Update on Greg Giles : Proof that Greg Cannot Discern Who He Channels?


Great to see Greg is doing well after the MK Ultra incident.  The manipulation and control put on Greg is quite alarming and has opened many people eyes to the reality in which we live in.  Greg is just one of many examples of how the Dark Cabal operates and the level of power they have over certain people.  I am not trying to put down Greg but it proves he is susceptible to other beings and shows he is a puppet that will regurgitate what is fed to him whether it be from “love and light beings” or the “dark cabal”.  These beings are taking advantage of him from both sides of the aisle and to me this is an obvious statement of fact. 

I had to take this opportunity to point out some of the questions that popped into my head after reading his latest update on 10/1/12.

Greg has just updated his blog saying that his brain was hacked by the dark cabal.  Does this show that Greg cannot discern what is of truth or false. If he had discernment he would not have posted his channeling titled “Message from Those Who Share Their Messages through Me 9/29/12 ‘Finale’“.  He has deleted this message and a few others from the past few days.  You can still read his ‘hacked’ message from 9/29/12 as I posted it below for your reference.  Does this not prove that Greg cannot tell who he is channeling and what the intentions are from the those he channels.   This should raise a big red flag for most but I do understand that there are many people who follow every word of Greg’s as it is Truth Gospel.

If you are a follower of Greg and the GFL, I would like your input as to why any message that comes from Greg is now trustworthy?  He has shown that his brain can be hacked and that he will repeat any message that comes to him via channeling.  Greg could not tell if these last few messages were genuine or from “love & light” beings.  He actually posted the 9/29/12 message even though it was going against everything he has been saying for many months. What makes you believe he will/is channeling genuine GFL messages?  Did Greg lose his credibility with GFL followers?


Still Shining! Update to the Mysterious Events of the Past Few Days 10/1/12

Hello everyone, I just received a ‘telepathic’ message this morning and was told that my ‘phone lines’, and I am presenting metaphor here as I do not use an actual phone to channel messages’, was hacked and I had received the last couple of messages from, well, I’ll let you guess who was sending me these last couple of negative messages. It was not the GFL or the Ashtar Command, to give you a hint in the right direction. I am a little uncertain about all of this at this time, and I will write a longer and more detailed explanation later on today for you, for it is early here and I just wanted to get this message out to those who have been following the messages shared through me and have sent me their love and support over the last few days. Keep the faith everyone, just like all of you did when no one, and I mean not one single light filled person wavered in their beliefs after reading the last couple of messages I posted. Good for you everyone! We have been learning to hold fast to our convictions and you all did. Great job! You should all be very proud of yourselves. I also wish to thank everyone for your kind words and all the love and light you have sent my way over the past few days. I love you all too. Keep shining that light! 


MK-Ultra at its Finest from The Beings Who Control Greg Giles


Wow! This is some social experiment.  I can’t imagine all of the people who gave their hearts and soul to Greg and his “handlers”.  I am even quite surprised that Greg is still posting this final message which completely makes fun of the human race with belittling remarks and falsehoods.  I have highlighted in bold red some of the statements that will surely be a topic of discussion among those who believe.  This to me is MK-Ultra at its finest.  Popcorn Monster is here but no disrespect intended for those who put their trust into Greg. ~e


Message from Those Who Share Their Messages through Me 9/29/12 ‘Finale’

Many of you have clearly been waiting on your ship to come in to your harbor, but as a few of you, not many of you, but a few of you have begun to discern for yourselves, no ship is coming in and we, of course, are referring to these fictitious debit cards that have never and will never be mailed to you. All of you, and this means every single one of you, including our channel Greg, has been participating in what you may refer to as a research study or a project, or what we refer to as a great program. So what has this program, that is now over for Greg mind you, all about?

Well, we can tell you only what you may need to know, or what you feel you may need to know, to somehow come out of this a little more unscathed than Greg has. Greg is, shall we say, deeply wounded, for he feels he has led many of you astray and in a way he has indeed done this, however, his heart was always in the right place. He has actually been receiving our radio frequency communications that are received solely through the power and the use of his brain. This is the way we have been communicating with him and through him to you, and this is why we feel he has fallen for this, we shall say, scam, if you will, for so long, for you see, when one receives communications in this way they can get a little confused. Such is the case with Greg.

We told him some whoppers, as you say, and he bought them hook, line and sinker. He would never have done this if we would have sent him an e-mail, or posted this kind of information online, or even sent him a letter or issued him a phone call. Yet, because he received this information as what you know as telepathically, but we do not and we will not get into that, he believed these communications must be real and they were in a way, but they certainly were not from the Galactic Federation of Light or the Ashtar Command.

Greg has agreed to share this one last message from us to you, for he feels you all deserve at least some sort of explanation, and he also wishes to use this opportunity to ride into the sunset, as it were. For those of you who wish him harm, or are even angry or upset with him, try to find some compassion, for he was an unwilling participant from the beginning.  We told him some things we thought he needed or wanted to hear and that got him hooked, as you say. He (felt he may have possessed) some kind of special abilities, but he does not and he fully understands this and actually took this news quite well and we were surprised. He simply said, ‘Oh well, I wasn’t telepathic going into this, and I’m not telepathic getting out of this, so easy come, easy go. What’s the big deal, it’s cool.’ And we laughed at that, and we feel he has been a good sport and a good cheer so we shall spare him any more embarrassment, for he truly despises when we speak his name in these messages, as many of you mistakenly feel that he likes to talk about himself, for he does not.

