Project Camelot: DAILY INTEL REPORT 09/20/12


This article deserves a Popcorn Monster and Popcorn Deer!


Re:  Disclosure ala ET Wars :  Word is that the Bush cabal has made deals with 5 ET races.  One of those has now become disenchanted with their deal and gone rogue.  This is supposedly at least one group of Reptilians.  
The Navy ships reported off the coast, in international waters off of San Francisco bay are there along with the Chinese “vessels” (read: subs) handling the situation in the Pacific where they are dealing with the undersea bases.  Gordon Duff’s article is alluding to this. These are considered the ‘most hostile’ of the hostile races.
Note:  Gordon was asked to remove my name from his Veteran’s Today article because he was told I was in “danger”…  However, considering Camelot’s motto is “the best place to hide is out in the open” I am not sure that is the real reason and is not contributing to making me feel uh, “safer”.  I was told he is not being threatened over his disclosure because he is not a ‘civilian’ and I am… From what I am told he in theory has the weight of an intel agency behind him.
Duff’s article is one version of the story.  From an intel pov this is like offering the crown jewels in order to placate someone for stealing the silverware.  
The other side to the story is about bankers being arrested by Army rangers, acting under orders from the Hague (operating on Nuremberg protocols) and being held off shore in U.S. Navy ships in international waters 12 miles off the coast of California.  No real evidence of this exists as of this writing.  At least that I am aware of.  In other words, no one is reporting their banker dad or mother, aunt or uncle, is being detained or disappeared.  

However, I do have someone reporting having flown over that area of the coast “recently” and seen “battleships”…
Further to this story is the rumor (at this point this is all it is) that there are secret trials being held… under Admiralty law.  This of course goes against everything America has stood for, for decades.
I have received threats, persuasive offers and other red herrings to get me off this story.  As of this writing I have a few undisclosed “protectors” of the earthly sort and several others of the ET variety who are behind the scenes.  I have also been told, if someone or some group wishes to threaten me they should bring IDs, proper credentials and present them to me (or to one of my ‘friends’) and make  a proper request by appealing to me as a patriot and law abiding journalist with the best of intentions towards humanity in mind.
On the other side, seemingly unrelated to bankers being arrested, is the claims about a sudden war with ETs being conducted off the California coast and in the Pacific…
The war with various ET races and extra/intra dimensionals is ages old and our secret space program has been dealing with both the good the bad and the ugly on that score for many decades.  Camelot whistleblowers have documented in testimony aspects of this ongoing war in many interviews for those that think this is “new” information….
If there are arrests, real evidence will obviously surface, if indeed they are happening, at some point.
The undersea “battle” going on and by the way — in our skies and out in space battles will need more evidence if anyone is to believe this beyond the testimony of whistleblowers and other witnesses and dare I say, channelers.  This is what of course, Gordon Duff and his Adamus group as well as the current MJ-12 group whatever they are calling themselves now, are banking on, so to speak.  That is, that PLAUSIBLE DENIABILITY on the side of the ET question is in place and protecting them from any real disclosure that would alter the world view of the majority of the populations regarding reality.  If such a disclosure becomes common place and widely recognized (and that is happening as we speak) then the fall out and ultimate loss of power and/or possible resulting closing down of business as usual as we know it is inevitable.  I for one, am not looking to governments to tell the truth about anything in this regard.  Even “after disclosure”.
I was interviewed about all this yesterday by an internet TV show called “Wake up Shift is Happening” …The show is set to air either tomorrow or next week.   My host was Deborah Ariel Pietsch an intuitive and contactee who is also a TV producer.  Just prior to me, Rich Dolan, who was in the area, was also interviewed regarding his book, After Disclosure.  An interesting synchronicity with regard to the above story….
Whichever it is, or whether none or at least some of the source info is correct is yet to be seen.  In the meantime, I can say the floodgates appear to be opening as information is flowing from all sources and in many different and seemingly contradictory directions at once.
Ringmakers of Saturn:  Addendum
Another source is claiming 3 objects around 19% the size of the moon are headed here containing another race of beings who do not have the best of intentions… I have been told by the same source that craft in the Rings of Saturn are now on the way here as well and tracking these objects (just as Norm Bergrun originally claimed in my interview with him.  This information has some photos associated with it which I will post sometime tomorrow for your review.  At this time this information is unconfirmed other than the interesting synchronicity regarding the craft in the rings of saturn…

