Message from Drake (on Facebook) – July 3rd, 2012

I see lots of rumors bout me…
What great imagination and drive!
I am alive and well. Due to not having any communications and no electricity,
we figured to find all that away from home.
Drake Kent is the name I am using for posting on here.
ALL others are fakes.
And yes, I do have security watching my house.
Seems like a lot of people would love to get their five minutes of glory, an all that.
This ain’t gonna happen, just yet.
ALL kinds of things are happening here and around the planet…
One does have to know what they are seeing, understand it, and know how it fits into our efforts.
OOEE, this and that is only good for an OOEE…
What is going on is that the communications and financial connections are being cut.
Does anyone think that Soros and Trump being charged with RICO violations is unimportant?
Without Soros, Bush can’t play…
And soon the banks will be closed…their banks.
As for those who are so hard after their five minutes of glory, it has been decided that each of you will be given exactly that, five minutes…no long speeches/statements, no legal dissertations, etc.
There is some news as to continuing efforts by our patriotic military.
As before, I offer to serve in whatever capacity they think I can best serve in…
Communications will remain as they are now, a specific chain of trusted people who can accurately forward info. This is the best and most secure way to do this at this time.
I started out as an information relay. This was turned (not by me) into a sort of information command. The last stages of ALL this are just beginning now.
The next info is what will be done to finish the job…
I have offered (again) to serve in capacity as the tactical sees fit, and am willing to do as much more as the rest believe I can handle.
I have the best team I could find on the planet, and some are already involved at different levels and in differing ways.
And yes, there is an exchange of some info going on as we speak…
I will make an announcement concerning mass arrests and other things on the show.
From all that needs done, I believe we will need a temporary Commander in Chief. One who knows most all of what needs attended to, and one who has proven they can be trusted. There is a short list…
Take the time to digest the info above, and listen in.

17 thoughts on “Message from Drake (on Facebook) – July 3rd, 2012

  1. Hello Drake Kent, I don't want to be rude or negative, but I wanted to have the best 4th of July ever and some nice fireworks. Looks like another failed announcement. I am sorry to say, but you lost all credibility. Check your sources! Obviously they are fooling you time and time again!

  2. Drake~! Thanks so much for the update. What I sense that people don't get is how sometimes plans can change, which is something I expect as these proceedings continue. Donald Trump was mentoned awhile back. now here he is linked to George Soros no less with serious legal issues. What I'm getting at here is how on one web site, which might've been Cobra, mentioned how stuff would be happening slowly as to not panic the public so much, which, as I pay attention to what is constantly going around the world, is slowly but surely adding up, continuing to build which keeps waking up the public more and more. Which brings me to David Icke's recent comments and some information I came across in his latest, excellent book, "Remember Who You Are." Now, I've followed the man for a long time and have seen the man in person and feel he has a lot of good information which I always check as much as I can. My concern with Mr. Icke is how he never mentions the Keenan Lawsuit and since it was filed mentioned nothing about it on his web site. I wish he would. As a matter of fact I wish David Icke would re-examine these proceedings here, in particular with the Keenan Lawsuit papers, which are real. We all saw the filings in the White Plains court on line. You can still see them to my knowledge. It doesn't get anymore real than that. As a matter of fact it would be a good idea to send Mr. Icke a copy of the Keenan Lawsuit for his personal examination. Drake or somebody please do so~! Which brings me to my next point of the topic of: Lightworkers, whom David Icke mentions in his latest book "Remember Who You Are." I had no clue as to what a Lightworker was until I became privy to the Drake interviews which led me to other material. What I'm getting at here is how I come across information from various sources and then~~~~WHAM~!~~~it becomes clear as I get a feeling within my heart that the information is good. In this case concerning Mr. Icke's latest book he talks about Lightworkers helping Earth to evolve as it should. Mr. Icke also talks about people really seeing things for what they are more directly in the coming years of 2013, 2014, 2015, most obviously by 2016 which would lead to the demise of the power structure. The questions I have for Mr. Icke are: Who says that it can't be sooner in the U.S.? Or for that matter anywhere else in the world? Or how such a time table could be speeded up? Information changes all the time is my point.We all know and feel changes are in the air just as much as Mr. Icke does when the "awakening of humanity" is mentioned. This is so only if you're paying attention. My girlfriend is a perfect example of not paying attention to things and not making it her business to become and remain more self-aware when I mention some of this stuff to her. She wants life to be simple when God knows it isn't especially these days. Mr. Icke further mentions in his book about coordinated meditations or rather direct focus, by as many people as possible on our planet, at certain times of the day that he will mention on his website in order to liberate humanity. Again, this idea is already in motion. Throughout his work he has also mentions "benevolent aliens" who are helping to liberate our planet which Drake also talks about. Lately in the alternative media there has been disagreements and some infighting, which makes me think of the recent energy and Earth changes that are happening that are affecting us all causing us to argue. Lord knows I'm seeing it constantly in my own family and because I'm aware, I know exactly what it is and what to do as much as I can. And lastly Drake, at times you have reminded me of David Icke in your own way. I can't help to see the parallels. If you can, please comment on what David Icke has said about you and what is happening. Best regards, Michael~~~!!!!!