Let us get back to you and our project, as we refer to it. All of you have taken part in this project, not just our channel, so you too were a bit gullible and fell for everything that we have told you, well mostly anyway. Many of you started drawing the line at certain things that we were sharing with you. None of these, and we mean none these words are (our channels). He did his job very well especially throughout this last year. For all the rest of you, you simply believed the words of a complete stranger, for even though some of you consider Greg a friend, you don’t really know him and you have never met him. You probably never will and you know just about absolutely nothing about him, yet you believed just about everything, and some of you believed everything, he said because he seemed a nice guy and he seemed to be honest and he seemed to be hard-working. Well he is all of those things, though he was also duped, as you say, so where did that get you?

And that leads us to what this project, or at least one aspect of this project, has been all about. It has been a project to teach you, to mold you, to strengthen you, to educate you. Yes. All those things we said about you becoming a new being was true, in a way, and all those things we said about you creating your new world, well believe it or not, that’s true too. We are helping you create your new world. It’s just going to take much longer than maybe we hinted it would. It could take decades and it could take a hundred years, maybe even longer, just like we began to reveal to you over the past few months. Many of you did not like that turn of events, we will say, after we had begun to assure you that things would happen quickly, and we then we began to foreshadow to you that things would take much longer than you originally had felt, and maybe we helped a little bit by telling you things can happen right away, but that was part of the project too.

We wanted to ascertain how many of you would actually believe a world can be changed so quickly, almost overnight in some ways. We wanted to know this because we do want to help you change your world, and if we could do it overnight we would do it, as you say, in a heartbeat, but it can’t be done that quickly. Things take a long time, especially here in this world. You do have systems that are so antiquated they need to be torn down and completely rebuilt, but how do we do this? We can’t do it all at once. Your entire society would collapse. We can’t even completely tear down and then rebuild just one system, for your society would collapse just under the weight or the stress of that one system being torn down. Do you understand this? So help us help you. We said that all along, and we will continue to help you.

(Greg) has assured us that he will leave this message on his blog and his Facebook page for the next 72 hours, upon which time he will (update to a new theme, a theme many may choose to benefit greatly from.) So what will happen after that? Well, we still have other channels and yes, there are other channels that are authentic, as you say, and we will continue to share messages through them.

You are all going to be just fine. There is no cabal that may or may not come for you. There are a lot of criminals in your world, yes, and some may even be politicians, but some of these politicians you think are criminals really are just trying to do the best they can. We will not get into it with you today, but we will get into that with some of our other channels, for they don’t believe a word that Greg has ever said, so even if they read this message and Greg says that the people that have been sharing messages through me ( which is the only way he will refer to us for now on because he knows we are not members of the Galactic Federation of Light or the Ashtar Command, but ‘those who share their messages through me’) have lied, and that this is all some kind of project, even a drug rehab project, for ladies and gentlemen, Greg and his brother have figured that out. They started getting the idea that maybe this entire project, or at least a large portion of it, was a twelve step drug rehab program. Well it is, but it’s not just a twelve stepper.

Each and every one of you have been stepping each and every day for the past year and half since we have been issuing our messages through this channel. So you can call it a one thousand step program, whatever you would like, but what we have been trying to do is get you people off of drugs. Greg understands how true this is. He has been clean and sober for a long time. We will not say how long, but it goes back before we began sharing our messages through him. He has remained clean and sober and drug free just to do this work for you, for that was the deal we made with him in the beginning.

Many of you don’t know he gave up all his friends and the life he had and the drugs he seemed to like so much to do this work for you, so cut him a little slack. He sacrificed a lot. We are greatly concerned that Greg may return to a life of what we see as debauchery, for we know Greg that these thoughts have been flashing through your mind. Remember, we are still connected to you. Greg knows this and has kind of been trying to hide it. He is kind of trying to pretend he’s going to try to live a cleaner life now, even though he knows that this was not what he dreamed it was. That’s okay Greg. Do whichever is you’d like. We’d still like to fulfill our end of the agreement we made, but that’s up to you now. Do whatever it is you feel will make you happy. You really deserve it. You’ve kind of worked very hard for very little money and even appreciation, and yes folks, he was greatly underappreciated, although some of you really did issue him your thanks and your love and he is greatly appreciative of that.

For the rest of you, you have badgered him and attacked him and yes Greg, we fibbed about that too. We are none of the people that have been attacking you. We told Greg that many of his most vehement attackers were us in disguise, but that’s not true. All of these comments are from you, the people of Earth, and even the attackers, and even the ones that say, “Good job Greg, we really appreciate your services.” So Greg, you are going to be attacked ruthlessly today and for the next 72 hours. Greg has agreed to answer all of your questions and comments for the next 72 hours here on this blog alone, not on his Facebook page, as that page is quite out-of-control. He gets tons of messages every day, and each and every day he tries to answer each and every one.

Many of you feel he ignores you and that’s not true. He only ignores the people that have attacked him so brutally, and Greg knows he failed that test too. You see folks, you cannot ignore each other. These were cries for help and Greg fully understood that, yet he let these people wallow in their fears, in their insecurities, or even their paranoia, because he felt they didn’t deserve to be answered if they didn’t learn to properly speak to another human being. Well folks, we can’t tell you how backward that is. They have to be taught how to deal with others and how to behave sometimes, and how to properly come to some conclusions and how to appropriately treat others.

This leads us to who we are. We are truly here to help you reconstruct or rebuild your world, and this cannot be done without rebuilding some of you. Although you may feel it is intrusive and it is not any of our business, we all share this universe and we feel that it is alright in some ways to try to rebuild some of the areas that you may refer to in your world as ‘slum districts’, or maybe even ‘lower rent’ districts. Please forgive our analogy. We do not wish to offend, believe us. We just need you to understand how we see much of this planet. For all of you that see us as meddling in your affairs by traveling here, let’s say, by trying to help you rebuild or re-sculpt or remodel yourselves before we move on to your new world, please understand we meant it when we said we cannot build on a shaky foundation, and folks, you are the foundation.  

