United States of America Now Part of The Keshe Foundation

We are proud to announce that today 15.11.2012 the Nation of United States of America has received the USB stick containing all patents and blueprints of nuclear reactor plasma spaceship technology of the Keshe Foundation.

We welcome our American brothers in the family of the Keshe Foundations’ spaceship program and surely we will reach new horizons with the addition of American government and NASA to our family.


Following My letter offering as a gift the spaceship program to the ambassador of USA in Belgium in late October, on the 6.11.2012 at 3.45 pm I was in receipt of an e-mail in response to this friendly offer from the USA embassy in Brussels.

The content of the e-mail from the embassy confirmed that USA is ready to accept the gift of the nuclear reactor plasma spaceship technology of the Keshe Foundation and in return e-mails immediately the date was agreed as was suggested by the embassy.

Today 15.11.2012 at 3pm at the appointed place the director of the Keshe Foundation and the senior officer of the US embassy met in a friendly and cordially manner and the spaceship technology USB stick was handed over to the government of United States of America.

We have offered the US and NASA our full support for their development and deployment of this technology.

With this meeting and exchange of nuclear technology we hope to bring to an end the lasting apparent animosity between the two nations.

We shall build on this progress to bring peace into space for all nations.

I as the director of the Keshe Foundation and an Iranian nuclear scientist, I thank His Excellency president Obama for ordering such a move by his embassy.

In our meeting we have reached and extended the hand of peace from our side to His nation and I hope this will be reciprocated the same by his Excellency president Obama, now that borders have become meaningless with deployment of this new spaceship program and technology.

I thank the American ambassador His Excellency Mr. Gutman for this most gracious move and I am sure the first steps towards peace between two nations as is the wish of Iran has come to take shape.

With Kindest regards to all men of peace

M T Keshe
The director of the Keshe Foundation


12 thoughts on “United States of America Now Part of The Keshe Foundation

  1. he wrote something about how this technology will not be as "easy" and pie in the sky as people make it out to be..that it will actually have its own set of problems and difficulties..describing what can happen if the reactor fails when a ship is passing through solid matter, or when the ship intersects with live beings.

  2. As much as I want to believe in a peaceful transition away, from our Military's Murderous inflamation of the Near and Middle East, I'm not holding my breath. Lets not so quickly forget the lessons of History where, both Bush and "His Excellency" King Insane Obambam, went out of their way, to manufacture the most flimsy unsupported excuses, to Murder and Plunder almost every country in the Near and Middle East. It's no secret that, "His Most Excellency" King Insane Obambam, is just panting and chomping at the bit, for his chance to invade Iran and begin a, Peaceful, Loving, Nuclear WWIII. From which, the World may not survive. But hey, look on the brite side. It will be a Very Holy event, as everyone will be blasted into Kingdom Come, and we will all have our long awaited chance to ascend. When I look at it that way, Guess I shouldn't complain. The thought of our Military, is now in possession of yet another type of "nuclear reactor plasma spaceship technology" makes my skin crawl. What new evils will they think of, to deploy against the Citizens of the U.S. and/or the innocent peoples of the world. Until I see our War Hungry Military stand down, and Truely Peaceful Uses of ALL Available Technologies,(not Orwellian doublespeak Peaceful) I will continue to Prepare for the worst, and Hope and Pray like the Devil for the Best of the Good. Based on "His Excellency" King Insane Obambam's past performance,(say one thing, do another / do one thing, say another) I'd say we have a lot to be concerned about. On the other hand, I'm sure Obambam's die hard, idolizing fans and supporters, will be just proud as hell, for the oppertunity to Die the Hard way for him. Lord HELP us ALL, for they know not what they do. ka

  3. For every action, there is an opposite and equal reaction. For every new technology, there are a whole new set of problems that must be over come. If possible. All technology can be a double edged sword. One side used for Good, while the other side gets used for Bad. The good side of new technology is that, even if it fails, it could be the spring board for something even better, that will work. ka

  4. This stinks to high heaven…. If they really want to make a difference and kill off the money supply to the cabal (and at the same time kill off any threat to Iran)then give all us common folk a usb stick which stores a simple free energy device to power a home.

  5. This smacks of the same type of tech transfer the Grey's gave Eisenhower….nuclear reactions are really old tech…so exactly whst did we get…..? More distraction….US SPACE COMMAND has way more advanced tech…lets just use it…it's Already available …just got to put it in the right hands…"we the peoples "….hands.

  6. I agree, there is probably a more advanced tech what Keshe has, but maybe they can't release that because it would violate a treaty? I just think that we have to be weary of any technology 'gifts' that aren't human derived. We might be getting trinkets compared to what is really out there, and at what cost? I remember the Lenape Indians who sold Manhattan Island to the Dutch for very little (for the Dutch). How did that turn out for them? If Mr. Keshe received this technology from an ET, he needs to disclose that. Technology isn't the final solution, but we need to harness it for the means of achieving self sustainability, which would aid in unity.-O

  7. So somehow the same american government responsible for murdering millions of people is now going to distribute free energy technology to its slaves? Come on people, there have been free energy scams like this for decades. If you "our leaders" in "our" government are all of a sudden going to come to the light and save us all, you are still hopelessly enslaved. If Keshse really wanted to share this technology with the world. First, he would have NO patents on it. A patent is a government guarantee to use agressive force to protect your monopoly. Second, he wouldnt give the technology to the governments, he would ismply use the file sharing sites and other forms of communications.Peoples reliance on the government on this website is the worst case of stockholm syndrome I have ever seen. One article bashes all of the US presidents and the government itself. Yet the next article rants on about how obama is a secret agent of the light and is going to come out in the open about it and shut down the cabal. Seriously learn some real history and do not have blind faith in other people or organizations

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