MT Keshe Answers about Creation and Consiousness

Question: Does Awareness, Consciousness, play a part in Creation? And if so, is it the field, that all else arises into creation from?

MT Keshe: I know I promised to reply, but in short, I am at the moment down to about 3 hours of rest a night and working without much time to write in depth and answer many questions which are put to me on the forum and in e-mails.

In time we will try to reply to as many as possible, but the questions you have raised are very important to answer even partially, as we are here not only to teach man the physicality of travel into space, but at the same time to teach the terms of conduct of man once he enters the new universal community.

One would not attend a wedding in a clown outfit, unless one had never been taught that there are dress codes and codes of conduct for each occasion.

Now we are trying to teach both to enable man to take his next step and to enter the true realm of creation rather than stay in his present isolated earthman tribal home.

The book called “The Soul” which is to be published as No 9 (some advisers want this to be the next book No 4) in reality will be the last book, as once we understand the full essence of creation then through this we guide man (not just teach him) to understand the real operation of the interaction of all beings in the universe in relation to each other and himself.

In this book, which is partially written, I will explain this very comfortably and scientifically, as consciousness is the key to the operation of physicality, irrespective of the entity, be it of man or any other entity that can make decisions about their interaction with themselves and with other entities in the universe.

Consciousness is not the exclusivity of the earthman tribe, but is the cornerstone of the operation and interaction of all intellects in the universe.

Consciousness is the interactive outcome of decisions made by fields and not by matters. In time man will come to understand that Consciousness has no field strength (principal, transition and matter fields) criterion and is equal and the same for all entities in the universe. It is the central control room of physicality, or what we call tangible existence, as well as of the non-tangible. 

If physicality is the Sun itself, the Soul is the field which the Sun emits unconditionally, and when these fields interact with each other and with the fields of other entities that possess both magnetic and gravitational fields, then from the interaction of these complex fields comes the creation of light, or the awareness of the existence of the other. In this interaction the observation of the light becomes the consciousness of existence of the physicality of the original entities and how the interaction will be and what the outcome can be.

Then once one sees the light from the interaction of the fields, at this point one becomes AWARE of the entity without the presence of its physicality.

For example, this is like the interaction of the Magravs of the Sun and the Earth; the interaction of four fields leads to the creation of daylight and in this light, man at his point of observation becomes conscious of the existence of all fields of the Earth and the Sun and their interaction with each other, and he is aware of the physical existence of both sources.

On the other hand if all fields of the Earth and the Sun traveled in other directions and never interacted then man would not be aware of both entities and their position and strength relative to each other at these points in the universe, even though he receives fields from both independently. But where he sees the interaction of these fields within his existence then he becomes aware of the position of these two entities in the realm of the universe.

At this moment of time, man due his physical knowledge sees everything through the eye of physicality, which is the mirage that has blinded him from the truth of creation and the real essence of creation. “O man of existence, close your eyes to your physicality, to see the reality of existence in all realms of the universe.”

In truth man is matter, which with consciousness becomes a ‘being’, and no more.

This is the reason that all prophets of the past talk, connect and communicate through the concepts of the fire or the light, according to their followers’ intellect and understanding at the time.

As light arises from the interaction of their soul’s field with the essence of the creator’s fields, in this interaction, through the light revealed to the soul of the prophet and is shown and revealed to that how the conduct of the future should be.

One does not see the creator, but the created possess fields that can interact with the fields of the creator’s presence and this leads to enlightenment, or seeing the light of creation.

Thus when we are aware of our thoughts without regarding what our physical part decides to do with itself, then we consciously become aware that consciousness is in principle the controller of the physical body.

On the other hand, its own consciousness can interact with the universal entities without the physicality of the entity and without the entities having any say in how the interaction will be, and this is the correct line of interaction of the Soul with other creatures of the universe, as with this there is no need to feed the physicality that can endanger the process of the true and correct path with others in the universe.

In time man will come to understand that consciousness is the correct means of communication with all decision-making entities in the universe, and from there on he will learn how to correct the physical operation and conduct of his body, as the consciousness touches the operation of man’s physical being more than any other fields. But man has not come to realize how much of his own fate is decided by his own consciousness fields, which are equal in strength to the strength of his own physical matters fields.

Then if man will understand this, he will understand the laws of fallibility and will never have to do, and will never do, wrong to himself and not even to others.

In reality the prophets of the past should have taught man first, from the beginning of time to man’s intellectual maturity, about the operation of the soul and consciousness before teaching him about the physical behavior of man in physical relation to each other.

For example to teach, “Thou shall not steal”, what does this means in real terms of the operation of fields in the universe?

This means, once one takes from others’ fields, from whatever different Magravs strength, then one’s own fields attain a different strength without those fields actually being given, due to the course of their motion in the universe. Hence due to the new incorrect field strength gained by the one who has taken them, his own fields will change in strength and attract or repel other fields that he comes to in his path of motion in the universe. Since these fields are not his, so the path of his motion changes and then he does not reach the desired and correct destination.

Thus man has to understand the reality about his conduct and be aware of what this interaction will bring, and this awareness of how to stay in their right path and what to do to get to the final destination becomes the consciousness of man.

Once we enter the universal community, our thoughts and awareness and its controlling ‘consciousness’ will be an open book to all in the universe as they do not see physicality, but see the interaction of the brain’s internal fields and the fields which the brain emits in response to what it would like to attain or for the body to achieve certain goals. These other entities allow man free access to their fields so that he can continue in his correct path, or they withdraw their fields from mans line of thought so that again they do not interfere in the line of man’s motion, and then mankind reaches its final correct destination.

When man interacts with his universal family in the near future, he will be assessed and judged in the open spans of the universe by his fields of thought and not by the reflection of his physical behavior.

Physicality needs presence but consciousness needs no physicality for it to be present in all domains of creation in the universe.

This means that man’s thoughts are basically a Magravs field, which emanates from the operation of his matters and this in turn becomes a reflection of fields without any tangible part. Consciousness is a part of the communication of life for all entities that can receive as well as send their line of thought in response to others’ behaviors and thoughts.

The man who understands the working of awareness and consciousness is the man who has entered the kingdom of the creator.

There are those who claim to have reached this stage through meditation, and there are those who have reached this level of understanding and behavior without realizing it, through their naturally correct conduct from their upbringing and not from fear of punishment, as has been threatened by the prophets of the past.

Punishment is the control system of physicality while consciousness is action without punishment. Punishment is for the physical man while awareness and consciousness are the attribute of the soul of the entity.

Thus from this point on that we have opened the spans of this universe and beyond to the man, at the same time we will teach man that there is no punishment in the universe. From here on this cane of control (punishment) is removed from the apparatus for the teaching of man.

From this point on man will learn that his conduct and consciousness is the means of his own control, and that he has matured enough that from now on he shall be his own awareness and consciousness, and there will be no need for the physical teachers of the past and their control method of teaching for the physical body with threats that if man physically does this or that, then he shall be punished this way or that way.

In the universe there are no wars and no greed, but a clear path of freedom from the shackles of tangibility.

Those who understand the operation of consciousness will have a wonderful time in the worlds we have opened up to man as a gift and in the freedom of the use of space, and those who have not understood will have a rough time of it until they realize that awareness and consciousness and its interaction with other entities with the same attribute sets the course of their existence in the universe.

This will be the way man will find his correct balance and path in all realms of creation according to the true teaching of the creator.

Blessed those souls who understand the thoughts and not only what is written.

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