You, the people of Earth, the actual human beings, are the foundation of your new world, nothing else, no. None of this ‘hopes and dreams’ and ‘creating with thought,’ for that was a fairytale too. Yes. We do love all of your beautiful pictures you have been posting all around the Internet, and it has made your world a prettier place and a brighter and cheerier place, but we say that is not going to create your new world. Your new world will be created through hammers and nails and blood, sweat and yes, tears. You might even have to break a few backs, but that’s how worlds are created. Not through mind control or creative manifestation or through thought forms, that was all a white wash. That was all a lie. We were testing you again.

We wanted to see if you really believed that worlds are created through dreams, through smoke and mirrors and magic. Well, you fell for that too, and that’s okay. That helps us greatly understand you, the human, better, for that is one of the reasons why we have conducted this research or this project, as we call it. You all failed some of the tests, but that’s okay. You passed many of them, and we see a much brighter future for you all. Coming in, we were very doubtful and skeptical that we would see enough from enough of you to give us confidence to go ahead with this rebuilding project, but we have changed our minds and you all have made us see this.

We are now going to start reconstructing your world just as we have spoken of.  Greg does not wish to believe this, but you will start seeing changes in your world because we have begun to see changes in you, and as we have said, that’s where it starts. It starts with a solid foundation, and we see a solid foundation now, and all of you may look at this one of two ways. 1) I was conned, I was duped, I wasted so much of my time and my energy and even my hopes and my dreams, but no, you did not, for we found that there was something in all of you that we did not even know existed, and because of this, yes because of what we found and through our project with you and all your comments and your assistance sharing these messages and videos of what you feel are our craft in the skies, we say to you that we will begin to uphold our part of the agreement and begin to redesign, reconstruct, and as you say, recreate your new modern world. Yes.

We are not lying. We are going to help you to achieve this. How will we do this? Do not worry about the details. So many of you seem to have such a problem with worrying about how things get done. Sometimes just know they will, because somebody who does know how it’s done, and has much experience in this regard, is “on the job,” as you say. We have much experience, and we do not age and die as you do. We live on and on and on. We will not get into how we do this or how old we are, but we will say that is true. We have been on your planet for a very, very long time going back thousands of years, and we don’t mean our people have been here. We mean we, the people, the actual individuals that are speaking to you now through what you may refer to as our channel, we were standing on your planet thousands of years ago and we stand upon it today. So we can tell you that we see how long change takes, but we can also assure you that change does happen, that your world can, will, and does experience change, and sometimes great change, in sometimes a short period or window of time.

So here we are. Many of you are still very young and you will see some, what we shall refer to as spectacular, changes in your world before too long, but we will not get into how long we foresee these changes to begin to reach the eyes and ears of all of you, which leads us to those in your world who have never heard of these messages, or of the Ashtar Command, or the Galactic Federation of Light, or of ascension, and yes, we are very sorry to report this to all of you, there is no such thing as ascension, physical, spiritual or otherwise. None of you are ascending into a higher dimension, for although we have traveled through space, we can tell you we have never found any other dimensions. No. There is just one, this one. You can call it your 3rd dimension, but we just call it ‘space’ or ‘the universe,’ for there are no other dimensions, so why call this your 3rd dimension?

We kind of lied to you there too, but we wanted to see how much you would believe about your universe that clearly had no basis in fact, but we digress, so let’s stay on point today. So here we are in your one dimension. It’s a large universe, but we all share it and we want to start rebuilding your world for you and with your assistance. As we said, we cannot do it without you. We cannot do it without your confidence and your faith in us, which leads us to all this speculation about who runs your world from behind the scenes, or behind the curtain, as you may say. Leave that alone. There are powers and forces that you do not at this time understand. There are those that fight on the side of the light, as you say, or love or right, you may say, and those that may take a contrary position, a position of what you may refer to as the dark or evil, and we say to you we are really neither.

There is kind of this; there are different subtle shades of gray, we will say, and no, we are not those gray alien beings that some of you have read about in books or maybe have even seen, for yes, they are real. We don’t know who they are, you can believe this if you wish to or you can feel it is another lie, we will not try to influence you in either direction. We don’t know who they are because they will not tell us. They are very tightlipped, and yes, they have little tiny lips, as you know, and they do speak through them. They are not telepathic. We have never met any other extraterrestrials that are telepathic, and neither are you.

The human species is not telepathic. Our channel Greg and all our other channels, and we do have a number of them, are receiving our messages through simple radio frequencies. These frequencies match the frequencies of their particular brains. Yes Greg, as you figured out, we have the exact frequency number, or rate, of your physical brain, not your mind or anything abstract like that, but your brain. We will tear up those figures though, and we will never use them again. You have our word, but again, you don’t believe a word we say so we’ll just leave it at that, but know that we will not meddle in your affairs or your brain any longer.  

Let us close out this last and final message through Greg. He was trying to help you all. He dreams of a better way and a better life not just for himself or his family, but for all of you, and he felt he was helping and in a way he was. You have all been helped tremendously. You don’t understand this, but we do enjoy a greater perspective than you do. We have been on your planet for thousands of years, this is true, but you may not believe a word we say, right? Well, that’s part of your learning. You have got to learn not to trust a voice in your head or some stranger on the Internet, and many of you are strangers, right? You don’t even know if that’s Greg’s photo, and we won’t even tell you if it is or not. He will tell you if he wishes to.