  3. I agree…and I thought his last name was Baily ??? Doesn't matter..I feel sorry for all the people who "stocked up" for the big "event" who ended up having to trash everything they bought because of the power outages. Shame on Drake and the rest who deceive their fellow man. Get right with YOURSELVES people! Quit waiting for someone to save you! You can only save yourself with meditation and love. ~

  4. Drake~! So glad you have responded as you have~! Another source at one point which I believe was "Cobra" mentioned how things would be revealed slowly so the public would not be frightened, which is fine. Examples of this are happening with regards to Mr. Trump, the Barclays Bank CEO resigning, GlaxoSmithKline facing health care fraud charges, Monsanto also having monumental legal issues, the now approval of the FED audit, and other issues that have happened since the Keenan Lawsuit was filed in November 2012 in a White PLains, N.Y. court, whose papers I believe you can still see on line. David Icke, who I have followed, has a lot of good information. For the most part he's been spot on. As a matter of fact Drake you remind me of him but in the guise of the American version. You both mention benevolent ET's who are assisting humanity, you both speak and promote Consciousness, you both speak of the Awakening of humanity, and basically are involved in the liberation of this planet. My concern with Mr. Icke has to do with him only just recently mentioning the proceedings of Drake, Mr. Wilcock, and Benjamin Fulford, and NEVER so much as mentioning the Keenan Lawsuit, nor more importantly & recently, Lord Monckton's You Tube video where he comments how the pursuit of the NWO is basically a dead deal, especially when Hilary Clinton presented her paperwork to install a global government, which was displayed on this and I believe Drake's website as well for all to see. My point is that someone should make contact with Mr. Icke and then further send him a copy of the original Keenan Lawsuit and certainly the new Keenan lawsuit about to be filed which has even more legal juice, plus a copy of the document that Hillary Clinton presented at the recent G-20 meeting in South America. Look at today on 7/4/12, how on Mr. Icke's web site, for a second time in these last 2 weeks, he calls Drake, Mr. Wilcock, and Mr. Fulford in not so many words, frauds. Mr. Fulford on a recent blogg from his web site responded to Mr. Icke's words when this happened the first time making it clear that information can and does change especially with the enormity of these proceedings. The Keenan Lawsuit is real as we all saw it. Drake, at the beginning of this post you mentioned about those who have "promoted rumors" about yourself, so perhaps it is time to respond to Mr. Icke's charges in particular. We all know that something is going on worldwide and that changes are occuring. Sometimes growth can be painful. It doesn't mean that it's a pre-requisite for living, but I simply acknowledge that it's a possibility. I would love to see the original Keenan lawsuit papers as well as the Hillary Clinton papers I just mentioned here posted on David Icke's website with some fair commentary. Also: remember just as a point of fact no matter how crazy information may be, I've come to the conclusion that it is worth exploring. I can't tell you all how many times one source had such lousy material and then one gem would be revealed, which in my travels to continue evolving, I would later end up connecting it with other information that helped to make such info make even more sense. So it's smart to not discriminate as to where info comes from as it can potentially help connect the dots. Drake and Mr. Icke also understand how the Illuminati isn't going to go away so easily and know that humanity must continue to apply non-violent pressure via things like mass coordinated public events where we all band together and raise our Consciousness more and more to change this planet for the better~!