21 thoughts on “Project Camelot: DAILY INTEL REPORT 09/20/12

  1. Ok so, where are our "star friends" of the GFL?? They have claimed for months there was only one reptilian base left and it most respects, been neutralized. Use discernment here folks 😉

  2. In all seriousness, this underwater ET base story is just ridiculous. What the heck are a few naval ships supposed to do against an otherworldly group with capabilities of constructing underwater bases? I read a comment on Veterans Today from a person claiming to be an archaeologist. He said he heard they are monitoring an underwater living organism that is expanding along the ocean floor. It was brought to the ocean floor from a fault line off the San Francisco coast. This same living organism he claims, was brought to the ocean's floor from that very deep drilling BP oil rig that caught fire in the gulf. Take it for what it's worth but the archeologist's rumor sounds more plausible to me.

  3. People, Kerry Cassidy is mostly full of crap. Use discernment here folks. Reading between the lines you can see what these cabal shills are actually saying, is the US Navy is engaged in a covert operation against an unidentified flying craft with the intention of trying to start a false flag that blames the "aliens." Looking to see if there is anything still under the water since the BP Oil Spill. The unidentified craft is carrying humans from the future, as we know all these vehicles are basically out of time travel. There is no other real source reporting bankers were arrested on a navy ship there, so most likely more bs.

  4. This Banker arrest/ET/Alien/Underwater base thing reminds me of the JFK assassination. Convoluted theories, grassy knoll's, second shooters, guy in the culvert, etc. It turns out Occam's Razor applied, the driver of the presidents Lincoln administered the coup de gras from the driver's seat. It's the only reasonable explanation for Jackie climbing across the trunk of an accelerating car, NOT chasing a 'bone' fragment, but afraid she was next victim, she KNEW who killed her husband. The Onassis fortune, no doubt, offered to her as a combination silencer and consolation prize.I am sick of all this secret sh*t we live with. I wish all this alien/cabal/banker crap was over so we could finally hear truths instead of an endless series of lies and misinformation. I'd like to name the next 3 months as the EEBS [End of Endless Bullsh*t Secrets]. We deserve better. frj

  5. Yep, that's right and here's the link for others to easily digest. is further evidence to add on, the "organism" in this case came from the Fukushima radiation spill which caused severe mayhem. a joke at all, there is something under the water. A possible false flag attack is likely. Also, Lam aka "king of the Grays" is not an alien nor are they from outer space. They are demons, fallen angels: Watchers. These boys can also travel through time, just like we humans can so the naive may mistake each as aliens. There aren't real aliens, just dimensional time travel.

  6. You know, I think Kerry gets it wrong probably 80 percent of the time, BUT she has a looonng history of interviewing dozens of undercover, rogue, or otherwise deep witnesses to all kinds of strange things, so when she says she is hearing intel from various sources, and repeating that intel, I doubt that she's making it up. I think she sees herself as a reporter, and is just telling us what she's hearing. She does not apply a logical filter, she always just passes along all the stuff that is given to her from her various sources. I also think, from having listened to her a lot over the years, that she is predominantly honest and forthright, not a person who would deliberately deceive or lie. In fact, she rarely ever goes out on a limb in any particular direction, she just takes in info and then delivers it back to her readers and listeners. And I respect and admire her for that role, even though sometimes you want to shake her and say, "Hey! Can't you tell this is disinfo?" Or too crazy, too implausible, you name it. Kerry Cassidy has an imagination, let's put it that way. 🙂

  7. Ahh, people are very naive. Kerry lets everything be fed to her and eats it up, so that's the same thing as becoming disinfo. And we definitely know real aliens don't exist at all. What we have instead, is a serious problem. Fifty or so years ago, humanity invented time travel. We discovered and proved how to travel through time, and move other people across time/dimension. Now, for the most part it was a benefit because now we can see our human family. Even future generations since they were able to come back in time. However, it allowed other evils of every shape to come back in time too such as the watchers. So its both good and bad, that we are suppressing it and trying to keep a lid on it.

  8. Again, all you negative critics are wasting your time and ours by having the audacity to Shoot the Messenger. Can't you just read new information, determine it's relevance to the issues and keep your garbage to yourself? Positive connections and links to new information come through discourse. For instance, the link above to I had been to Kettler's site before. I narrowly discounted his opinions back in mid August because or his neutral/negative response to Drake. Now I am "mature" enough to confront what he has to say about what I used to think was bizaar. All these things, ETs, Time Travel, Dimension shifts, Ascension, Magnetic fields, Wars, Famine, etc. SEEM to be converging.

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