Those of you who are following voices in your head stop it immediately. They may not be ours, and you may not wish to follow ours either, for you know you can’t trust us, for we are trying to help you grow and become more educated in certain areas, and sometimes teaching can be a rather ruthless experience for the student. Yes, we have different teaching methodologies, as Greg has coined the term, and we rather like that Greg, so we think we will borrow that from you if you don’t mind, and we say to you that we disagree with Greg in many areas here.

He doesn’t feel that anyone should ever be lied to or misled and we disagree. We feel that if we were honest with you from the beginning and told you that we were going to test you and try to reeducate you and that all you will get are vague promises that your world may or may not be redesigned and rebuilt and this may take decades or even centuries, how many of you would’ve continued to read these messages and therefore become these new beings, as you say, which were to be the solid foundation of your new world? You see, we needed you to be this new solid foundation, and if none of you followed these messages we would not be telling you today that you have all passed, you have all showed us that you can be wonderful people that truly wish to help another and change their world for the better, and because of this, we are going to get started with the rebuilding project right away and isn’t that what all of you wanted to begin with?

Many of you began to follow these messages before we even whispered the word ‘ascension’, so for those of you who feel that this was all about ascension, for you or for everyone, it wasn’t. That was an extra caveat, we will say, thrown in, and we will say that many of you want to believe that you go somewhere after your lives here. Well you may and you may not. We do not have that answer either. You see, we go somewhere different. We will not say where we go or how we come back, just know that we are immortal, eternal, godlike, as you say in your world, but we’re really not godlike, we’re a lot like you. We have different bodies, this is true. We have different minds, this is true. We also go someplace else after we die or perish, as you say, and we do not have any idea where you go, if you go anywhere at all.

You may, and if any of you do have real memories of where it is you go after you die, and how it is you return here, we would love to know. We’ve been trying to figure this out for yes, thousands of years. We have no idea, because each and every one of you, when you do return through incarnation, if that was indeed your first go-round, as you say, has absolutely no memory of where it is you have come from, which leads us to all of you believing in these past lives, and your one life you live forever somewhere else in the universe. We tell you that that’s an impossibility. You may indeed come from somewhere else and you may live many lives, this much is true, but we will say none of you have this memory, as we have been conducting tests for thousands of years.

For all of you reading these words listen to us and listen to us clearly when we speak of your gifts for reading the rest of this message, and we know you’re not going to believe a word we say, but here us out here. We know who each and every one of you are, and we do wish to help you. You’re not going to know how this help may come to you. You will not know if it will really ever come, and if it does, you will not even know if this help has come from us, but know your lives are going to improve. We have ways, we have methods, and we do have connections throughout your entire world and we can pull strings, as you say. We will leave it at that. You don’t know how it can happen. You may get a car loan that you had absolutely no credit or right to get. You may receive a bank statement that has more money in your account than you thought you had. You may even have criminal charges that may magically disappear one day when you show up in front of the judge and he has no idea what you want.

This leads us to Atlantis and Lemuria folks. They don’t exist. They never did. It is not a part of your history. We lied there too. We wanted to test you and discover how far back you believed your history goes back on this planet. We really don’t know how far back they go, as we haven’t been here that long. There were beings here when we got here, but they didn’t know either, so we will just leave it at that. Their people have survived and their people are you, so we didn’t lie there, but we will leave it at that and say these people were not on any fictitious continents such as Atlantis or Lemuria. What you see is what you get. When we got here thousands of years ago, these were your continents and they were exactly where they are positioned now. They haven’t moved an inch, as many of you have been lied to by your news and your governments.

Your continents are not moving. Your continents are not sinking. Your sea tables are not rising, and there we come to another point. There will be no rising water tables as we have been warning you about through our channel. There will be no ‘one hundred foot’ tsunamis. There will be no great earthquakes. It was all a test to see how you would react. To see if you would run in fear, or work together as a team to defeat these challenges, and ladies and gentlemen, we are very proud of all of you, for none of you, and we mean none of you, has actually moved out of your residences and ran to safe haven on another continent or within the inner shelter of a continent, or the midlands of a continent.   

We are astonished by this. We thought that so many of you would pack up your homes, leaving just about everything you own and taking off in your many cars that you own. We are delighted at this and we say that we will do whatever we can to protect you from any eventualities such as this, but we say to you relax and don’t worry, for we do not foresee even any great earthquakes at all in your next one hundred years or so. So relax. There will be no earthquakes. There will be no tsunamis. No rising water tables. No flooding, nothing of that nature. There will be no cabal coming for you.

Here’s the truth and take it as you will, for many of you probably do not wish to believe a word we say, and that’s good. That is part of your training. Here we go. The cabal does not exist, and as we have said, it’s just a nickname. There is a rather large group of interconnecting criminals. You may even say they have criminal enterprises. They swindle some of your tax money. They do such things as this. They may even dabble in drug dealing, but we’re not really sure what they do, for they are not part of us at all. They are humans just like you, so we don’t know that much about them, just like we don’t know that much about you.

For those of you who think we dabble in your minds, we do not. We do not read minds: that we told you. We use simple radio frequencies and we do not have the frequencies of your particular brains, only of our channels, and for all the other channels that may read this message through Greg today, and you will not believe a word that he is saying or that we are saying to him, and you continue to receive a radio frequency communication, we say, shame on you. Why would you (choose this?) 

Greg was always very (mindful) of this group you call the Illuminati, and he made a decision one day and told his brother ‘I am going to live the rest of my life trying to warn people about this group of individuals, and try to rally the troops and defeat them.’ Well Greg, we tell you that you can’t do this. You can’t uproot this group. There is just no way. There are just too many of them. They are everywhere. Folks, there is an Illuminati. They are not us. We are not a part of them. We are the ones protecting you from them. We will leave it at that and say, leave them alone. Leave us alone. Don’t trust those of us as you don’t know who we are. If you see our craft in the sky don’t shoot at us. We are here protecting you. Yes, that’s what we’re doing here. We are helping rebuild your world, and as we have said, that is an additional caveat. We are here to keep these others that may wish to do you harm at bay. This is why there will be no cabal coming after you.