  5. ooh a lawsuit that,ll save us ,who controls the legal system ,the judges and so forth . lawsuits mean squat and can take years , nice try though , there were lawsuits filed against bush blair over iraq war went nowhere and people expect a lawsuit to do something to the people that gave you your legal system banking system etc please

  6. You should be advised this isn't any ordinary lawsuit, the Neil Keenan lawsuit has the financial backing and total legal jurisdiction of over 300 billion dollars in gold and collateral accounts.Specially the suit has virtually all the crimes committed against Leo Wanta, and demand for injunctive relief among other things. So it is no "ORDINARY" suit of the pro se variety, it has teeth so vicious that it has effectively forced out the chiefs of Barclays Bank, JP Morgan Chase and now Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) and enforced their arrest.The Chief of Barclays just got served his papers for arrest and is now forced to appear in court by being dragged today. This is the result of the lawsuit people have been dismissing or think is no big deal, Keenan's lawsuit serves as an effective arrest warrant for one reason:It has the full backing of over 500 billion in gold assets, collateral and metals that were stolen from many beneficiaries including Leo Wanta himself and Wanta's allies in Asia. The Keenan suit is a magnification of Leo Wanta's own Federal suit. http://Ambassadorwanta.blogspot.comhttp://www.divinecosmos.com effectively means they all step down or be seized, arrested or even shot.

  7. Right on and well stated. This is a huge global undertaking and for one who speaks of infinite "oneness" Mr. Icke (whom I greatly admire) needs to sew seeds of unity for all efforts at ridding this planet of the cabal!

  8. You are absolutely correct–this suit bypasses their rigged courts and places a commercial lien on all their assets unless they are able to answer the charges–which they cannot do without creating greater liability for themselves.

  9. It should also be noted it includes virtually all the crimes against the US Postal Service, by criminals such as Mitt Romney and his elites who behind the scenes claimed to not break any laws.http://tdarkcabal.blogspot.comIt will also snatch Romney, putting him in prison, as none are left unscathed by this. There's nowhere to hide.

  10. lets hope this suit is settled in our lifetime, dont forget the cabal has some of the greatest legal minds on their side too , this could turn into a never ending tennis match

  11. "our patriotic military"The people, people like you and me, young kids even (as the military normally is), have brought this to the world. Thanks to critical understanding of history, these people have refused to "just follow orders" and the righteous, non-violent coup has begun. Let's have empathy for the cabal for they are still human, but let's not let them have power over anyone or see any forgiveness in the near future. But we cannot wish for them to be tortured or killed or beaten because that only perpetuates the violence we are desperately trying to escape.

  12. I got to call it like I see it. Drake has lost quite a bit of credibility with me. First off if the Pentagon is really talking about all this then I NEED confirmation from the pentagon. They have a website, publish, get on with it. Until then, I shall go on with life as though Drake didn't exist. I was pretty open minded until the last show (Sunday.) On that show Drake talked about "the amero" ; big mistake as far as I am concerned!! Welp I've known and got evidence about the Amero, I personally back in 2008 contacted DC (design concepts) that the Amero is pure fantasy created by Design Concepts. Even Hal Turner's "Amero" has the little "DC" on it–GO LOOK! watch out, or be prepared for white supremacy material)That's not Denver Colorado, it's DESIGN CONCEPTS!!! Coast to Coast AM had a show bringing up the Amero. they had Sean David Morton, I wrote C2C, and I wrote Design Concepts Fact checking. CoastToCoast declined to respond when presented with the evidence.You want to talk about NAU, TPP that's legit debate. The Amero however, is a fantasy collectable coin. I think Danial even makes Alex Jones and Ron Paul coins now. My Sources (Cleansed to protect myself–with x's)Date: Fri, 14 Mar 2008 12:43:36 -0700From: xxxxxxx Reply-To: xxxxxxx X-Priority: 3 (Normal)Message-ID: <>To: Fredd Bergman Subject: Re[2]: Fact Checking a Statement by Sean David Morton on Coast To Coast AM 11th March 2008In-Reply-To: <>References: <> <>MIME-Version: 1.0Content-Type: text/plain; charset=us-asciiContent-Transfer-Encoding: 7bitHello Fredd,Wednesday, March 12, 2008, 8:02:53 AM, you wrote:> XXXX,> Here is's response to Hal Turner's claims as to the AMero being real currency:>; Feel free to contact me with any other questions.> DD Bergman> 210-696-5867Thanks for the information Fredd.Your the only one who had the integrity to reply back.

  13. Your comment was automatically detected by BLOGGER as SPAM and was automatically put into quarantine for my moderation. It seems blogger looks a links and determines if it is spam or not. I have unblocked it from Google and now it should be showing up in the comment section. There is no need for the middle finger! LOL!

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