of Kennedy revealed there was no action they would not take in order to be in control of America.  

Fast-forward to now.  With Patraeus and the other generals being demoded or asked to step down from their posts… and the widening circle of deceit going on around it, is a vast conspiracy to cover up what appears to have been (and is) a coup to take back America from those who cemented their power back in the time of Kennedy.  

In many respects, another coup, is a last resort to take back the government by, from what I am told, are “the constitutionalists”… Those who have decided they no longer care to do the bidding of a Commander-in-Chief who is run by Bush senior (and those behind him).  They see this as an administration that has departed so far from the constitution that our current government has more in common with a totalitarian state (Stalin, Hitler) than anything that resembles a democracy. And they have decided ‘they aren’t gonna take it anymore.’ 

However, exposing someone to ridicule in the media, or demoting them does not necessarily stop them or their colleagues from launching a coup.  It simply puts them on notice that this is not going to be done quietly.

I do not have any clear information that Patraeus is among those in military who want to take our country back.  But it’s a real possibiity.

What I do know, is that I have had multiple sources coming forward to substantiate the fact that this is going on.  There is an attempt to take back this government by those in military, ex-military and intel agencies (those in positions to be able to do something)… And you, the people, need to know this.  Why?  Because your future and that of your friends and families is at stake.

What the current ‘regime’ doesn’t want you to know is that this rebellion within the ranks is very real… and that it has become a force to be reconned with.  Now, clearly they (the Bush cabal) are closing ranks and using every means to eliminate the opposition (so far short of outright killing them — and the death of Ambassador Stevens may have been a shot across the bow to those who would rebel against this administration).  In fact, there are indications that Stevens was on the side of the Constitutionalists…. 

My point is that while many may doubt there is a coup attempt going on against the current administration, even though it was reported among other places, by Gordon Duff, on Veterans Today & Press TV… There is no doubt of the severe state of disarray that our government is in at this time.  And add to that the impending possible earth changes it makes for at the very least interesting times.  
Suffice to say, this opposition to the encroaching totalitarian rule here is not going to go away.  How it is dealt with and where we go from here is up to you.  I suggest becoming as vocal as possible to stand against this ‘order’ is a significant way to begin to awaken hearts and minds.  Without that, we are lost.  With the awareness growing throughout this country and then the world, perhaps we have a chance.  There is no telling the power of the people once they put their hearts and minds into something.

What I suggest is that around the world there are people who recognize that if America goes down (the way it has done for the years since Kennedy) that there is not a lot of hope for the rest of the world.  For whatever reason, this country is where freedom and liberty became the watchwords and foundation upon which it was built… if not in reality then at the very least in the hearts and minds of the people.  And this is where the idea flourished and took root. Needless to say that passion has been used and manipulated by illuminati and their associates both on and off planet.  However, this does not take anything away from the ideal that became rooted in this country.  

America was not only a leader economically or militarily but it became a place where those who were oppressed and discriminated against could go to make a new life… That symbol lives on in the hearts and minds of this people.  I do not believe that flame has been extinquished.  And this is the flame that they do not want to fan into a raging fury… This is what they don’t want to raise up from out of the ashes of our past.  And so they lie to you about what is really going on in the backrooms of Washington and the halls of the Pentagon, CIA, DIA and more…  Because if you knew there was an effort to take back the country and put her back on track what would you do?  Would you join them? Would you raise your voices louder, you who have been beaten down by the tyranny of the state here in the so-called “United” States of America?  

Or would you prefer go quietly into this dark night and see the America your fathers and their fathers fought and died for, subside into totalitarianism without protest?

I see many who have decided to jump this ship, departing for other countries in hope of finding another place to live and flourish without the all-seeing eye of state looking over their shoulders, monitoring their every move, surveilling their every thought.  But I wonder it this the answer?  Can you escape the tyranny that is moving through the land and around the world if you do not stand your ground?

4 thoughts on “Project Camelot: The Last Time We Had a Coup in America

  1. You have to be very careful with this kind of selected intel, not to mention the source. This could easily be the starting of civil war and unrest that the Bush cabal wants to start ( which has been reported by a few after this last presidential election). They played this hand on the Middle East for decades. Dividing the people, creating chaos, economic hardship, death everything to keep the masses distracted and fighting amongst themselves and straw-men enemies of no real relevance, while the real enemy ( Bush cabal) goes unnoticed!

  2. Kerry couldn't be more wrong. The world is tired of the American delusion of self-exceptionalism. Then end of American hegemony IS the best hope of the world. America should humbly step down from its self-appointed role as master of the world, and begin making restitution for all the harm it has done, such as the destruction of Native American culture.And standing defiantly against "The Powers That Be" as she defines them, just gives more power to them. Chris Duane has a more enlightened approach:

  3. Concerning America, Doug Casey says: "America, once the land of the brave and the home of the free, is well on its way to becoming a police state – worse than any we've seen in the past, including the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany." think it's too late to save America. I tried for decades to wake people up there, to make a stand as Kerry urges. But like Abraham's nephew Lot, I could not find even 50 righteous people there, not 40, 30, 20, not even 10, and so left. With each day that passes, America bears more resemblance to the biblical Sodom, and I'm glad to be far away from it. Kerry says we can't escape tyranny by leaving America, but I believe she is wrong about that.

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