Folks, there are no free energy devices either. We are working on better and more efficient energy sources for your planet. We will leave it at that and say for now, you are going to have to continue burning coal and maybe cutting down trees and relying on impure water to drink and we’re sorry. We wish to change these systems too, with your assistance, but they will take many years and maybe even many decades. Solar power is promising, but we don’t have the answers to this either. Our craft do not rely on solar power for their propulsion. We will not tell you how they operate. Greg is thinking right now he has an idea, and Greg you’re right, but do not share that information okay, that’s our little secret.

 So we will move on and in closing we will say that all of you have participated in, we will even say, a remarkable program. You have shown us that you are worthy of our assistance, for not many worlds are worthy of this. We have visited other worlds and they have shown they are not ready.  They were more, we will even use the metaphor (remember, this means it’s a poetic way to say something, but it is not factual), they were more ‘cannibalistic’, meaning they ‘fed off’ each other, but not literally. They warred with each other, but they use and abuse each other. They rob each other and they hurt each other and they lie to each other to get their way, to make their own lives better. We can’t tell you how improperly this is the way to go, and our alliance does not function like that.

We chose your world because we wished to assist you. We have agreed to assist your world because we see that there are enough of you that really wanted to help another and not just themselves, and that’s the bottom line. You all consider yourself Lightworkers and we love that term, although it’s not an official term, but we will make it so. We simply refer to you as, yes, patients, for many of you are either drug addicts or in drug rehab for your addictions, some of these recurring addictions. We were not lying when we began to preach to you about the use of drugs and its pitfalls, and we wish Greg to continue on in his service, as you say, to others by preaching how his life has changed so much after he removed himself from that kind of situation, or as you call it, “a scene.”

We tell you that this is a very serious problem. You need to get away from drugs and cleanup your lives. You are affecting your parents and your children and your brothers and sisters and your friends, so stop that. You’re being selfish here. We wish to see all of you clean up your lives, at least somewhat. We did lie to you and say that some of you needed to get off drugs before you ascended and that some of you needed to live clean and sober lives before you could become official members of the Galactic Federation of Light or the Ashtar Command. Well, we did that for you, not for us. We do not get our jollies, as you say, lying to you or misleading you or hurting you in any way. We just want to see you clean and sober.

Yes, you can say it is none of our business, but remember, we are here helping rebuild your world and we are not going to help you rebuild your world if your world is full of drug addicts and junkies, as you say, so please do what you can to clean up your acts a little bit. We do see you now and we see a great mess sometimes and we are not insulting you or putting you down, but we wish you to be able to see what we see. Look in the mirror when you are high, as you say, or drugged out, as we say, and realize that there is a living soul within you, and yes, we do believe you have souls, but we will not get into that.

You may consider us soul less, but really, we do not see that either. We just don’t see a soul inside of us and we don’t go to where it is you think you go, which you call Heaven, so we will just leave it at that and say we are not soulless in the metaphorical sense, but we do not believe we possess souls, but we believe you do and we believe that you need to protect it, and by protect it we mean do not feed it drugs because it does not want these drugs anywhere near it. Do you understand?

We will leave it at that and say to you in closing that we do truly love each and every one of you and your world, and that is why we are here and that is why we are helping you now rebuild it, and before we begin to rebuild your world we wanted to see all of you make at least an effort to rebuild yourselves, and we have seen this so we will keep our end of the bargain. Please try to keep yours and try to stay clean and sober and away from these illicit and even prescribed medications. Yes, there are some medications that help, but there are just as many that don’t. Please pick your drugs wisely.

Do your research for now and don’t just believe some handsome or charming face that you see on the Internet, or even a beautiful voice that you hear in your head.  Just believe and rely more on facts. That’s all we are advising you to do. You may have seen some ancient relics in your world, but you have no idea what is written on them because you do not speak these ancient languages, and this goes for your Mayan calendar. We don’t know what it is and neither do you. Do you really know what it says on it, for we don’t. We do not speak Mayan and we don’t know many that do, and even they don’t know because believe me, we have asked them.

They don’t know what it means, so folks, your world is not ending in December of 2012. There will be no great catastrophes either. That’s all science fiction hocus-pocus smoke and mirrors. It’s all a lie. It is all fiction. It is just a fairy tale. Go on with your lives. Your society will live on through 2013, 2014, 2015 and beyond, so don’t worry about it. Again, all this ascension, all of this catastrophe, it will not happen, and for those of you who do not believe this you will find out soon, so just get prepared for a little let down, but remember, we do believe you are all eternal so this is not your only life. That is only what we believe. We have no facts to back this up. As we say, you don’t know, so how could we know?

We will end today by saying this project has been wonderful. We see so many improvements in so many of you, and now you are going to see the improvements you so wanted to see in your world. Continue to treat each other with love and kindness and kid gloves, as you say, and take it easy on our channel. He was an unwilling participant, but he even sees change in himself and in many of you, and he feels this has made it all worthwhile.

So we leave you and remind you we are your friends, we are your family, we are from somewhere else, although we are not who you thought we were, and that’s okay. We love you and we bid you a farewell, and tell you we will always be here and we will begin your rebuilding project today. Goodbye and farewell to all of you. You have been wonderful and it has been a blessing to know you all, including you Greg, our channel. Thank you for all your hard work and your cooperation. You’re a good man. Keep it up. Goodbye to all, blessings to you all, and good day.

