November 20, 2012 at 7:38 PM

I was sent the following today from a source who was warned to stay clear of the Patraeus matter:

… A WhiteHatCIA contact advises quote “Intel Community already caught up in this FireStorm. Further involvement will burn all parties down to the ground.. Obama issued a Scorched earth policy on these events… to become radioactive… you get anywhere near this you will ALL die.. All subject matter on this is going Nuclear as we speak. I advise you & any others: … find you own way out as you will not survive the FireStorm let alone the impending fallout.”.– from an undisclosed source

Note: please be aware the above terms “nuclear” and “radioactive” are descriptors and not meant to be literal…

7 thoughts on “Project Camelot: PATRAEUS "AFFAIR" WIDENS…

  1. : Obama went to Mars with Basagio. My sources say Drake was part of it too though he was kicked out of the program due to physical issues. But. Minds between Obama and Drake were exchanged! So the real Drake dwells within Obama… It perfectly matches with what Lambremont recently said that Obama was pre-selected through time travel. Basagio never knew about this. :

  2. All hats are clearly on Fire. Seems like a ScorchedHat message to me. No soul dies. And even bodies just transform into dust by Life. Not death. Stop worrying. Obama might just be a good soul with too little Matrixical power.Doesn't matter no more. Matrix is fading. Nowadays/Newadays power is in humbleness and authenticity and That can't be brokered or broken. Take off the hats and show a heart. Learn from Obama?

  3. Anonymous 3:52Care to back the Obama statement with ANYTHING whatsoever? If Obama is a light worker and he and his family are protected by Ascended masters and others…as many claim; then he should NO LONGER fear the Cabal and would have no problem validating this by showing we the people a simple sign. A few simple ones for starters: stopping the chem trails; stop sending drones killing thousands of innocent men, woman and children or better yet, man the F**K up, go on TV and tell IsreHell their terrorist acts and killing of innocent Palestinian people will no longer be tolerated. I think we both know this will never happen but the ignorant will continue lining up excuses as to why he cant do such things. BS

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