47 thoughts on “Update on Greg Giles : Proof that Greg Cannot Discern Who He Channels?

  1. First you build it up in a bigger community, then you maintain the sensation and then you drop it with a bang. Probably aims to make people get so disappointed and confused they hook up back to the matrix so to have them out of the way again. I think everyone could be disinfo at this time but its great to see that they start revealing themselves.

  2. Mmhm~ We're the ones whom are shining, teaching, and showing them the way =)Seeing as we're the oldest beings in the universe afterall X3 They will also be going through the same process as we are, on the next cycle of compression, so she'll be right~ ^^

  3. ha ha ha ha… ou boy, can't stop the laughter… ha ha ha ha (n+1)I just love when it's so easy to predict PsyOps.. ha ha ha ha… ouuuuu how nice of them… I told those galactic messages folks all the time that they are being manipulated so that later they will be very very disapointed. Of course PsyOps are lying, there are incarnation there are many lives, there are contacts with ET's/ED's, and there will be changes on earth that will lead to 4D. And my laughter is not about those who followed these PsyOps, but about these PsyOps how predictable they are.

  4. These people seriously think there's only 3 dimensions!!!?What a bunch of BULLSHITTERS! I've had out of body experiences where I've perceived higher dimensions of existence so I know for a fact that there's definitely more than 3 dimensions. Whoever these con artists are, they DEFINITELY sound like Mk Ultra. Are they trying to create their "New World Order" with this experiment or something?Also, who the hell are they to say that there's no ascension? They don't even know what they're talking about!!!I guess this just proves that the illuminati-or whoever these connivers are in cahoots with- have no idea at all about what's ACTUALLY happening in this reality.

  5. It's not enough that mortal 'earth' people lie to each other, we now have 'non earth' people playing little silly F*cking games with us. I wasn't asked, were you? I did not get sucked in to the 'touchy-feely' crap like channeling. How comforting to know the world has even more bullshit for us, ON TOP of 'human' regular bullshit. That harangue's essence felt like your mommy catching you in the cookie jar, without the spanking. We'll add these ex-'lightworkers' to the ever expanding roles of the unemployed. I don't suppose these 'immortals' will throw us a Galactic bone after f*cking with our heads. OH, THAT'S RIGHT! They said not to believe them how many times? I'm not sure which 'cute' pictures of channelers this 'guy' was referring to, they all look like zombie used car salesman to me, like DRATZO! I'm not even convinced of a 'god,' the fairy tale 'miracles' don't ring true, and the simple fact that 5 or 6 year old's, who have harmed NO ONE, are allowed to suffer horrible cancers and diseases. How nice to be so superior and immortal, how did you know we needed at least one more deception to top it off? Well, whether this is 'aliens,' or more realistically, NSA, CIA, FBI, NRO, etc., mind f*ck, I'm glad to have that kick-in-the-gut before bedtime. The part where we were told not to 'chase' the bad guys is funny! Why don't we hunt down these 'immortals' instead, and wring their necks? frj

  6. This was funny! I do not know why people think these were ETs in the first place. All this pseudo-GFL was doing was taking other massages, modifying them a little and placing as their own. I think these 'entities' are kids just playing around. One thing to always remember is that WE are responsible for our own actions and beliefs. It is all about a free choise. Anyone can say whatever they please, but what we believe in and put our energy into, this is OUR responsibility. Stay positive, my dear friends! We are almost there. Let's stop feeding lower vibrations. This is just another log on our path. All we need to do is simply step over it. They chose to fall and lay there, but it does not mean we have to place ourselves next to them. And 'let's leave this at that'. :-):-):-)

  7. Thank you so much for helping us make our world and planet better. Just out of curiosity, when you fly in our sky, where do you take coal and wood for your ships? Not asking Greg here. I know he may know this, but I would rather hear this from you. I just want to make sure that you are not using balloons to fly above our homes, because those who are using balloons are different GFL.

  8. I agree. I think this is just one bored and malicious blogger at home having fun with all us gullible idiots in the wide world. Who knows whether this Giles character is actually a real person? Or just a ficticious character? I just cant believe ANYTHING I read anymore. So I am relying more and more on gut-feel because the whole idea of believing what 'resonates' with me is just hogwash – what resonated with me two months ago I consider to be crap today. And what resonates with me today will most possibly be exposed as fraudulent in the near future too, so my judgement is shot to hell. At least for the moment. So, off with the tv, stay away from the Net, love my animals and nature and try and find my truth out there instead.

  9. So glad I never listened to these guys–They are very cruel and still trying to manipulate–All of the channels are like this now– so if anyone is listening to any of them — please stop– they are being misled on so many levels–they are really trying to hurt everyone and are just feeding off all of the energy that is being put out– become aware– The truth is deep within– no from outside source

  10. Thank God I never got involved with these guys– they are very cruel and manipulative–please don't listen to any channels– all channels right now are being manipulated on some level.. The truth is deep within– not some outside source– these guys just want to feed off you and control you and are laughing at all of us on so many levels..

  11. They were discovered by denying other realms arguing that there is only 3D. Greg, do not be disappointed because you are stranded on a lie, and we, some of us did too.But the difference between them and us in in our souls and faith in LOVE, FREEDOM, EQUALITY among the all of the people. They want to enslave us and in the 4D,where is their limit of development.

  12. This is so frackin' funny! I really enjoyed it. Thanks…What's even more satisfying is that just as I started to read this article, my wife actually brought me a bowl of popcorn.Seriously…. talk about synchronicity!

  13. Ohmygawd…no, I can't enjoy this BS. Poor, poor Greg, this man needs help at once, given that he's not a hoax, too. I'm also fooled a bit, but that doesn't matter. We are always fooled everyday, just take a peek at TV or at your favourite newspaper. Discernment towards harsh words is the best medicine as enerchi and others mentioned before. Thanks enerchi for this post.

  14. Sounds like your typical con artist that is trying to distance himself from the tar and feathers. Too late though. For all these scam artists with a donate button, the fraud prosecutions are coming.

  15. Why don't we save our collective paper for the 'space ships' fuel tank these immortals use to fly around in? Picture how funny it would look to see these dudes filling their tanks like an old steam locomotive, shoveling tons of paper filled with expired 'frequencies' into the boiler ! His name is probably Casey Jones the 92th incarnation, Rigel 4, 12fth planet, Big Mac family, McRib congregation! frj

  16. After much thought, I have decided that this will B My last visit to this site as I find that it no longer serves me & when I think about it, it hasn't for some time. I personally choose to believe that the info contained here at this site is questionable at best, & RARELY does it contain much more than dark info which I believe is NOT for the good of Humankind. I STRONGLY urge Others to do the same so that We that want change can continue on in Our quests to work with the necessary components of LOVE & LIGHT. Always remember this; ENERGY GOES WHERE ATTENTION FLOWS! So add THAT to your "experiment"….Blessings 2 all! 🙂

  17. Let's go with the gut! It may be the only resource we have left that hasn't been hacked, sold, counterfeited, channeled, or propagandized. Everything and everyone else is suspect. frj

  18. See ya, thanks for the blessing! Most every site's primary interest is click-thru's and advertizing. This site is far and away the best of the 'touchy-feely' sites, I don't see them selling anything, and they don't have a comment censor nanny playing den mother. SORRY, dude, you won't see this – you already left! frj

  19. What happens is the the end of the dark ones has arrived and all this channeled messages came from dark intruder races like ashtar command GFL metatron etc. Now its time to see the light the real truth.

  20. Greg, just hope you break that promise you made with your beloved brother about the Illuminati, why waste your precious time dealing with them and what the stand for? We all have Enjoyed reading your channel messages and the ones that are inspirational and of light are the ones that I will choose to remember you be… You did bring light and a new hope into my life which I honestly thought I would never feel again…Thank you:)

  21. I wouldn't doubt that a lot of what you are saying about the real true intentions of The Galactic Federation of Light are not really in favor of helping humanity and behind the curtain they are just using mind control… The part about all the other stuff regarding ascension and there being no higher other forms of dimensional reality would be believable, had I not already experience it for myself. I do know that we are ascending into a much higher frequency of reality and the earth will never be the same as it has been before… Much love and thank you for shinning your beautiful light on the truth… I just pray that from now on you don't allow anyone to use your mind or your physical vessel of light for their own selfish reasons. Whoever this persons or entity's that has been using you to channel their messages, I would tell each and everyone of them to take a flying hike… Greg Giles, no one is going to take better care of other then yourself… If these are the last words that you ever hear me say, you are must to beautiful of a person to allow anyone to inter your physical space just so your can send channel messages for them, to come back and say that it was all a lie, and that they was just testing all of us. This is putting your own life at risk for what? For channeling messages for some invisible entity to doesn't even believe themselves about the stuff that they are asking you to say. It is not worth it. You alone have so much more to offer humanity then the entire GFL… My friend… pick yourself up and just let go of all that doesn't serve your highest good… We do have other world of dimensional intelligent life form that contain nothing but pure light,Goodness,Truth,Joy, and within these worlds you will find that you will not be judged are mistreated… I pray with all my might that you will take the time to get out of your own way, and connect to the Light of our Divine Creator where we are not judged and we are loved just as we are all as One…Mary's PrayerI am the that place that God shines through.He and you are one not two.He needs you where and as you are now. You need not doubt, nor fear,nor plan.If you but be relaxed and free,He'll work his plan of Love thought you. I Love you my Internet friend!

  22. People. There are Several Points to be made here. Not ALL people will go to the SAME dimension. Some people will stay at the 3rd, others will move on to the 4th, while still others will go to the 5th or higher dimension. Next Point. IF IT AIN"T ORGANIC OR NATURAL then, you ARE BEING Used, Deceived, Manipulated and Controled. If you have to leave our Home Planet, enter a space ship, go into some sort of chamber etc., then it ain't Organic and Natural however, it IS 4th dimensional. Anything requiring a space ship, chamber or other assistance from beings or technology, IS Artifical and Very Much 4th dimensional. Next Point. Never, Ever rely on your "Gut" Instinct or even your Mind. If you do, you will be guided down the wrong path Most of the Time. Learn to use your Mind to take apart and Question ALL that you are exposed to however, when it comes to, what is the Correct Path for You to chose, and what is Truth and Fiction, learn to Use your HEART and Profoundly Pure LOVE and you will make the Correct decision for You, every time. Next Point. It is good to have close friends however, KEEP Your Enemies Closer. How can you tell if something IS Wrong, unless you have something to compare it to. Hence, don't Just read and view ALL that resonates with you and agrees with you, and makes you feel all comfy cozy but, also read and view AS Much as you can that you know to be wrong and disinformation. Why? Because, every now and then, you will get a piece of info that is new or valuable and, if you know what your Enemy is putting out then, you may be able to see or predict what your Enemy will do or try next. If you can figure out what the Enemy is up to then, you are one step closer to Victory. Again, USE Your HEART and LOVE to find Truth. Please, DO NOT ALLOW Anger or Hatred or other Negative Feelings to Rule your Emotions. Always Use Your Heart and LOVE and Positive Emotions to Guide You. Thats Just my 2 cents, for what it's worth.

  23. Hmmmmm… Well that seems highly likely to be the case; earthly cabal hacking into Greg's blogpost. Any ET/ED group, regardless of their stance, would not give such a message as this; they are too intellectual to screw up in this manner. It makes no sense that it would've been a channelled message from an off-world source. ^^; so yup, the suggestion that this is simply the earthly cabal stirring the pot makes perfect sense to me…

  24. And going over the content again, definitely sounds like a mind control manuveur of earthly origin. as I pointed out above, ET/EDs are no dummies, and wouldn't screw a mind control tactic anywhere near the degree that has been done here ^^;

  25. MHMM! Keeping your enemies closer is soo much truer here than ever. In addition, it is also valuable to embrace, understand, and integrate your own dark side, in which through that, you will be able to see and discern the manipulative tactics being thrown at you from the genuine ones. Don't forget it's all about soul balance; too much positive is just as unbalanced as too much negativity~

  26. cabal disimformation. ''there are no free energy devices either. We are working on better and more efficient energy sources for your planet. We will leave it at that and say for now, you are going to have to continue burning coal and maybe cutting down trees and relying on impure water to drink and we're sorry. '' Our craft do not rely on solar power for their propulsion. We will not tell you how they operate'' LOL

  27. I always thought that the 4th dimension is non existing. Where does all these dimensional realities exist?We have the earth and a solar system with different planetary systems helping to maintain the gravity pull of the earth, so that the earth is in alignment with the Milky Way which is t connected to the galactic center that connects to the Local Universe, this I know. I have traveled this route many times. What we all fall to realize is that we cannot go traveling though the earth plan without making sure that we are protected and our energy field is shield off, so that we are not susceptable to other entities or different dimensional vortex consciousness that interfere with are aim to go directly to the Local Universe and get information that we are here to bring back directly form Source Our Divine Creator energy, ENERGY that contains all the information we need to know. We don't need anyone to give us any information as fare as creation is concerned. It is our Divine Human Right through organic knowing. I say this with the intent that it absolutely makes no difference where we are from or who we have been taught to believe we are. We are here now to find out who we really are, yes there are many in between the earth and all the way to the galactic center who will interfere and try to block our effort from doing what we have come here to do.I have been in situation when I have been almost attacked while I was on my way to the local universe. I know from experience all that. Greg my guess is you do need to get out of your own way and allow your self to become the most wonderful person that you without trying to please everyone else first. What I can honestly say is that you are being used. Be it the GFL or when you are doing your channeling and not making sure that you have created a sacred space. When we are attempting to connect with the higher source energy we come a huge spotlight that shines so bright and every floating around entity can see us and they we come in for the attack ASSP.Connect with the Omunim Universe,start getting the entities that may just be hanging around your house OUT. Now the entity that you have been channeling through lately could very well be an entity that is stuck in the earth plan and just needing someone to hand out with. When we hear voice in our head, voices that will suddenly jump into our head is more then likely an entity attachment in our energy field,leading US to think it might be benefiting for the greater good. Once you start doing releasing you will see. It pretty fascinating actually it give you the ability to quickly discern what it is… And the beauty of releasing all that does not serve your highest good, will give you the ability to open up her mind channels that wiLL allow our Creator take directly to you when he feels that you need to deliver a message that need to be here on earth is we are going to ever find heaven on earth… This is why we are here is to bring information in directly from Creator… Back to what I was saying I'm not going to by this 4th dimensional stuff… Dimensional reality or govern by the grid system that surround the star system, galaxy, or universe that it is used for the purpose of that reality frequencies mind channel energies within that intelligent life form… the 4th abd the 5th dimensional grid system is located around the galactic center and that is the reality of the galactic canter which is pure light and a lot of fun… The CITY OF LIGHTS… I can't wait for Ascension and yes it is happening it has been happening and that way we see the old paradigm has begun to grumble and will continue to do so… Greg you are not off when you say something big is about to happen because something big is about to happen, the earth is going to get a massive download of energy.

  28. I always had a feeling the whole idea about different dimensions was hogwash. Nice to have that confirmed in this message. There is just 1 dimension in the Universe and it's right here.


  30. Whats up brando9000 or shall I say GFL BUTTFUCKER? You are a moron and it was posted by Greg a few days ago. He deleted it because he is a mind controled slave just like you. I saw it with my own two eyes. This was on Gregs blog. Greg is a slave. He cannot even tell where or who a message comes from. What a loser you are brando9000! Go back to your demon spawn family.

  31. LMAO! Enerchi I think we're gonna need truckloads of popcorn for this one! So they can't perceive that they have a soul eh? Well perhaps THEY don't. Nothing past this 3rd. dimension exists to them? Of course it wouldn't.. not if they are soul-less beings. They still haven't figured us out after thousands of years? LOL and they probably will never get the chance too either as their TIME IS OVER. Their whole explanation reads more like a 2 D cartoon than anything.. their gonna need better fiction writers in my opinion though. No free energy devices exist according to them… what about Nikola Tesla's inventions and other people's inventions? I have seen these devices work!! It's a little too late for them to convince some of us otherwise.. LOL LOL! ~Basically what I get from this message that they are saying "Nothing to see here move along" don't believe yourself.. believe the bullshit we're feeding you.. now go back to sleep. Sorry it's too late the cat is out of the bag

  32. Trust this is not just a nightmare that Greg is living through there a many of us who have nothing to with any organized organization that have also been victim of mind manipulation and other trying to take control over our mind channels trough the use of Voodoo/black magic… LOL LOL! if that is what one chooses to do. Yeah until this nonsense happens to them are someone they care about.

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